Only Black Death Matters to George Zimmerman


Killers like to take trophies and souvenirs from their victims. Keeping some memento — a lock of hair, jewelry, newspaper clips of the crime — helps prolong, even nourish, their fantasy of the crime…They’ll never say, “Gee, I’m so sorry for what I’ve done here.” The tears may well up in their eyes, but — and I’ve always said this — they’re crying for themselves. They could care less about the victim…It’s like in the Wild West, where they used to cut notches in a gun. The whole thing seems like it’s relived. It’s fantasy, but it never ends. It doesn’t even end when you incarcerate the killers.

~ John E. Douglas, former FBI special agent and one of the first criminal profilers

They say some murderers return to the body of their victim to relive the killing and the appeal of doing so is nearly a sexual fetish.

Simply put, they get off on it.

Case in point.

Perpetual lunatic George Zimmerman retweeted an image over the weekend showing the corpse of Trayvon Martin, the black teenager he shot and killed without consequence three years ago.

An apparent Zimmerman admirer tweeted the photo to him, adding a boast: “Z-Man is a one man army.”

Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch guard, recirculated the graphic crime scene photo to his 11,000 Twitter followers. The picture — which was used as evidence in the trial that ended with Zimmerman’s acquittal — shows Martin’s body lying on grass as investigators stand over it.

That’s the nature of scumbags like Georgie Z. He has nothing better to do while waiting for his next kill than spanking his monkey fantasizing over his first one.

Notable though that this particular vermin flaunting in pictures his prowess as a hunter hasn’t aroused the irritated ire of the Internet in quite the way the dentist who whacked Cecil the lion did.

Welcome back my friends to Short Attention Span Theater.

Simply because in the eyes of the law, George Zimmerman has committed no offense, that is no reason to shrug ones shoulders in resignation with “Oh, him again.”

Because George Zimmerman is a beast. A thug. A witless little punk with no respect for anyone, not even himself. He thought he could parlay a “not guilty” verdict into fame and fortune. Books. Movies. Sitting on the couch next to Jimmy Fallon and chatting casually about how he did it and got away with murder.

Trayvon Martin: The Murdered

America loves its rogues, outlaws and psuedo-celebrities, but a kid killing piece of shit like Zimmerman tested the stomach of even the hardiest die-hard fan of reality TV show freaks. Nobody likes George except other racist dirtbags including his whole rotten family.

This lazy bum has nothing better to do with his time than retweet pics of the dead body of Trayvon Martin and chortles over the corpse.

I’m not here to form any lynch mobs. I’m not a leader and don’t want followers. All I’ve ever cared about is trying to get others to stop and think for a minute about something other than celebrity bullshit and meaningless sports.

After that, I want nor ask for anything more of them.

Everyone else can do as they please. It pleases me to hate sharing the same planet with George Zimmerman.

I will never fail to be outraged that George Zimmerman continues to draw breath while Trayvon Martin no longer can.

Not until one of us is dead will I ever stop hating George Zimmerman.

When you let a violent man walk, can you be surprised when he's violent again?

“It’s like in the Wild West, where they used to cut notches in a gun. The whole thing seems like it’s relived. It’s fantasy, but it never ends.” ~ John Douglas, criminal profiler

4 thoughts on “Only Black Death Matters to George Zimmerman

  1. I was for a while ready to give Zimmerman some (as in some implying not much) benefit of the doubt, because I suppose even normal people can lose it sometimes. But now he’s pushing it too far and there can no longer be any doubt that he’s a psycho.


  2. Like you, I hate him. I never once gave him the benefit of the doubt. Not one time. I wish him pain. I wish him long-term and lasting pain. I wish him pain in a way that would force him to live in silence and without recourse, lying in a bed of his own body fluids waiting for someone to clean him. I wish his caretakers to be those he fears and hates, who know who he is and care for him exactly as he deserves.


  3. Zimmerman is a loathsome slug. That said, I don’t want the burden of hating him. Hate is a strong emotion, and eats a person from the inside out. I do find him repulsive, disgusting and pathetic – name your adjective. And I wish the damned “justice” system in Flori-DUH had worked in this case. Instead, a budding psychopath/serial killer was released. I am amazed that no one else has lost their life to this pathetic waste of oxygen. Sadly, that’s what it will take to get him removed from society. Until then, he will relive his kill (like you describe so well) until it no longer satisfies him and he goes looking for someone else to victimize. Comparing the reaction to Cecil isn’t a fair one, IMHO. Just because we can be outraged about rich asshole dentists killing African wildlife doesn’t mean we can’t be equally or MORE outraged at Dickhead Zimmerman sharing pictures of Trayvon’s dead body. It is outrageous. The picture should never have been publicly available.


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