About Zero Tolerance For Silence

This is Zero Tolerance For Silence.   It was The Domino Theory (June 2008-September 2016), but the dominoes have fallen and while I thought long and hard about shutting up and shutting down this blog, circumstances demand otherwise.   What would James Baldwin or Malcolm X or MLK or Shirley Chisholm or Frederick Douglass or Fannie Lou Hamer or any conscious human being do?

They wouldn’t shut up.  Your silence will not save you.  Zero tolerance for silence.  It’s a bad Pat Metheny album, but a damn good strategy for what lies ahead.

Jeff Winbush is an award-winning (honest!) freelance journalist.  I was the editor of The Columbus Post newspaper and I have written for The Columbus Dispatch, ALIVE, Urban Trendsetters, The Daily Voice, allaboutjazz.com, The Root and more publications and websites that are no longer around than I care to count or remember.

Disclaimer One:  The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of his employer, family or any organization he is associated with.  Just so we’re clear about that.

Disclaimer Two:  The statements on this blog are my thoughts and opinions.  It’s fine if you agree or disagree with me.  I won’t think any less of you.  In the event you disagree with those thoughts and opinions expressed, then one of us is likely wrong.

It’s probably you.

37 thoughts on “About Zero Tolerance For Silence

  1. You are a good man with strong opinions. May you never change. You are a different kind of cat. I think our parents whold be happy to see that. I find myself defending you to those who disagree with you, misunderstand you or even those who dislike you. That’s what brothers do. I hope that when my son’s have logged half a century together, they have common interests and stay close. We are blessed.


  2. Domino Theory….yes, the reason JFK got into NAM…
    yes, first one domino falls, then another, pretty soon, Robert McNamara is at the World Bank, and agent orange sales go way up.
    More than 40 yeara later, babies born in Viet Nam are deformed from the blankets of agent orange(cheminal deadly posion) left as a legacy of dominos in Viet Nam–by the big dominos.
    But, Cheney was just an assistant to Rummy, who gave him a ticket to power, and so then we move on to more dominios.
    Strange how Domino Dick rose to power, and cultivated evil. A story of his time. History will write Dick Cheney destoryed the Presidencey of George W Bush.

    People now see that, and it will be in history books near a domino pizza shop in your neighbor hood


  3. “Jeff Winbush is a award-winning (honest!) freelance journalist. ”

    Shouldn’t this read… Jeff Winbush is “an” award-winning… ?



  4. As a Marine, I thoroughly enjoyed your Veteran’s Day tribute. It was refreshing compared to some of your other racist, vile posts where you hate anything conservative because, apparently, you disagree. That said, I want to thank you for your past service.


  5. Hey Jeff, Long time. Took me a few months to figure out who you were as the name sounded familiar, after running across your blog. Never got to meet you but spoke once or twice on phone. Now back in in the UK.

    I enjoy reading your words.




  6. Hello,

    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. You can see a sample of my work at LaptopComputers.org under the author James Mowery. I’ve also written for several high-profile blogs like Mashable, Performancing, and CMSWire. Thank you for your time.

    – James


    • Mr. Mowery, while there are times I almost would like to hand a guest poster for my blog, I really don’t believe this is the best forum for your style of writing. It’s not bad, but I don’t really write about technology that often.

      All the best,

      ~ Jeff Winbush


  7. Jeff Winbush :Shared how? It’s sharable on Twitter and Facebook. What else do I need to do?

    No it’s not. In order to do so, you have to install an ‘Addthis’ widget to your blog. It’s very easy to do.

    How do you share yours posts on twitter and facebook?


    • Okay, the “Add This” widget has been added. There should also be a “tweet” button (if I’ve installed it right). Sometimes I don’t dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s”. Still learning this stuff.


  8. Okay, I see it now, although it is for the whole site and hard to find. When you have the time, why not mess around a little and you will find the widget that will show above or below every post. This way the particular post folks want to share with others can be done easily.

    It took me a while and I still learn something new on wordpress every day.


    • Me too. I’m trying to figure out why when I add the Tweet button feature for Twitter sometimes it appears, but when I check back it’s not there. Very frustrating. Guess I’ll have to check with the Word Press forums or tech support.

      I have a vague feeling I know who you are Free Fall, You wouldn’t care to give me the name i knew you by as to refresh my memory would you?


      • Hey Free Fall and Donnandara:

        From what I can figure out you have to click on a SPECIFIC post and the Tweet button appears at the bottom.

        Same deal with the E-mail, Twitter and Facebook options. You have to select the post and then check the “Like It Share It” option and even then you have to choose from a slew of options. It’s kind of a hassle, but I’ll keep looking for a way around it that works better.

        Thanks for hipping me to this and reading the blog. Please subscribe if you’re so inclined.


      • You know, I kind of thought it was you. How are you these days? Back in the UK as I see from checking out your blog.

        On the sharing thing, there are a couple of new options Word Press has added. If you select a specific post you should see buttons to print, tweet, post to Facebook and other options. I think that’s what you were looking for right?

        If you’re on Facebook you can “friend” me if you like. Hope all is well. 🙂


  9. Hey,
    I’m peachy, been back in London since 2004. We can play catch up on facebook, but I can’t find a link to your facebook page.

    I’m not much of a facebook person and rarely go on it, but got talked into it, by my sis who is always having to respond to people who are looking for me 🙂 .

    Hope lifes been good to you. Sounds like it has been.


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  11. Mr Jeff, You do make me laugh But man you do seem to have a problem with life in General, maybe you ain’t getting no Lady action for a while my man, or you need go see an anger management person who will also help with the fact you have quite a lot racist views


  12. I am writing a children’s book. I have seen photos of your when I goggled Black children. I would like permission to use some of your pictures.


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