Why the hell do you take me seriously? Even I wouldn’t vote for me!

A few thoughts about Donald Trump…

The first thing to say about Donald Trump, billionaire blowhard, is he will not be taking the Oath of Office in January 2017 as the President of the United States.  It’s not happening. There is no way.  There is no chance.

I don’t care what the polls say.   I don’t care about the hypothetical match-ups against Hillary Clinton.   I don’t care how far the news media is up Trump’s ass.  None of it matters.  I don’t give the America voter credit for much, but I’m not so jaded as to think they are going to pick a reality TV show character as their president.

Which doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the hot mess Trump is making of the Republican presidential field, particularly how he has overtaken and overwhelmed Jeb Bush, the dude who was supposed to be the inevitable nominee and square off against Hillary Clinton. Bush vs. Clinton II: Electric Boogaloo was supposed to be next summer’s blockbuster. Now there are reasons to doubt if one, the other, or both will be there for the match-up.

Best. News. Ever.

They all laughed when The Donald said he was running for prez.

If you’re a Republican insider, you ain’t laughing anymore.

Suddenly, I’m very interested in the debates because Trump! will say ANYTHING HE WANTS!

Somewhere RNC chairman Reince Preibus is curled up in a fetal position sucking his thumb and crying his widdle eyes out. The Donald just drove the GOP Klown Kar off a kliff.

Trumpmentum is Preibus worst nightmare. Trump’s ascendancy comes at the expense of the A.Y.O’s. (All You Others) of the field and forces his main rivals to respond to him. There’s been a muted response from Bush, Walker, Paul, Rubio among others to actually take on The Donald over his amazingly racist rant against “rapists and criminals” Mexicans and the longer they dummy up the more it pisses off the critical Latino vote. NBC, Univision and Macy’s haven’t nearly as reluctant to drop The Donald.

Would you trust someone who rides a Segway to be your president?

This is all very, very bad for the Republicans now. Later, it probably won’t matter. But how much damage will Trump do to the GOP brand before he finds his way to the exits?   Preibus’ grand scheme for a stage-managed, well-behaved primary and debate process has been upended by the upstart Trump as he stomps around in muddy boots all over the carpet, knocking over tables, annoying the guests, belching, farting and scratching in inappropriate places with Preibus watching helplessly as it all turns into a giant foul turd sandwich.

Trump has been depicted as a problem the Republicans created. He’s not. Trump’s supporters are the problem as their far-right extremism and hunger for his brand of bloody, raw, red meat politics is dragging the whole damn party to the edge of the cliff.
So sad. Too bad. I’ll wave “bye-bye” as they go over.


Somewhere in America a rich man is laughing. He’s laughing loud and long and he’s laughing so hard he’s crying and about to crap his silk boxers.

This wealthy man says the most outrageous things. He insults entire races. He offends decent people. He exploits a horrific tragedy for political advantage. He slaps around a main rival’s wife. He is dropped by networks and sponsors and he responds not by apologizing, but by upping the acidity of his attacks and the result is he rises in the polls even while the media sputters in indignation.

His poll numbers are rising. The more he is attacked and mocked the more he appeals to the Republican base who get off on his un-PC approach. He is a stone cold lock to be large and in charge at the first GOP presidential debate where he doubtlessly will use the national spotlight to say something so far out the buses don’t run there and even a nut like Ted Nugent might exclaim, “Damn, dawg. You really said that?”

Yes he will. He really will say that and he might drop trou too if he feels like it.

Who farted? HE farted!

Who’s gonna tell him he can’t? Trump is merely the comedian who warms up the crowd before the main attraction comes on stage. The problem for Republicans who don’t want Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama is they treat Trump like he is the main attraction.

Things could not be going better for Donald J. Trump. Things are going just fine. The plan is coming together and everything is under control.

3 thoughts on “Trumpmentum!

  1. I don’t know, Jeff, people might have said the same of Hitler before he rose to power by blaming Germany’s problems on Jews.

    Don’t forget, whites are a dwindling demographic in this country:

    “Census: White majority in U.S. gone by 2043”

    “It’s the latest in a series of reports that have signaled a major, long-term shift in the demographics of the United States, as non-Hispanic white Americans are expected to become a minority group over the next three decades. For years, Americans of Asian, black and Hispanic descent have stood poised to topple the demographic hegemony historically held by whites.”

    Trump’s campaign slogan, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” is not a reference to the U.S. economy alone, but to the demographic shift that’s taking place, and can be interpreted thus, “MAKE WHITE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” an interpretation not lost on horror writer, Stephen King:

    “If you’re white, you’re all right!,” begins King’s suggested slogan. “Any other hue, I don’t trust you.” The motto plays on the accusations of racism that have plagued Trump since his campaign launch in June, in which he referred to some illegal immigrants from Mexico as rapists. Although Trump has claimed broad support among the Latino community, polls show otherwise.

    Trump’s campaign is a page torn right out of history. Find someone to blame for a country’s problems, and set yourself up as its savior, and voila, you are now a savior, and can now form a police state to back you up with the full support and approbation of the electorate that voted for you.

    Along with the mile-high wall that the Mexican government will finance, President Trump will need a veritable army of police to round up and deport the undocumented in our midst.

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  2. I agree that Trump is not going to be president, but not for the same reasons as you. That an idiot can win was proven when Bush II was elected, so it’s a mistake to assume that being a fool means he’s not going anywhere. But in Trump’s case, the electoral math is heavily against him and although he can make ground to a certain point, he can’t just keep on making ground forever as at some point he will run out of people who can be swayed by such antics. Having said that, in a way it is sad that the Republicans are uanble to bring forward a decent intelligent candidate as a decent intelligent debate is what is needed if you want to have a frank discussion aboiut the issues and you can only get that if there are intelligent people on both sides holding the debate. I cannot see any of the present Republican candidates even coming remotely close to fulfilling that role and this is worrisome.

    On the other hand, the Dems are already acting as if they have the election firmly in their pocket (which from the elctoral arithmetic, they presently do) and Hillary is just going through the motions of running a campaign. I would like to see there be a serious challenge from either Sanders or Biden. No, there needs to be a serious challenge rather than this being nice to one another that is going on now. Democracy needs alternatives and presently there aren’t really any.

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  3. Thank you for this! Trump is a buffoon, pure and simple. His “run” has been illuminating for the same reason he has supporters–shining a clear, strong light on who finds his vitriol titillating, and how too, too many don’t have a grasp of what the job of POTUS actually is.

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