Not Ready Yet to Feel the Bern.


I keep hearing some rumor about Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee for president.  So can someone tell me what that’s about? The Bernie Sanders I know isn’t a Democrat and never has been.

Sanders has definitely over promised and will undeliver as president. If a moderate Democratic president gets nothing from a far-Right Congress a Democratic Socialist will get less than nothing.

Bernie jump starts the heart of dissatisfied liberals in way Hillary Clinton never could, but the idealism has to be offset by the practical in a purely practical sense I do not see a way Sanders gets anything done with a Republican Congress which would be even more hostile to his Democratic socialism than they were to his predecessor President Obama whom Republicans accused of being a socialist.

Politics does not care about “possible” and “impossible.” Politics cares about do you have enough votes? A President Sanders would enter office with not enough reliable votes among the Dems and none among the Repubs.

Optimism is one thing Sanders supporters have in spades. What they don’t have are policy initiatives which can be turned into the law of the land. I said Sanders has over promised. He has. I said politics is about how many votes you have and Sanders doesn’t have enough: not in the popular vote, not in the Electoral College, and certainly not in the House and Senate.

No..I'm not interested in being your vice-president, Hillary.

No..I’m not interested in being your vice-president, Hillary.

Look at history and see what happened the Democrats nominated a candidate as liberal as Sanders. That would be George McGovern in 1972 and he lost all but two states to Richard Nixon and got slaughtered in the Electoral College 520-17.

I hate to tell my fellow progressives this hard, but salient truth: the majority of Americans are not as far to the Left as we are, but if you’re going to be on one political extreme than the other, it works better to be on the far Right. Just ask Trump and Cruz. Moderates on both sides far better than the fringes.

For a Bernie Sanders presidency to work, you would first need to have Democratic Socialists in prominent positions as U.S. governors, senators, and representatives. There would have to be a established, entrenched and vibrant base already securely in place for a President Sanders to succeed with his ambitious agenda. Without that support system, electing Sanders would make him nothing but a figurehead with no legislative clout whatsoever.

I don’t dislike Sen. Sanders in the least. If anything I’m far closer to Sanders in terms of my personal philosophy than I am a mushy moderate like Clinton. However, I don’t believe Sanders can win the general election and that is what I’m most concerned about.

If you can’t beat your own local Republican representative it doesn’t matter if Sanders wins (which I don’t believe he can because they never would LET him win and I don’t see a snowball’s chance of him getting 270 electoral votes), so if you don’t want to deal with more gridlock, start by voting against EVERY Republican on the ballot because little ones grow up to become big ones, start running and supporting progressives and real liberals locally and groom them to become national ones.

That’s how the other side is doing it and they’re winning. We’re just whining and losing.   You have to play a long game to win the game of politics unless you have Koch and Adelson bucks when you can just buy all the whores you want and get them elected.

I don’t give a shit about progressives/centrists/liberals/moderates/conservatives or any of these manufactured, made-up terms designed to divide and conquer people. Everybody needs clean water, fresh air, edible food and a safe place to live. Tell me who’s got the best PLAN to get Black folks there and I’m all-in.

No permanent friends, no permanent enemies. Only permanent interests. I do not discern a significant difference in how a Republican or Democratic lights the streets and picks up the garbage. If Bernie Sanders is the best choice to advance my interests, I’ll support him.

But first Sanders has to convince me he can win in November.  I want the strongest candidate in the general election who can keep the White House from falling into the hands of the Republicans.  I know how Clinton can win.  I’m waiting for Sanders to show me how a Socialist can win in Red State America.

I’m still kicking the tires on the Bernie Bus and the Clinton Cruiser and haven’t decided which one I’m ready to ride on.   It would be nice if if the Sanders supporters weren’t on my ass to choose a side or questioning whether I’ve taken leave of my senses because I haven’t signed on yet.   Back up and give a brutha room to breathe, okay?

4 thoughts on “Not Ready Yet to Feel the Bern.

  1. You and I are having similar internal arguments. I like Sen. Sanders. I think he is pushing Hillary to evaluate her positions. I am good with a candidate that pushes our party to the left, forces the conversation. I am not a Hillary fan, never have been. I don’t like the presumptuousness of her candidacy. I also am concerned with the ongoing investigations, what it will do to her candidacy overtime. But, I don’t believe Sen. Sanders can win in the general unless the GOP is stupid enough to nominate Trump.


  2. OMG, I’m so with you on this. Thank you for the posting. I’m sharing with certain Bernie supporters to start this thread of conversation. Maybe we can share some thoughts with his campaign people. Maybe the Sanders’ think-tank can come up with a solution. Thanks!


  3. Good thoughts. I agree that IF elected, Sanders would have an incredibly difficult time moving any of his agenda forward. However, if you think Hillary would have an easier time, I think you are underestimating the hatred the GOP has for her (as a female, as a symbol of her husband’s legacy, and as a symbol of Obama’s legacy). I think Hillary would meet more resistance than Obama, but even if she met half the resistance that Obama did, nothing is getting done in Washington for another term.

    As far as the extremism of Bernie’s platform (vs. Hillary’s), it is important to realize that Bernie has already pulled Hillary so far left on the campaign trail that their policy proposals are becoming more and more indistinguishable. Hillary just said this weekend that her top domestic priority would be healthcare?!? Her debt free college proposal came after Sander’s push for tuition free college. Their rhetoric on ISIS is nearly identical (although Clinton does have more credibility in the foreign policy arena). Outside of foriegn policy leadership, there are few differences between the demoratic candidates, and only one that matters: money.

    If you accept the fact the neither candidate has a chance of magically changing the hearts of the GOP congress and moving them towards enacting even watered down progressive policy measures, than a Sanders’ presidency at least proves that political candidates do not have to beholden to big money donors and special interest money that funds their campaigns. This substantive outcome is about the only thing that the obstructionist GOP would have no ability to stop, and the lasting impact it could have on politics could be (to quote both Donald Trump and Bernie) “Uuuge”.

    I think this has to be the push from Sanders’ campaign. A vote for Sanders is a vote for a political system that restores some balance of power to people over money. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Bernie’s lightly moderated policies–policies with no chance of getting through a GOP congress and no chance of getting around the Wall Street donors who already have their sales receipts for less regulation.


    • I wish–I really wish–I could get on board with Bernie Sanders, but I’m still trying to find a way to find a path to the presidency for him, and I can’t find one. Enthusiasm is great, but it’s not going to overcome millions of $$$ from the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson and the RNC in attack ads. It just won’t be enough.


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