Blackface Is As American As Apple Pie.

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Back in the day the current governor of  Virginia liked to rub shoe polish on his face and black it up.   Pictures have appeared.  Outrage has ensued.  Demowimps and Rethuglicans alike agree.  Bad boy   Gotta go.

Allow me to retort.  Governor Ralph Northam should not resign.

He should stay right where he is. He should not quit. He should remain in power until his term is over. Do NOT give into the social media mobs and the echo chamber of woke social justice warriors. Do NOT grovel before the conveniently moralistic conservatives of right-wing radio, Fux News and other Trump zombie droogs. Don’t listen to them Governor. Hang tough. Stay the course. Don’t retreat and don’t surrender.

Because this is bigger than you.

What is it within non-Black people to believe they can smear makeup on their faces, name a professional football team “Redskins,” elect a man who calls Mexicans “rapists” and gleefully brags about grabbing women by the pussy, exterminate entire groups of people based upon their race, the color of their skin, or for praying to a different god?

What is it that allows the same race who invaded North and South America and eradicated both the Indian and the buffalo, brought the slave to the New Land chained in the hold of ships as they laid in their own bodily wastes as well as the hapless, hopeless others being stolen from Africa to delude themselves that their ancestors aren’t part of those who would make America great on the broken backs of the Blacks?

Why take so much unseemly pleasure in the all but certain fall in the impending fall of a governor of a state where you don’t live, pretty much forgotten all about since his election against a Confederacy cuddling cretin and you never had a chance to vote for or against in the first damn place? Be honest. How many of y’all who live outside of Virginia really gave two fucks about Ralph Northam before his trending on social media numbers when he said something on one day that the right-wingers were calling an endorsement of infanticide and before the weekend is over some embarrassing pics from his past just happened to pop-up IMMEDIATELY AFTER.

You think that’s a coincidence? You don’t think somebody somewhere put that info out there? You don’t think Northam didn’t make himself some serious enemies when he went from obscurity to notoriety in less than a week? You don’t think those Russian, Chinese and North Korean bots aren’t blowing up Twitter and Facebook and the rest of social media every day to sow confusion, fear, anger and dissension among the American people? You think they save that only for presidential and congressional elections? You don’t think there are governmental agencies, private individuals and groups, corporations and dark little cabals working day and night then night and day to feed our petty little hatreds and fears and worst case scenarios?


Let make this clear. Ralph Northam is a trash human being. Saying that wasn’t him in one picture, but he did wear blackface to portray Michael Jackson is the definition of difference without a difference. But let’s be honest, okay? You think getting rid of Ralph Northam changes anything? It never has before, so why should this time be any different?

Nothing is gonna to change. Not until good White folks take responsibility for owning their own shit. Not until good White folks really own up that the only way to raise the next generation of good White folks is to not act as if purging one useless politician is purging the entire group of their long history of privilege and power over over races and groups.

Not until White people take responsibility for not teaching and training their kids that blackface isn’t cool and it isn’t hip and it isn’t harmless. Not until White parents sit down with their White children and include among their dinner table conversations a reminder that blackface is always wrong and doesn’t feed right into the mentality of Black folks that White folks don’t give even slightly close to a fuck when it comes to calling out their own bigotry and superiority.

Angela Davis once said, “I feel that if we don’t take seriously the ways in which racism is embedded in structures of institutions, if we assume that there must be an identifiable racist who is the perpetrator, then we won’t ever succeed in eradicating racism.” Which we won’t. Not as long as the masses are convinced if only if they burn enough witches we’ll burn all the bigotry out of the Caucasoid.

Not gonna happen. Not until you come get your children. Whether they’re moderate Democrats in Virginia or MAGA gear-rockers from Covington Catholic in Kentucky or teachers in Iowa and in California or fraternities, sororities, sporting events or the boyfriend of an Oscar-winning actress, blackface is wrong. No matter when or no matter the reason. It can’t be anything else.

Getting rid of a non-entity of Northam will only get rid of one asshole in a lawn full of blooming assholes who think they can nod and wink at racist imagery and it won’t come back to bite them in the buttocks. This is like putting a Band-Aid on someone who needs brain (and heart) surgery.

This is not a matter of throwing yet another dumb-ass White man under the mashing wheels of yet another bus. This not about soothing the ruffled feelings of the liberal cognoscenti who frequently eat their own to preserve their own sense Northam is a deviant gene and not part of the hardwired racism that is endemic within White people. Nor is it about joining hands with the conservative witchfinders who were calling for the Virginia governor’s head at the beginning of the week and are now joining by their opposite number by the end of the week.

This is about treating a symptom while ignoring the disease. This is about deflecting upon others the flaws that lie within ourselves. Ralph Northam is not an outlier. He is not an aberration or a deviant gene. This is America. Ralph Northam is as traditionally an American a story as they come.

If you didn’t give a fuck about the “good people on both sides” bullshit when Trump spewed that shit about the neo-Nazis and White supremacist White Trash who murdered Heather Heyer, u can miss me with your sanctimonious, hypocritical bullshit.   Don’t wanna none of that.

If you didn’t give a fuck when Donald John Trump and the “Blacks love me” became the 45th Resident of the UnUnited States of Amerikka and all the White supremacist endorsements he earned, u can miss me with your sanctimonious, hypocritical bullshit.   Don’t need none o’ that either.

If you didn’t give a fuck when Donald John Trump and his bought-and-paid bobblehead both dragged Barack Obama as an outsider, an unfit usurper, and a fake, fraudulent hustler who lied about where he was born, then yes, you can miss me with your sanctimonious, hypocritical bullshit.

And if you think Governor Northam is anything but the fruit of a bipartisan poisoned treee where Dems and Repubs take turns clowning, mocking  and dogging out Black people, u can miss me with all of your sanctimonious, hypocritical  bullshit and oh, by the way, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH.

There’s nothing to debate.  There is no statue of limitations for ignorant, bigoted behavior.   Ralph Northam should definitely be the immediate former governor of Virginia, but singling him out as a bad example doesn’t make all White People good ones.

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Racism thrives not because Blacks keeping harping on it but because Whites don’t realize how they enable it and assist it in continuing to thrive.  George Wallace is dead.  Lester Maddox is dead.   Strom Thurmond, James Eastland, Theodore Bilbo, Byron de la Beckwith, and Bull Connor are all dead, dead, DEAD.   Deader than disco.  Dead as fuck.

But racism didn’t die with them.   It not only lives even to this day, it thrives because there is a straight line from Northman’s blackface then and Covington Catholic now.

And if you don’t see the correlation, then you’re no different, no better and just as culpable as they are.   Enjoy the smug confidence you’re more enlightened than they are.   Then ask yourself, “What have I done to kill my own racism and that of the people in my life?”

I hope you sleep well with the answer.