He Loved Him Madly

You know his name.

I was doing a pretty good job of taking a blog break because after eight years of blogging every so often I need a break.  And then Prince died today and the light poured out of me.

Every generation has its timeless legends and usually its the artists who are the ones who come along and say, “No, we’re gonna do it like this now.”

I bought my first Prince record, For You, at a used record store on the Ohio State University campus. Maybe it cost two bucks. There were a few standouts, some clunkers and some “not quite there but getting there” tracks. A good-looking kid with a big Afro. My wife-to-be thought he was cute. Didn’t know how short the little fucker was. The dude wrote, produced, arranged all the songs and played all the instruments. That was odd, but he was good at it.

Prince Rogers Nelson was only going to get better.

Things might have worked out differently if he hadn’t won the battle with Warner Brothers (one of many he would wage) and rebuffed their suggestion that Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire produce the album. Prince wasn’t about to allow anybody else shape his vision.

I used to say about Prince his failures were more interesting than most folks successes. Eventually, the sheer tonnage of his failures (Under the Cherry Moon, Graffiti Bridge, Chaos and Disorder, Rave Unto the Joy Fantastic, etc) wore me down. But Prince never became a novelty act or a fat, lazy joke dutifully cranking out his hits for a buck. He was a genius and a moron. A sexy MF and an observant Jehovah’s Witness. He sang about masturbating with magazines, getting oral from a newlywed, and sex, sex, sex until he stopped singing about boning and started singing about God.

Prince was a lot of things, good, bad and indifferent, but predictable wasn’t one of them.

Prince dying on me is like a friend dying on me. I’ll miss everything he did for music and everything he still wanted to do. One thing’s for sure. There’s enough Prince music in the vaults to make Elvis and 2Pac look like one-hit wonders.

We’re we just blessed to have lived in an era when a legitimate legend no longer strides the earth the earth itself slows down to pay attention and give respect.   Sooner all the giants leave us.  Even the ones who stand only 5’2″.

All n’ all it’s not a bad way to step off the stage.   I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain.   Today was a horrible day.   It was gloomy and cloudy and dark and it rained.   It should have.   The doves were crying.

My name is Prince and I am funky
My name is Prince the one and only
I did not come 2 funk around
‘Tll I get your daughter I won’t leave this town
In the beginning God made the sea
But on the 7th day he made me
He was tryin’ to rest y’all when He heard the sound
Sound like a guitar cold gettin’ down
I tried to bust a high note, but I bust a string
My God was worried ’til he heard me sing

My name is Prince and I am funky
My name is Prince the one and only – hurt me

2 thoughts on “He Loved Him Madly

  1. Prince was not only an incredible talent, he was giving. So many artists benefited from his music that he gave freely, creating stars by doing so. That in itself is incredible, in a world of competition. He was strong enough as an individual; he knew there were enough accolades to go around.

    I first heard about Prince when my older sister saw him open for the Rolling Stones in L.A. back in the early 80s. The audience there wasn’t sophisticated enough for him and booed him off the stage after the first couple of songs. A few months later, he hit worldwide and became a superstar. His music has provided a soundtrack to my life.

    Simply devastating. Sad, sad news. RIP, Prince. You were a kind, gentle soul.


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