Hey! Hook a brotha up, willya?

I like to use hotlinks, photographs and videos to break up all that text on the blog, but as time goes by, some of those links, photos and videos go “bye-bye” and when they do, I don’t always catch them right away (or at all.  I do have a life, you know).

While you visit my little place of  inspired insanity should you come across dead or broken links, please let me know and I will fix the ones I can and get rid of the ones I can’t.    Thanks from reading The Domino Theory and tell a friend you’d like to turn into an enemy.  🙂

18 thoughts on “Hey! Hook a brotha up, willya?

  1. Jeff, you need to put “AddThis” on your website so that we can tweet the links back to your posts. Go to AddThis.com


    • I agree. He can also go to wordpress plugins and install it. If I remember, I already had it as a widget and just had to activate it.

      He’ll notice the increase in traffic too. Another good one is the facebook ‘like it’ . Not a fan of face book, but damn when I see 184 people have recommended a post on my site to their facebook friends, I realise facebook has it’s use.


      • Hi, Free Fall.

        Maybe I’m missing something, but I thought I HAD installed Add This to my blog. I use it to update new posts on Facebook and Twitter.

        I must be doing something, my blog traffic has increased by an additional 300 to 400 page hits.


  2. I have no idea what you added as I can’t see it. Add this is a list of social meidas such as twitter, facebook, digg, stumbleupon, etc. Usually appears at top of post or end. Someone reads and likes what they read or want to share it – they just hit it and all the facebook or twitter follows get a link to your post.

    I’m not surprised your hits have increased, with all the stuff you write it’s obvious it will increase over time, although it’s the inique visitors and returning visitors that really count.


  3. Oh, I thought you wanted this kind of hooking up, Jeff —

    Not on your blogroll is Kris Broughton, aka Brown Man Thinking Hard, who blogs at http://simplifythepositive.blogspot.com/ and has a column at Big Think. Since I’ve enjoyed conversations with him, as I have with you, and your journalistic concerns coincide in many ways . . . there you go.


  4. Jeff,

    I have been checking out your site, it is put together very well. I used to use Huey F. as my pic for everything. Anyway, my two friends and I are new to blogging and we have a relatively new site at threeguysrant.com – I got to your site because I googled, “How do I get added to your blogroll?” I read your post on absolutewrite.com and we find ourselves in the same situation. So needless to say, this is a pitch to be added to your blogroll. When you get a chance, please take a look at our site and, I you like it, add us to your blogroll. I have already add you to ours.

    Thanks in advance,

    Post scriptum – I have been saying that about Eddie Murphy for 10 years now.



    • Marc,

      You got your addition to the blogroll. I browsed the site and find enough to bring me back for a longer look.

      I’ll be checking it out from time to time to see how things play out. Good luck.


  5. Especially enjoyed your humor in analysis of some very serious subjects. Hope you keep it going strong this fall as I feel this upcoming election is potentially country-defining. Your recent blog entries on Ann Coulter & Herman Cain…Priceless!


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