Shut Up, Fool! The Post-Zimmerman Bipartisan Edition.

Show you my championship rings? Man, I don’t have to show you any championship rings! I don’t have any to show!

1. Charles Barkley, the Still Round Mound of Rebound:  “Well, I agree with the verdict. I feel sorry that young kid got killed, but they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him. Something clearly went wrong that night — clearly something went wrong — and I feel bad for anybody who loses a kid, but if you looked at the case and you don’t make it — there was some racial profiling, no question about it — but something happened that changed the dynamic of that night.”

“Mr. Zimmerman was wrong to pursue, he was racial profiling, but I think Trayvon Martin — God rest his soul — I think he did flip the switch and started beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman. But it was just a bad situation.”

“I just feel bad because I don’t like when race gets out in the media because I don’t think the media has a ‘pure heart,’ as I call it. There are very few people who have a pure heart when it comes to race. Racism is wrong in any shape [or] form — there are a lot of black people who are racist, too. I think sometimes when people talk about race, they act like only white people are racist. There are a lot of black people who are racist. And I don’t like when it gets out there in the media because I don’t think the media has clean hands.”

Neither do you, Chuck. 

2.  Bill Cosby, Cranky Comedian:  “See this racial stuff goes into a whole bunch of discussion which has stuff that you can’t prove. You can’t prove if somebody is a racist unless they really come out and do the act and is found to be that.”

3.  Ted Nugent, Aging Rocker, NRA Member, Draft Dodging Dickhead:   The race-baiting industry saw an opportunity to further the racist careers of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, et al, who then swept down on the Florida community refusing to admit that the 17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe Trayvon Martin was at all responsible for his bad decisions and standard modus operendi of always taking the violent route.”

“Trayvon had no reason not to attack, because it was the standard thug thing to do. See Chicago any day of the week.”

Ted is well-known for not using drugs or alcohol.   The Nuge’s vice was groupies,, Lots of then and if they were pre-pubescent girls at the time, that didn’t slow Teddy’s roll.   Maybe he has syphilis from too much sex with no latex.   One can only hope. 

The Rock n’ Roll Racist Redneck

4.  Lupe Fiasco:   “Rub your face in it! Swallow down that hard pill! Black blood spills in the streets of America nightly at the hands other blacks,” reads one tweet. “Half y’all been partying to Black Death for the past 2 decades…the other half watched the party…don’t be angry now!”

“Nobody knows what really happened except Trayvon and Zimmerman. The justice system relies on reasonable doubt not our emotions.”

“The case should have never been televised as the potential to antagonize US race relations was, in my dumb opinion too risky & unnecessary.”

When a man calls his own opinions “dumb” I have no choice but to concur.  Lupe is a Fiasco. 

5.  Jimmy Carter, Failed Ex-President:  “I think the jury made the right decision based on the evidence presented, because the prosecution inadvertently set the standard so high that the jury had to be convinced that it was a deliberate act by Zimmerman that he was not at all defending himself, and so forth. It’s not a moral question, it’s a legal question and the American law requires that the jury listens to the evidence presented.”

Thank you Mr President for reminding me why I voted for John Anderson.   It took Clinton and Obama both winning second terms to finally rid the Democratic Party of the stink of your loser ass. 

Yep. I sucked as president.

6.  Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s right-wing niece, but mostly a nobody:   “It is not helpful to race-bait.  “[The] NAACP and all of the organizations … We need to wonder why they’re doing that, what kind of checks and money they’re getting behind the scenes to stir us up into racial anarchy.

“We should be speaking nonviolence, justice, peace and love as Trayvon’s parents are doing, by the way. So we need to ask why they’re race baiting, because they are.  There’s no black race, white race, yellow race and red race. The other thing is, Mr. Zimmerman is not a Caucasian. He’s a Hispanic. The media is somehow forgetting that, so [there are] all of these nuances, all of the race-baiting, all of the pain.”

“Stop thinking that this is a race thing between separate races. This is all human beings here. If we’re still feeling that one part of our community is better than the other because of skin color, that’s got to change right now.”

Aw, go pimp your dead uncle’s last name some more.  That’s what you do best.

7.  Ann Coulter:  Black liberals keep bemoaning the danger to their own teenage sons after the “not guilty” verdict in George Zimmerman‘s murder trial. To avoid what happened to Trayvon Martin, their boys need only follow this advice: Don’t walk up to a stranger and punch him, ground-and-pound him, MMA-style, and repeatedly smash his head against the pavement.

Perhaps, someday, blacks will win the right to be treated like volitional human beings. But not yet.

Perhaps, someday,  Ann Coulter won’t say something that is vile,  repugnant, racist and stupid, but she’ll probably be lying in her casket when that day comes. 

Annie and a friend

8.  Bill O’ Reilly,  Well-Paid, Big Mouth Angry White Guy:  The sad truth is that from the President on down, our leadership has no clue, no clue at all about how to solve problems within the black community. And many are frightened to even broach the issue. That’s because race hustlers and the grievance industry have intimidated the so- called “conversation,” turning any valid criticism of African-American culture into charges of racial bias.

Trayvon Martin was killed because circumstances got out of control. He was scrutinized by a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, because of the way he looked. Not necessarily his skin color, there is no evidence of that but because he was a stranger to Zimmerman and was dressed in clothing sometimes used by street criminals.

It was wrong for Zimmerman to confront Martin based on his appearance. But the culture that we have in this country does lead to criminal profiling because young black American men are so often involved in crime, the statistics overwhelming.

But here is the headline: young black men commit homicides at a rate 10 times greater than whites and Hispanics combined. When presented with damning evidence like that, and like the mini-holocaust in Chicago where hundreds of African-Americans are murdered each year the civil rights industry looks the other way or makes excuses. They blame guns, poor education, lack of jobs, rarely do they define the problem accurately. So here it is. The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African-American family.
You want a conversation, you got it. You want a better situation for blacks, give them a chance to revive their neighborhoods and culture. Work with the good people to stop the bad people. Pumping money into the chaos does little. You can’t legislate good parenting or responsible entertainment. But you can fight against the madness, with discipline, a firm message and little tolerance for excuse-making.

It is now time for the African-American leadership, including President Obama to stop the nonsense. Walk away from the world of victimization and grievance and lead the way out of this mess.

Big Bill has vast experience dealing with Blacks as he shared in 2007 when as Al Sharpton’s dinner guest at Sylvia’s in Harlem,  O’Reilly was flabbergasted to report, “[There] wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.   There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M.F.-er, I want more iced tea.’ It was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense that people were sitting there and they were ordering and just having fun.”

Bill O’Reilly:  BFF with the Black Community. 

“Damn. I’m gorgeous!”

9. Richard Cohen Washington Post columnist and reactionary:  I don’t like what George Zimmerman did, and I hate that Trayvon Martin is dead. But I also can understand why Zimmerman was suspicious and why he thought Martin was wearing a uniform we all recognize. I don’t know whether Zimmerman is a racist. But I’m tired of politicians and others who have donned hoodies in solidarity with Martin and who essentially suggest that, for recognizing the reality of urban crime in the United States, I am a racist. The hoodie blinds them as much as it did Zimmerman.

I hate to tell you Richard, but when you make a sweeping generalization about every Black kid who wears a hoodie with “the reality of urban crime” that is not just unrealistic, it’s a little bit racist. 

10.  Allen West: One-Term Congressman and Full-Time Dipshit:  “I am a black male who grew up in the inner city of Atlanta and no one ever followed me in a mall. I don’t recall any doors clicking when I crossed the street. And I never had anyone clutching their handbag when I got on an elevator. I guess having two awesome parents who taught me to be a respectful young man paid dividends.”

Ooh.  Nice burn of Trayvon Martin’s parents, Al  It’s too bad your “awesome parents” didn’t teach you to be respectful of a family grieving for their murdered son.  They should have taught you not to be such a flaming asshole. 

“How many people don’t think I’m an asshole? THIS many!”

Ann Coulter’s Grand Illusions of Knowledge

“Yes, I know all about Blacks. I had sex with J.J. Walker. That counts, right?”

If a writer is supposed to write what they know, what do they write about if they don’t know anything about the subject?

They write books where they spout their opinion and hope no one notices their grasp on the facts is shaky.   Ann Coulter knows just enough about politics to get on television, but not enough that she should be taken seriously.  What she’s serious about is being the scourge of liberals everywhere questioning their intelligence, honesty, patriotism and reason to exist.

Mugged is Coulter’s ninth book.  I’ve read none of them and this one will not be where I start.   I’m not her target demographic.  I’m not White.  I’m not a conservative.  I think for myself.   That pretty makes me unsuitable for a Coulter fan.  I was going to quote something from Mugged, but then I shrugged and said, “Nah.  Why bother?”  If I’m not going to read it and I’m certainly not going to review it, why should I help promote yet another  “Obama ain’t shit” book full of right-wing revisionism?

The only reason for mentioning this witch in the first place is she was on ABC’s This Week to drum up interest in the book and in the process showed  off the ignorance of her bony ass.

“I think what — the way liberals have treated blacks like children and many of their policies have been harmful to blacks, at least they got the beneficiary group right,” Coulter said. “There is the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws. We don’t owe the homeless. We don’t owe feminists. We don’t owe women who are desirous of having abortions, but that’s — or — or gays who want to get married to one another. That’s what civil rights has become for much of the left.”

When asked whether immigrant rights were not civil rights, Coulter responded, “No. I think civil rights are for blacks… What have we done to the immigrants? We owe black people something. We have a legacy of slavery. Immigrants haven’t even been in this country.”

Ann is down for the chocolate.

This reflects a fundamental failure to grasp what the Civil Rights movement was waged for.   Blacks were certainly beneficiaries of the reforms brought about by the passage of the ’64 and ’65 Civil Rights Acts, but it was never the sole purpose to help only African-Americans.     Martin Luther King, Jr., made it plain when he said,   “If physical death is the price that I must pay to free my white brothers and sisters from a permanent death of the spirit, then nothing can be more redemptive.”    It wasn’t just the souls of Black folks that were on the line.   White folks were  doomed to be destroyed by their own racism as much as any Negro.   Only radical surgery to expel the cancer of racial hatred from the hearts of America could spare it from a second Civil War.

Ann Coulter wouldn’t know anything about that.

It’s past time to call out frauds like Coulter and their revisionist readings of history.   It’s time to call out these pseudo “experts” who are only out to hustle another damn dollar.  Let Coulter kick liberals around for fun and profit, but she’s in over her head and out of her depth on race matters.  There is an argument to be made for the positive role played by conservatives in the great struggle for civil rights, but there is nothing in her history that suggests Coulter is the best woman to tell that story.

Has she ever authored a scholarly paper?   Has she ever demonstrated any skill, aptitude or interest in the big and complicated issue of American race relations?   One of the first questions a literary agent asks any author is, “What qualifies you to write this book?”   Everything we know about Coulter disqualifies her from writing authoritatively about race matters.

Coulter’s audience is whomever buys her books and believes she’s a great thinker.  It’s a great scam and it’s made Coulter wealthier beyond belief or her meager talent.  She is what she calls others; a demagogue who will slag war heroes, 9/11 widows, or anyone else she can make a buck off of.   Coulter has nothing to give to any dialogue about race because lacks integrity she knows nothing about the subject.

Besides relentlessly scorning all things Obama, what has Coulter had to say about an issue this complex?  Only to speak approvingly of former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain by saying, “our blacks are so much better than their blacks” because “you have fought against probably your family, probably your neighbors… that’s why we have very impressive blacks.”

Speaking of a Black man as if he were a pet that learned a new trick isn’t any compliment and as far as deep, critical thinking it’s worthless.   Except for separating suckers from their cash, is there any reason for Mugged to exist?

Coulter’s audience is whomever buys her books and believes she’s a great thinker.  It’s a great scam and it’s made Coulter wealthier beyond belief or her meager talent.  She is what she calls others; a demagogue who will slag war heroes, 9/11 widows, or anyone else she can make a buck off of.   Coulter has nothing to give to any dialogue about race because lacks integrity she knows nothing about the subject.

The caution to “consider the source” has never been truer than when someone who is clueless about the complexities of American race relations seeks to expound on it.   What makes Coulter qualified to pontificate about it?

If the answer is “nothing” then let’s call Mugged out for what it is;  another cynical cash grab by Coulter that does nothing to bring the nation any closer to racial reconciliation, but will make her accountant very happy.

Would You Like to Play With Herman’s Pee Wee?

"How big is my pee wee? THIS big. Why you askin'?"

This could be the last word on Herman Cain.  If the fat lady hasn’t sang yet, she’s definitely warming up.

NEW YORK (AP) — Speaking in a halting voice, a Chicago-area woman accused Republican presidential contender Herman Cain on Monday of making an unwanted sexual advance against her more than a decade ago, saying she wanted to provide “a face and a voice” to support other accusers who have so far remained anonymous.

“Come clean,” Sharon Bialek challenged Cain, demanding he confess to any inappropriate behavior with her or other women.

Cain’s campaign instantly issued a denial. “All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are false,” it said.

She described an evening in mid-July 1997 when she had dinner in Washington, D.C., with Cain, whom she had contacted in hopes he could help her find a job. The two were in a car for what she thought was a ride to an office building.

“Instead of going into the offices he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt toward my genitals,” she said.

“He also pushed my head toward his crotch,” she added.

She said she told Cain to stop, adding that he did.

White conservative men (and Ann Coulter who might as well be one) have rallied around “their Black,” saying Cain is under attack by the liberal media.

That was fine when Cain was dogging out Black folks calling them “brainwashed.”  That was fine when Cain was telling anyone who isn’t rich like he is  to “blame yourself..”  It was superfine when he was saying he’d be the first Black president because nudge-nudge Barack Obama is half-White, not all-Black like him.

"Wanna come to my playhouse and see my pee wee?'

It  was all fine as long as the accusers remained anonymous.   That’s over now.  Now we have a name and a face and even more importantly, we have details. Nasty details.

Even if it was proven Cain had sexually harassed women, that still would have been okay with his White male conservative base as long as they women were not White.  Herman Cain is from the South.  That shit is not going to fly with the good ol’ boys.   They may like a lot about Cain’s croonin’ and coonin’, but they are not going to like one bit the idea of Cain putting his hand near a White woman’s holiest of holies and the suggestion he tried to force a White woman to put his mouth on his sausage and pepperoni.

Man, that’s grab a rope and find a tree time for some of these rednecks.

That’s all folks,for Herman Cain 2012.  He won’t just quit and go away but he will become a punchline first and an afterthought soon after.  White conservatives will put up with a lot, but they won’t put up with a Black conservative feeling up a White woman.   We aren’t that post-racial yet.

Cain can’t joke away the damage and he can’t refuse to answer questions in the vain hope that will stop the questions.  If he is lying about the allegations he’s going to soon find out he’s running out of fools that believe his lies.

When this all broke loose Cain’s response to a reporter who asked if he had ever sexually harassed anyone was to take a long pause and then snarled, “Have you ever sexually harassed anyone?”

“I know you are but what I am?”answers to awkward questions won’t save Cain’s sorry ass.

What happens next won’t be politics as much as it’s math.

Take one accused sexually harasser flailing for a credible explanation…


Add a blonde Republican accusing him of some filth flarn filth.


Anne Coulter’s Negro Problem

Ann checks to see if Jimmy is packing some "dy-no-mite!"

With the lousy week he’s had, Is there really any point on beating up on Herman Cain again?  I believe I’ve made it pretty clear how much of a joke this really is.  What’s the point of criticizing Cain when any rational, thinking person can see how amateurish, unqualified and not ready for prime time this doofus is?   I’m bored with talking about the loser..

I do have something to say about the way the White Right has rallied to cover for their boy after revelations of sexual harassment charges came out against Cain.

Appearing on Hannity’s show Monday night, Coulter agreed that the Cain story is a “high-tech lynching,” adding that “it’s coming from the exact same people who used to do the lynching with ropes, now they do it with a word processor.”

She continued that liberals are “too dense” to see the “many wonderful qualities” about Herman Cain, because “all they see is a conservative black man.”

“That’s why our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” Coulter said. “To become a black Republican you don’t just roll into it. You’re not going with the flow. You have fought against probably your family members, probably your neighbors, you have thought everything out and that’s why we have very impressive blacks in our party.”

Well, that’s right nice of Miss Ann to speak so highly of a respectable colored boy like Herman. It’s downright heart-warming to hear White folks defending their “very impressive Blacks.”

In other words “their Blacks” have been indoctrinated, instructed, manipulated, cheated, confused, led astray, deceived, duped,  hoodwinked, flim-flammed, bamboozled.

You might even say Herman and other Black Republicans have been “brainwashed,”

Do they step and fetch too?

One of those “impressive Blacks,” Condoleezza Rice doesn’t much care for Cain and Coulter playing the race card.

“I don’t care much for incendiary language” Rice told CBS’ “Early Show” host Norah O’Donnell in an interview broadcast Wednesday morning. O’Donnell asked Rice to comment on the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO’s statement that he is “victim of a high-tech lynching.”

“I actually am someone who doesn’t believe in playing the race card on either side,” Rice added. “I’ve seen it played, by the way, on the other side quite a lot too. And it’s not good for the country.””I’m not much for the race card,” said Rice, a Republican and African-American who served under George W. Bush, adding that she also disagrees with using the race card to criticize President Obama.

There ain’t shit about Ann Coulter that is impressive.

Except that she’s been able for years to milk such mileage out her tired-ass “evil liberals” b.s. That, and she actually has convinced some fools who are blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other that she’s hot.

One more thing: the statute of limitations is up on the usage of the term, “hi-tech lynching.” Whenever a Black conservative gets their nuts caught in the washing machine the first thing to fly out of the pieholes of their defenders is they are on the receiving end of a “hi-tech lynching.”

I am fucking sick of these right-wing shitheads who have no sense of history and don’t have Clue One what a real lynching looks like.

It is profoundly disrespectful of all those who lost their lives to lynching in this country to casually and cavalierly misapply it to situations that aren’t remotely comparable. If liberals were to say the crappy treatment President Obama receives from dopes like Coulter was a “all new Holocaust” they would be rightly rebuked for the perverting of history.

I will gladly loan Coulter my copy of Without Sanctuary so she can educate her ignorant  bony ass (though she lacks the balls to read it).

Either that or I can use the book to beat the stupid out of her.

THIS is what a lynching looks like. Don't get it twisted.