Republican Enablers Make Attacks on Abortion Providers Possible. Democratic Wimps Make It Inevitable.

Colorado Springs shooting suspect Robert Lewis Dear of North Carolina is seen in undated photos provided by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. A gunman burst into a Planned Parenthood clinic Friday, Nov. 27, 2015 and opened fire, launching several gunbattles and an hourslong standoff with police as patients and staff took cover. By the time the shooter surrendered, at least three people were killed, including a police officer and at least nine others were wounded, authorities said. (El Paso County Sheriff's Office via AP)

Colorado Springs shooting suspect Robert Lewis Dear of North Carolina: the latest American Psycho

“We can’t let it become normal. If we truly care about this — if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience — then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough.”
~ President Obama in response to the shootings at a Planned Parenthood clinic

I’m going to engage in speculation here, but I feel certain it isn’t reckless or irresponsible speculation.   The motives and motivations of Robert Dear, the suspect in the Colorado Springs shooting spree  which left three dead and nine wounded, are yet unknown.   What his political leanings were or party affiliation was is also still in doubt, but here’s what I believe isn’t in doubt:  this one is on the Republicans.

I’m not going to lay the blame on conservatism as a whole, but specifically the fault goes to the Republicans. Between Fox News, right-wing radio and opportunistic G.O.P. politicians in cheap suits making Planned Parenthood part of their Axis of Evil, it was only a matter of time before some asshole got their grubby mitts on a gun and started shooting up a clinic. “I’m going to kill cops, patients, nurses and doctors to save the babies because I’m Pro-Life!”

It wasn’t just Carly Fiorina lying her Botoxed face off with a phony video slamming Planned Parenthood as a baby body parts merchant. Fiorina was the one to lie and keep lying after she got caught lying. Fuck the truth and fuck the facts. ARE YOU NOT OUTRAGED?

It’s a goddamn travesty it is even necessary to have police guarding clinics for a woman to undergo a medical procedure.

That’s the Republicans for you. They light the fire, throw gasoline on it, push you in and claim you were clumsy and fell in, then demand an apology for being accused. There is always a chance this Angry White Man could turn out to be a Pro-Choicer who staged a false flag covert op to gin up sympathy for abortion clinics and the movement. We know that’s bullshit, right?

Dr. George Tiller: murdered by an anti-abortion terrorist in 2009.

It is completely acceptable to blame the Republican Party for an abortion clinic terrorist when they have created the political climate in the U.S. that emboldens and then sympathizes with this sort of domestic terrorist action. If wasn’t for the fact a cop was among the slain the GOP would be as sympathetic as they were when Dr. George Tiller was murdered in Kansas by another Angry White Man with a gun.

Dr. Tiller had been singled out by Bill O’ Reilly as “Tiller the Baby Killer” and mentioned him 28 times on his top-rated program. After Tiller was gunned down by Scott Roeder, O’Reilly expressed his sympathy–for his own demagoguery and Fox News’ demonetization of Tiller:

When I heard about Tiller’s murder, I knew pro-abortion zealots and Fox News haters would attempt to blame us for the crime, and that’s exactly what has happened. […]

No backpedaling here, madam [Mary Mapes]. Unlike you, I report honestly. Every single thing we said about Tiller was true, and my analysis was based on those facts. […]

Now, it’s clear that the far left is exploiting — exploiting — the death of the doctor. Those vicious individuals want to stifle any criticism of people like Tiller. That — and hating Fox News — is the real agenda here. Finally, if these people are soooo compassionate — so very compassionate, so concerned for the rights and welfare of others — maybe they might have written something, one thing, about the 60,000 fetuses that will never become American citizens. Or am I wrong?

O’Reilly was wrong but no high-profile Republican calling him out for being wrong.

Be clear on this: I am blaming the far-Right, the right-wing noise machine and the Republican Party’s craven opportunism and pandering to the anti-abortion zealots in general and the mendacity of Carly Fiorina specifically. So-called “Democrats” and “liberals” who had nothing to say about the GOP’s propaganda then are useless enabling dupes with nothing of relevance to say now that people are dead.

You can’t play footsie with sort of fanaticism the way Republicans have and then claim it has nothing to do with anything when some nut takes fighting words and turns them into bloody action.

Denial of the pro-life militancy poison the Republicans have injected into the American body politics supersedes any claim of supposed liberal bona fides. Is it polarizing and impolitic to say the Republican Party has enabled and all but abetted this sort of bloody violence against abortion providers and Planned Parenthood? Sure it is, but so is the rhetoric spewed by the GOP for a long time now and if that didn’t honk off these so-called “liberals”, I could not care less if they don’t like it being said.

The Republicans love to bang on President Obama for not using the term “Radical Islam” in response to international terrorism. When the Republicans call what Robert Dear did in Colorado Springs an act of domestic terrorism, they’ll have a point instead of just a talking point.

The timidity of politicians and the refusal of citizens to call this act of violence by its rightful name: domestic terrorism is denying what happens here in the United States is the same damned thing as what happens on distant shores. A day has passed since the attack in Colorado Springs and only two out of 14 GOP presidential candidates have responded to the shootings, so if before gets offended I’ve namechecked the Republican Party, save some of that righteous wrath on the men and woman who want to be your next Commander-in-Chief yet have nothing to say when yet another city becomes a killing field.

Chances Robert Dear was part of some armed anti-abortion resistance like The Army of God are small, but even if he was the latest in a never-ending series of “lone wolves” hard to detect and harder to stop that should be worrisome to all sides of the abortion argument.

As a writer and journalist, I know how much words mean.  Words matter and words like “baby-killer” and “abortion mill” only polarize.  They can’t facilitate reasoned discussion, but they can push an already mentally unstable person to pick up a gun and go off on a mission to kill the baby killers and when one political party specializes in that sort of hate speech they own the consequences of the chaos it creates.

The passivity of consensus-seeing liberals in the face of concerted conservative enabling of ferocious anti-abortion extremism has not and will not elevate the debate to a higher plane of civility. It’s only abandoning women–and mostly poor women–to the non-existent mercies of maniacs like Robert Dear.

Another city. Another rampage. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Another city. Another rampage. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

The reproductive rights of women are literally under attack from anti-abortion fanatics enabled and abetted by the Republican Party. That may not pleasant to read, but it’s far less harmful to the ego than a crazed gunman’s bullets are to the body of a cop, client or staff of an abortion clinic. Republican lawmakers have done all they can to limit, prohibit, restrict and legislate abortion out of existence until they get another Supreme Court justice in place to outlaw it entirely. By this time next year they may well be in position to do just that.

The ramifications of a Republican president returning to the Oval Office is too slow and uncertain for the domestic terrorists who don’t want to wait. The radical extremists targeting abortion providers are hoping their atrocities will be minimized and marginalized as nothing more than one nut’s unhinged act of violence. The Left loves to pin a Good Conduct medal on their shirt for being on the “right” side of women’s issues, but when it comes to putting any teeth to the talk, they opt not to offend the Republicans who have fed this Frankenstein monster since Roe v. Wade.

Liberals and Democrats are selling women out under the vain hope by not being blunt about the enablers Republicans have been to abortion extremist they are going to move them to a more moderate middle ground on abortion and all that is doing is getting people killed. This is the flip side of the argument conservatives have so successfully made against the Left over international terrorism but they aren’t anywhere as reticent about hurting the feelings of liberals and Democrats.

Fox News Slimes Mandela: “A Great Man…But A Communist.”

A Black man with a clenched fist scares the hell out of the Fox News nation.

The universe has a uncanny knack for adding perspective whenever popularity gets confused with significance.   Paul Walker was popular.  Nelson Mandela was significant.

Fox News should not be counted in the ranks of admirers of the revolutionary lion turned honored statesman.

Cynics say there’s little difference in cable news, but sometimes the differences are obvious and stark. While CNN and MSNBC honored Nelson Mandela by turning over their evening programming to covering his life and times, Fox News stayed on message by largely relegating Mandela’s passage to the news crawl and pounding away with their anti-Obamacare propaganda.

The media gossip site, Mediaite went deep into CNN, MSNBC and Fox’s coverage (or lack of) of Mandela’s passage and the clear loser lagging behind the field was the “news” network led by hardcore right-wingers Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.

Hardly a surprise considering everything Mandela stood for are the very things Fox News is against.

I flipped the television from Rachel Maddow interviewing Ron Dellums to Megan Kelly chatting with amiably with a medal-winning soldier.  While Lawrence O’Donnell was discussing how Mandela dismantled apartheid, turn over to Sean Hannity and there’s the ugly mug of RNC chairman Reince Preibus banging on the Affordable Care Act yet again.

Wherever Mandela is now, odds are he’s not watching Fox News.

In fairness, Bill O’Reilly did mention Mandela’s passing.  Mostly to remind Fox viewers the father of the modern-day South Africa was “a communist.”

“He was a communist, this man. He was a communist, all right? But he was a great man! What he did for his people was stunning!… He was a great man! But he was a communist!”

O’Reilly’s guest, Rick Santorum, was a bit more gracious than his obnoxious host, but even while he praised Mandela,  the failed presidential candidate compared Mandela’s fight against apartheid to the right-wing’s war against Obamacare.

With his success writing historical/fantasy novels like Killing Lincoln, it might be hoped O’Reilly would know while it is true Mandela’s African National Congress  was supported by the Soviet Union,  the United States was a supportive ally of South Africa’s Afrikaner government even as it ruthlessly crushed Black protest against the evil of apartheid.   Ronald Reagan called the racist regime, ” “a country that has stood by us in every war we’ve ever fought, a country that, strategically, is essential to the free world in its production of minerals.”

Reagan was more concerned about propping up a gang of White supremacists brutally putting their foot of the necks of millions of Black people than their freedom and sided with a bigoted minority over the oppressed majority.  Mandela opposed hypocrites like Reagan who demanded the Soviets  “tear down this wall” so East Germans could be free while telling Black Africans they should suck it up and suffer.   Liberation movements are best loved by American conservatives when their interests coincide with their own.

O’Reilly is a clown in the Fox News media circus.

If Nelson Mandela was a Communist,  Ronald Reagan was a bigot.  Bill O’Reilly is just a clown looking for a circus.

When President Obama leads the U.S. delegation to the memorial service for his African counterpart,  depending on their health, he may likely be joined by former presidents Carter, Clinton and both Bushes.   Not too shabby for a former “communist,” but don’t hold your breath waiting for O’Reilly to acknowledge that or for his employers to offer anything more than tepid praise for a man they clearly despised.

The approach of Fox to covering Mandela seems to be offer tepid praise while openly hoping he’s really dead this time.

Fox News.  It’s graceless.  It’s classless.  It’s tasteless.  But mostly it’s just racist.

Trouble Every Day: Zimmerman, Again!

When you let a violent man walk, can you be surprised when he's violent again?

When you let a violent man walk, can you be surprised when he’s violent again?

George Zimmerman is in trouble again? Surprise, surprise.

No surprise. Not here. After all, his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Shellie Zimmerman said Boy George felt “invincible” after the not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case.

The warnings were there before Zimmerman killed Martin. Since the verdict Zimmerman has been busted for speeding (twice) and a domestic abuse incident where he allegedly assaulted Shellie and her father. No charges were filed.

Bill O’Reilly reported on his show he had received e-mails from Zimmerman supporters suggesting Poor George is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   What a load.   The ones suffering here are Zimmerman’s army of idiots and they suffer from the delusion this killer is sort sort of poor, persecuted “hero.”

Zimmerman is driving around free, buying guns and beating up knocked-up girlfriends.   Where’s the PTSD supposed to be in his devil-may-care lifestyle.   He has no job and he sure hasn’t missed any meals.   Outwardly, Boy George looks as happy as a pig in mud.

The guns of George Zimmerman. Ready for a fight?

These are the weapons that were in Zimmerman’s possession.

It appears from the artillery, George lives in constant fear for his life.


Look at the record.  Zimmerman has been violent toward cops, girlfriends and young Black men carrying cans of teas and bags of candy.   This is not a nice man who is simply misunderstood.

A thug will be a thug, a killer will be a killer and a violent man will continue to be violent.  Zimmerman WILL kill again. It’s a question of when, not if.  When it does and some woman unlucky enough to be with him or another Black teenager lies dead in a chalk line it can’t be said, “We had no idea this would happen.”

Give a violent man the means to be violent repeatedly only makes it inevitable he will commit more violence.  Zimmerman got his taste of blood in killing Trayvon and that’s why he will kill again. He liked the taste.

God bless the defenders of George Zimmerman. They know not what they enable.

The Completely Useless Advice of Totally Arrogant Men

don lemon

There are so many secondary issues that have raised their ugly head in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial and one of them is how conservatives feel empowered to use this time to start berating Blacks about crime (I have retired the phrase “Black-on-Black crime” from my lexicon) with Bill O’Reilly leading the charge.

Last week CNN’s Don Lemon decided he wanted to get in on the fun and not only endorsed O’Reilly taking the Black community to task, Lemon said he wasn’t going far enough.    Lemon went on a seven-minute tirade ripping into sagging pants, out of wedlock  pregnancies,

The babies being born outside of marriage is an issue. The drop-out rate of Black kids who don’t finish school is an issue. The mass incarceration of Black folks in prisons for this phony War on Drugs is an issue.  The negative aspects of rap music and hip-hop culture is an issue.  The trash that litters Lemon’s neighborhood is his problem, not a national crisis.

Oh, that’s right, Dandy Don didn’t mention that. My bad Guess that’s NOT an issue for him. Or Calvin Candie a.k.a. Bill O’ Reilly.

Thank goodness we have a Jay Smooth to cut through the crap.

The LAST thing Black people want or need to address their issues is the unwanted and unneeded from White conservatives who have a history of making racist remarks like O’Reilly (you could look it up. I did). The NEXT-to-last thing Black people want or need to address their issues are “Me Too, Boss” Negroes like Don Lemon blessing them out.

“Pull up your pants?” I don’t like brothers sagging’ either, but that’s a matter of aesthetics and a dumb fashion statement. It’s not as serious as the Republicans gutting every and any program for social uplift. “Pick up your trash?” I live in a mixed race, but predominantly White neighborhood too, and I can attest to the fact that White people throw their trash on the ground too. But I pick it up and throw it away. I don’t go on television to bitch about it like some anchormen using the airwaves for their petty grievances.

Charing Ball, at Madame Noire debunked Lemon’s “sagging pants came from prison” riff as an urban myth.

While it is (possibly, but not confirmed) true that the belt-less pants sagging had its roots in prison culture, the prison “style” has less to do with a prison homosexual mating call and more to do with unavailability of belts and shoe strings due to fears of rampant suicides. Likewise, the mass introduction of the prison jumpsuit might have eliminated the sagging problem. However, those in prison, who do sag now, do so for the same reason that the average kid on the street does so: out of comfort and because of a pop culture trend, which was ironically influenced by the plight of the belt-less prison inmate.

This saggy pants-prison homo meme has even been debunked by urban legend investigation site,, which attributes the spread of it, as well as other variations, on how easily it plays on folks’ already existing personal bias towards the fashion trend as well as folks’ own fear of homosexuals, or being perceived as homosexuals. And as most observers of popular culture would note, the loose and droopy fit of male trousers has always had a place in black male fashion. Before there was belt-less saggy pants, there were baggy-crotch harem pants, popularized by rapper and free-movement dancer MC Hammer. And way before that, there was the Zoot suit, which has its roots in the young black jazz culture of the 1940s. While sagging, loose, and droopy pants were always seen as counter-culture, men today profess comfort and trend as likely motivators for the style rather than some sort of moniker of their sexuality (unless you count the peacocking in your trendy best).

“I’m a rich White guy, so you’d better listen up.”

Charing was right to call out Lemon on his dog-piling on Black folks. If he wants to co-sign O’Reilly that’s his problem. Another problem for him is he just gave another reason to not watch CNN, the Conservative News Network.

I’m waiting for the O’Reilly Talking Points lecturing White people to stop being serial killers, stop walking into schools and slaughtering little kids and teachers,  stop bombing marathons, stop dropping atomic bombs on people of color, stop producing, consuming and getting addicted to drugs, stop producing and enjoying the sickest and vilest forms of pornography including kiddie porn and stop running around the planet trying to convert everyone to their chosen religion and God and killing them if they don’t.

I expect I’ll be waiting for some time, but if it does happen, I expect Don Lemon won’t have a thing to say about it because criticizing White people for their dysfunctional behavior never happens.

What Lemon and O’Reilly should know is nobody asked for their advice and those they are railing against are not going to take their advice.  O’Reilly doesn’t care about these teenagers and they know he’s a tin-plated phony   Lemon might be sincere, but his “me too” approach  only comes off as lecturing and judgmental., not helpful.   Lemon should know by now talking about the problems of the Black community and smugly proclaiming  a bit of personal responsibility will cure everything doesn’t work,  never reaches the target audience and changes nothing.

This time won’t be any different.

Shut Up, Fool! The Post-Zimmerman Bipartisan Edition.

Show you my championship rings? Man, I don’t have to show you any championship rings! I don’t have any to show!

1. Charles Barkley, the Still Round Mound of Rebound:  “Well, I agree with the verdict. I feel sorry that young kid got killed, but they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him. Something clearly went wrong that night — clearly something went wrong — and I feel bad for anybody who loses a kid, but if you looked at the case and you don’t make it — there was some racial profiling, no question about it — but something happened that changed the dynamic of that night.”

“Mr. Zimmerman was wrong to pursue, he was racial profiling, but I think Trayvon Martin — God rest his soul — I think he did flip the switch and started beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman. But it was just a bad situation.”

“I just feel bad because I don’t like when race gets out in the media because I don’t think the media has a ‘pure heart,’ as I call it. There are very few people who have a pure heart when it comes to race. Racism is wrong in any shape [or] form — there are a lot of black people who are racist, too. I think sometimes when people talk about race, they act like only white people are racist. There are a lot of black people who are racist. And I don’t like when it gets out there in the media because I don’t think the media has clean hands.”

Neither do you, Chuck. 

2.  Bill Cosby, Cranky Comedian:  “See this racial stuff goes into a whole bunch of discussion which has stuff that you can’t prove. You can’t prove if somebody is a racist unless they really come out and do the act and is found to be that.”

3.  Ted Nugent, Aging Rocker, NRA Member, Draft Dodging Dickhead:   The race-baiting industry saw an opportunity to further the racist careers of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, et al, who then swept down on the Florida community refusing to admit that the 17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe Trayvon Martin was at all responsible for his bad decisions and standard modus operendi of always taking the violent route.”

“Trayvon had no reason not to attack, because it was the standard thug thing to do. See Chicago any day of the week.”

Ted is well-known for not using drugs or alcohol.   The Nuge’s vice was groupies,, Lots of then and if they were pre-pubescent girls at the time, that didn’t slow Teddy’s roll.   Maybe he has syphilis from too much sex with no latex.   One can only hope. 

The Rock n’ Roll Racist Redneck

4.  Lupe Fiasco:   “Rub your face in it! Swallow down that hard pill! Black blood spills in the streets of America nightly at the hands other blacks,” reads one tweet. “Half y’all been partying to Black Death for the past 2 decades…the other half watched the party…don’t be angry now!”

“Nobody knows what really happened except Trayvon and Zimmerman. The justice system relies on reasonable doubt not our emotions.”

“The case should have never been televised as the potential to antagonize US race relations was, in my dumb opinion too risky & unnecessary.”

When a man calls his own opinions “dumb” I have no choice but to concur.  Lupe is a Fiasco. 

5.  Jimmy Carter, Failed Ex-President:  “I think the jury made the right decision based on the evidence presented, because the prosecution inadvertently set the standard so high that the jury had to be convinced that it was a deliberate act by Zimmerman that he was not at all defending himself, and so forth. It’s not a moral question, it’s a legal question and the American law requires that the jury listens to the evidence presented.”

Thank you Mr President for reminding me why I voted for John Anderson.   It took Clinton and Obama both winning second terms to finally rid the Democratic Party of the stink of your loser ass. 

Yep. I sucked as president.

6.  Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s right-wing niece, but mostly a nobody:   “It is not helpful to race-bait.  “[The] NAACP and all of the organizations … We need to wonder why they’re doing that, what kind of checks and money they’re getting behind the scenes to stir us up into racial anarchy.

“We should be speaking nonviolence, justice, peace and love as Trayvon’s parents are doing, by the way. So we need to ask why they’re race baiting, because they are.  There’s no black race, white race, yellow race and red race. The other thing is, Mr. Zimmerman is not a Caucasian. He’s a Hispanic. The media is somehow forgetting that, so [there are] all of these nuances, all of the race-baiting, all of the pain.”

“Stop thinking that this is a race thing between separate races. This is all human beings here. If we’re still feeling that one part of our community is better than the other because of skin color, that’s got to change right now.”

Aw, go pimp your dead uncle’s last name some more.  That’s what you do best.

7.  Ann Coulter:  Black liberals keep bemoaning the danger to their own teenage sons after the “not guilty” verdict in George Zimmerman‘s murder trial. To avoid what happened to Trayvon Martin, their boys need only follow this advice: Don’t walk up to a stranger and punch him, ground-and-pound him, MMA-style, and repeatedly smash his head against the pavement.

Perhaps, someday, blacks will win the right to be treated like volitional human beings. But not yet.

Perhaps, someday,  Ann Coulter won’t say something that is vile,  repugnant, racist and stupid, but she’ll probably be lying in her casket when that day comes. 

Annie and a friend

8.  Bill O’ Reilly,  Well-Paid, Big Mouth Angry White Guy:  The sad truth is that from the President on down, our leadership has no clue, no clue at all about how to solve problems within the black community. And many are frightened to even broach the issue. That’s because race hustlers and the grievance industry have intimidated the so- called “conversation,” turning any valid criticism of African-American culture into charges of racial bias.

Trayvon Martin was killed because circumstances got out of control. He was scrutinized by a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, because of the way he looked. Not necessarily his skin color, there is no evidence of that but because he was a stranger to Zimmerman and was dressed in clothing sometimes used by street criminals.

It was wrong for Zimmerman to confront Martin based on his appearance. But the culture that we have in this country does lead to criminal profiling because young black American men are so often involved in crime, the statistics overwhelming.

But here is the headline: young black men commit homicides at a rate 10 times greater than whites and Hispanics combined. When presented with damning evidence like that, and like the mini-holocaust in Chicago where hundreds of African-Americans are murdered each year the civil rights industry looks the other way or makes excuses. They blame guns, poor education, lack of jobs, rarely do they define the problem accurately. So here it is. The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African-American family.
You want a conversation, you got it. You want a better situation for blacks, give them a chance to revive their neighborhoods and culture. Work with the good people to stop the bad people. Pumping money into the chaos does little. You can’t legislate good parenting or responsible entertainment. But you can fight against the madness, with discipline, a firm message and little tolerance for excuse-making.

It is now time for the African-American leadership, including President Obama to stop the nonsense. Walk away from the world of victimization and grievance and lead the way out of this mess.

Big Bill has vast experience dealing with Blacks as he shared in 2007 when as Al Sharpton’s dinner guest at Sylvia’s in Harlem,  O’Reilly was flabbergasted to report, “[There] wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.   There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M.F.-er, I want more iced tea.’ It was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense that people were sitting there and they were ordering and just having fun.”

Bill O’Reilly:  BFF with the Black Community. 

“Damn. I’m gorgeous!”

9. Richard Cohen Washington Post columnist and reactionary:  I don’t like what George Zimmerman did, and I hate that Trayvon Martin is dead. But I also can understand why Zimmerman was suspicious and why he thought Martin was wearing a uniform we all recognize. I don’t know whether Zimmerman is a racist. But I’m tired of politicians and others who have donned hoodies in solidarity with Martin and who essentially suggest that, for recognizing the reality of urban crime in the United States, I am a racist. The hoodie blinds them as much as it did Zimmerman.

I hate to tell you Richard, but when you make a sweeping generalization about every Black kid who wears a hoodie with “the reality of urban crime” that is not just unrealistic, it’s a little bit racist. 

10.  Allen West: One-Term Congressman and Full-Time Dipshit:  “I am a black male who grew up in the inner city of Atlanta and no one ever followed me in a mall. I don’t recall any doors clicking when I crossed the street. And I never had anyone clutching their handbag when I got on an elevator. I guess having two awesome parents who taught me to be a respectful young man paid dividends.”

Ooh.  Nice burn of Trayvon Martin’s parents, Al  It’s too bad your “awesome parents” didn’t teach you to be respectful of a family grieving for their murdered son.  They should have taught you not to be such a flaming asshole. 

“How many people don’t think I’m an asshole? THIS many!”

A Reasonable Man In an Increasingly Unreasonable Party

Want to make a Republican mad?  Tell them there’s a strong strain of racial intolerance in their party.

Want to make a Republican even madder.  Let the person telling them be another Republican and one with unimpeachable credentials.   Someone like Colin Powell.

While the pundits in Washington gripe about the lack of racial diversity in Obama’s new Cabinet (so far) they have forgotten the Republicans have a far greater problem with racial diversity. They don’t want any according to Powell.

“There’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party,” Powell said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “What do I mean by that?  What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities.”

Without naming them, Powell went after the swinish John Sununu, the Mitt Romney supporter for describing President Obama as “lazy” and America’s favorite ditz, Sarah Palin for referring to the president’s explanations about the embassy attack in Libya as “shuck and jive.'”    It probably hadn’t slipped Powell’s mind how Sununu had dismissed his second endorsement of Obama as being racially based and didn’t mince words about the casual way the Republicans have infused race-baiting of the president in their criticisms of the president.

There is also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. What do I mean by that? I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities. How can I evidence that? When I see a former governor say that the President is “shuckin’ and jivin’,” that’s a racial-era slave term. When I see another former governor after the president’s first debate where he didn’t do very well say that the president was lazy. He didn’t say he was slow. He was tired. He didn’t do well. He said he was lazy. Now, it may not mean anything to most Americans, but to those of us who are African Americans, the second word is shiftless and then there’s a third word that goes along with that. The birther, the whole birther movement. Why do senior Republican leaders tolerate this kind of discussion within the party?

The pushback to Powell was swift and predictably, attacked the former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff personally instead of addressing the issue.

“Powell’s behavior is petulant. Attacking Republicans makes him a liberal media darling and provides more fuel to Bush-haters. Yet Powell is no saint. He is just a disgruntled ex-employee who dislikes the boss who fired him,” growled Eric Golub in the Washington Times.

“I think the case that he makes is weak, and it is an odd thing for a man who declares himself to be a Republican—and has done so well under Republican presidents—to say,” snorted Brit Hume to Bill O’Reilly who dismissed Powell saying “used to be a Republican and I don’t think he is any longer.”

The yapping of the attack dogs of the conservative media won’t deter Powell from telling hard truths to the more reasonable members of the Republican Party.   The GOP has been on the sick end of two straight losing national elections and as it moves further to the extreme Right, it has left Blacks, Asians and most importantly, Latinos, behind for the Democrats.   Powell has been consistent in explaining why this has happened, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears to his fellow Republicans.

“I think the Republican Party is having an identity problem,” Powell said, “If it’s just going to represent the far right wing of the political spectrum, I think the party is in difficulty.”  The former Bush Cabinet member said he voted for a GOP presidential candidate seven times in a row before voting for President Obama twice. “I’m a moderate, but I’m still a Republican.”  The general is absolutely right about the dire state of the Republican Party but saying that out loud will get you denounced as a RINO (Republican In Name Only) by the factions who specialize in that kind of thing.

They would be better served to shut up and listen to one of the few Republicans left with widespread crossover appeal.   The moderation of Powell’s voice may irritate the likes of O’Reilly, Hume and Golub but what irritates them more is Powell’s criticisms have the sting of harsh truth to them and he remains one of the most admired men in this country.

When Powell speaks, it carries much weight and Americans respond to his words.   That’s what his critics fear the most.  They might have to actually start working on fixing what’s wrong with the Republican brand and would sooner cut off their right nut than give up their Obama Hate-A-Thon.

And they really are mad at Powell for calling them out for it and spoiling their fun.

Sorry, Colin. I promised Joe I’d keep him around for my second term.

Fox News: If It’s Black, We Attack!

Common: threat or menace? Both, according to Fox News.

Last week The White House invited several rappers and hip-hop artists, including Common and Jill Scott to a poetry performance.

And Fox News went on the attack.  The target of their wrath?  Common, the so-called “conscious rapper.”

Bill O’Reilly:

First lady Michelle Obama invited a number of poets to read their works at the White House Wednesday night. Among them is a rapper named Common, who is controversial to say the least.

This guy has sympathized with convicted cop killers. He also does the usual rap stuff, touting guns and other anti-social behavior. In addition, he is a friend of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

So why on earth would the president and first lady invite this man to the White House?

The answer, I believe, is that the Obamas do not understand the sensibilities of many Americans. We saw that during the campaign with the president’s comments on guns and religion.

The real issue that Jay Carney dodged is about appropriate behavior. Murdered police officers is not something you rap about lightly. Common has no idea what happened, yet he has taken an irresponsible position.

The president and first lady have made a major mistake in inviting this man to the White House. He surely does not deserve that honor.

Sarah Palin:

“You know, the White House’s judgment on inviting someone who would glorify cop killing during Police Memorial Week, of all times, you know, the judgment–it’s just so lacking of class and decency and all that’s good about America with an invite like this.”

Sean Hannity:

It seems this administration will never learn its lesson. Tomorrow, Michelle Obama is set to host an evening of poetry and will welcome a slew of poets, musicians, students from all across the country to the White House. Among them is a controversial rapper and poet, Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., better known as Common. Now, he’s a staunch supporter of the president and has a running list of controversial comments.

Two thousand and seven, during an HBO’s “Def Poetry” appearance, Common called for the burning of President George W. Bush. Now the poem reads — I’m not the best at this — “Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button, killing over oil and grease, no weapons of mass destruction, how can we follow a leader when this is a corrupt one?”

Common, not surprisingly, is also associated with Obama’s pastor more than 20 years, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Look at this video of Common performing at Trinity United Church of Christ on New Year’s Eve 2007.

Fox News: The most dishonest name in news

As far as rappers go, Common is about as dangerous as a Cosby kid and all these prissy, tight-ass White folks tut-tut-tutting President Obama and the First Lady is nothing more than Fox going back into attack mode against the successful capturing and killing of Osama bin Laden.  Now it’s time to knock the prez back down a few pegs and who better to do it than the lying liars of Fox News?\

Others also saw through Fox’s faked outrage directed at Common.

Common is about the least controversial rapper in the business. He’s roughly as edgy as LeVar Burton. He’s the rap version of Wayne Brady. He’s a friendly, easy-going, cross-cultural musician and actor who stars in easygoing rom-coms with Queen Latifah, only appears menacing to Tina Fey and Steve Carrell on celluloid, and is typically the first person mentioned whenever anybody brings up the concept of a “conscious” MC.

But don’t tell that to FOX News and Sarah Palin.

~ Entertainment Weekly

Conservatives on Fox News are spending this week attacking the White House for inviting the rapper-poet Common to the White House for a poetry reading last night. They are upset with Common for poetry he recited on the TV show Def Poetry Jam, targeting President Bush for taking us to war in Iraq and not finding weapons of mass destruction. Karl Rove called him a thug for standing onstage reciting poetry in a wig. Really? The congressional staffers the GOP sent to disrupt the vote counting outside of a government office in Miami during the 2000 presidential-election recount were more thuggish.

Artists tend to reflect most immediately on their surroundings and interpret them for the world to see and hear. Common is by far one of the most community-focused rappers, with lyrics that try to educate and stimulate thinking and positive behavior. In fact, he once wrote a song called “Retrospect for Life” about the struggle over whether or not to abort his unborn child. Many would consider the song “pro-life” because he and the mother decide to keep the baby, proclaiming, “$315 ain’t worth your soul.” The conservatives chose to ignore that in their critiques.

~ The

Anti-racism activist Tim Wise called out Fox for their race-baiting and Jon Stewart went off on a monumental blast to blister the network for their hysterical whipping on anti-rap resentments of their conservative audience.

What is UP with Fox News? Why do they lose their shit about rappers like Common stopping by the White House. Why do they think there’s so mileage in attacking rap when its White kids who are the primary purchasers of rap?

This is simply another Fox News manufactured “controversy.” There IS NO STORY here. Just another “scary Black folks” con-job “controversy” manufactured by the scare mongers of Fox to whip up White conservatives into a mouth-foaming fury.

The real hypocrisy is how Fox wags its finger in its own self-righteousness at Common, a rapper that’s about as hardcore as Stevie Wonder while not saying jack shit about Mike Huckabee announcing he’s not running for  president on his show with Terrible Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman, by his side.

Fox is fine with Mr. “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang’ calling Hillary Clinton “a worthless bitch” or saying Barack Obama should suck on his shotgun because Nugent’s politics mirror their own.  Which is why they can raise hell over Common’s lyrics while ignoring these:

I´ve got no inhibitions
So keep your keys out of your ignition
I steal a car like I got the curse
I can´t resist the old lady’s purse

Jailbait you look so good to me
Jailbait won´t you set me free
Jailbait you look fine fine fine
I know I´ve got to have you in a matter of time

Well I don´t care if you´re just thirteen
You look too good to be true
I just know that you´re probably clean
There´s one lil’ thing I got do to you

Jailbait you look so good to me
Jailbait won´t you set me free
Jailbait you look fine fine fine
I know I´ve got to have you in a matter of time

So tell your mama that I´m back in town
She likes us boys when it´s time to get down
She´s got this craving for the underage
I just might be your mama’s brand new rage

Jailbait you look so good to me
Jailbait won´t you set me free
Jailbait you look fine fine fine
I know I got to have you in a matter of time

Honey you you you look so nice
She´s young she´s tender
Won´t you please surrender
She’s so fine she´s mine
All the time, all mine mine
It´s all right baby
It´s quite all right I asked your mama
Wait a minute officer
Don´t put those handcuffs on me
Put them on her and I´ll share her with you

Jailbait, jailbait

The Nuge and the Huck crooning for poon.

The message from Fox is Black rappers expressing doubts of a cop killer’s guilt is wrong, but old White rockers singing about fucking underage girls?  That’s cool because they don’t really mean it.

Got it. Hypocrites.

Fox’s right-wing, race-baiting bullshit is so obvious it’s not even mildly amusing to point it out anymore.

Falling Upward with Juan Williams

"All eyez on me!"

Ever have one of those days when it seemed like  you were having the worst days of your life and it turned out instead to be one of your best?

Juan Williams knows exactly what that feels like.

NPR commentator Juan Williams was fired by the network for remarks he made about Muslims on The O’Reilly Factor.

During the show, O’Reilly asked Williams to comment on the idea that the United States was facing a “Muslim dilemma.” It followed a controversy over O’Reilly’s own appearance on the afternoon show, The View,’ where two hosts walked out after he said that “Muslims killed us on 9/11.”

His argument, which moderator Whoopi Goldberg declared to be “bull—-,” inspired both Goldberg and co-host Joy Behar to leave their own set.

On Monday, Williams said he concurred with O’Reilly about the threats faced by the United States.

He added, “Look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

He also said, amid a heated debate with O’Reilly, that people shouldn’t blame Muslims for “extremists,” same as Christians couldn’t be blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing. O’Reilly, for his part, said he refused to qualify everything he said about Muslims.

The full video is available here. It’s important to hear in context what Williams said before determining if he was being bigoted toward Muslims.  NPR apparently concluded he was.

Williams argued with O’Reilly he had painted Muslims with too broad a brush.   Of course, every Muslim is the enemy of America, but you don’t watch O’Reilly’s dog and pony show for reasoned and enlightened debate.   You watch it for the same reason you watch Arnold Schwarzenegger movies: stuff gets blown up real good.

NPR overreacted to Williams’ remarks. I’m no fan of the guy, but  truth be told, many Americans would be unnerved if they were sitting on a plane while several gentlemen in traditional Muslim garb started chatting in an animated style in Farsi.

However, Williams was correct by pointing out it is the fringe element of radicals who are giving all Muslims a bad name.

NPR firing Williams for what he said made him a sacrifice on the altar of liberal political correctness. The right-wing blogosphere, radio and Fox News are going to be short-stroking on this one. And probably with some justification.

This is probably a case of NPR looking for any excuse to can Williams as his political leanings don’t mesh up well with their own.

NPR had already requested Williams not be identified during his frequent appearances as a talking head on Fox as a “NPR commentator.” Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you the last time I even heard Williams on NPR.

Williams is supposed to be the “liberal” counterpart on The O’Reilly Factor, but he’s more likely to say , “You’re absolutely right, Bill” than he is “You’re absolutely full of shit.” Williams, like Alan Colmes, represents the kind of Left-wing voice Fox prefers: weak, timid liberals paired off against strong, fierce conservatives. It’s a mismatch from the get-go.

NPR president Vivian Schiller issued a statement explaining the firing, “In appearing on TV or other media . . . NPR journalists should not express views they would not air in their role as an NPR journalist. They should not participate in shows . . . that encourage punditry and speculation rather than fact-based analysis.”

More fundamentally, “In appearing on TV or other media including electronic Web-based forums, NPR journalists should not express views they would not air in their role as an NPR journalist.”

Unfortunately, Juan’s comments on Fox violated our standards as well as our values and offended many in doing so.

Can you spot the liberal in this picture? Hah! Fooled ya! There IS no liberal in this picture.

Nice attempt at butt-covering NPR, but you’re  still the one who  looks like intolerant liberal losers  for canning Williams because you didn’t dig  his remarks. Like it or not, there is a lot of suspicion directed at Muslims and while it is often unjustified, it’s difficult to go down the list of recent terrorist attacks and attempts and not find a link to Islamic extremism.

I’m not concerned about Juan’s future job prospects in the slightest.  Fox News Roger Ailes offered Williams a job, a column on the web page and a $2 million pay raise.  All these years of cultivating a nice rapprochement with the right-wing of the news media has finally paid off for Juan. Good for him.  All these years of kissing conservative ass has finally paid off nicely.  Maybe Fox will give him a show and finally put an African-American journalist in a high-profile position.

But I’ve known for a while that Juan Williams was a little soft when it came to his so-called “liberalism.”  Just because you pick up a paycheck from NPR doesn’t mean you’re driving a Prius and voting Democratic.   If Williams is supposed to represent the liberal perspective it’s only what passes for liberalism on Fox.  Williams is an assimilated, accommodating, mainstream colored guy and that’s why he landed at Fox.

If Williams is a liberal I’m a Republican and I’m not.

The word has been out on Williams for a while.  Author Jill Nelson dropped the 411 on how shaky Williams was when they were both working for the Washington Post.

Williams is the perfect Negro, at least in the eyes of white folks, because most of the time he writes–and apparently believes–what Caucasians think black folks should feel and think, which is as they do…Williams is a black Republican type, a neoconservative opportunist à la Clarence Thomas.  He is also of Panamanian parentage, which explains some of where he’s coming from.  He typifies the worst stereotype of people of African descent who come to America inadvertently or willfully ignorant of the history of black folks born here.

Denying the role of race, they mouth the prejudices of white immigrants in blackface.  Forget racism, history, the brutalization of the African-American psyche from the middle passage on down, they holler America is a nation of immigrants, and we are just like the Irish, Polish, Japanese, and Jews who have come here.  They conveniently forget that African-Americans, unlike them, unlike any other immigrants, did not come here voluntarily; we are, all of us, the children of slaves.

In short I assumed he was a brother.

~ Jill Nelson on meeting Juan Williams, Volunteer Slavery,  page 90-91 (1993)

Now Williams can be the token in-house “liberal” for Fox News on a full-time basis.   NPR gets ripped a new one for looking like narrow-minded and biased while  Bill O’ Reilly can chortle how he exposed them as politically correct  far-Left loons.

All n’ all, it’s not a bad day to be a conservative or Juan Williams.  Or am I being redundant?  But at least he found some job security.  Nobody ever gets fired from Fox News for saying something outlandish.