Mitt Goes Birther On Barack

 Mitt the Thug

There’s a strong suspicion that Mitt Romney is something of a wimp. The biggest fear about what a Romney Administration would be like is just who would be pulling the puppet president’s strings and how far up his ass would the hand go?

Nothing about this guy screams “I’m my own man and I’m in charge.” Mitt wants to be president so bad there’s virtually no previous position he won’t abandon, no butt he won’t kiss and nothing he won’t say or do if there’s the possibility of winning a Republican vote.

Speaking at a rally in Michigan, Mitt went past the chaste hand holding he had done with Birthers like Donald Trump and went all in as opened wide for a big, deep and wet French kiss with extremism.

“No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate,” Romney said as the crowd laughed with knowing approval, “They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”

Yeah, he went there. That place where the likes of Trump and Orly Taitz are. That place where Obama is the Manchurian Candidate who wasn’t born in the U.S.A and has no legitimate claim to the presidency. The Mitt threw out some cultural warrior red meat to the rubes in Michigan and they gobbled it up.

Quickly, the Right Wing Spin Machine chugged into action and harrumped, “Why so serious? It was all just a joke “ while Mitt claimed he wasn’t referring to the president. Uh-huh. And you probably think those are raindrops falling on your head too.

Maybe Mitt wanted to remind the base he’s the White Guy in the race. Wouldn’t surprise me since he’s pulling a zero percent in Black support. He might as well go all in with playing to the wingnuts.

Mitt doesn’t speak a single word he hasn’t been programmed to say and he knew how that crack about birth certificates would go over.  Like a big, stinky fart.  As calculated and scripted as presidential campaigns are only a fool would think Mitt didn’t know exactly how his “riffing” would go over.

The audience didn’t laugh at the limp attempt at humor. They laughed because Mitt said what they already think. Obama is one of them, not one of us.

Poll after poll show a majority of Republicans don’t believe Obama was born in the United States. If this is supposed to be a joke about the president, y’all need to spread the word to the rest of your peeps who are taking this very seriously. They don’t seem to get the joke.

So much for Mitt talking shit about Obama running an “angry and hateful” campaign. He just went full-blown Birther on the President of the United States.

Todd Akin thanks Mittens for now saying the second stupidest thing this month

“Yeah, I’m a bad-ass.”

Mitt gave a handjob to the likes of Trump, Arpaio and Orly Taitz, whom all report to experiencing a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction with his little joke. Romney just invited the Birthers to join him for the clambake/cross burning in Tampa next week. They can all sit around the fire and talk about how all these foreigners need to voluntarily exit the country with Obama going first.

Mitt embracing the cranks on the extreme Right makes them a little more credible and himself much less.

Whatever the reason, Romney just forfeited any claim that it is President Obama that is waging an “angry and hostile ” campaign. He should take his magic underwear and go home to New Hampshire, Utah, Massachusetts, or whatever other state his six homes are in. He doesn’t deserve to add a seventh in Washington, D.C.

The Harassing of the President.

"NOW can a brutha finally get back to work?"

My Facebook page has been blowing up all day with a lot of people feeling pretty raw over the President’s long form birth certificate being released (and the anticipated naysaying from The Birthers and the adolescent gloating of Donald Trump). There’s some sentiment Obama should have told Trump and the Birthers to pucker up while he backs up. Still more say it only demonstrates how Obama is being held to a standard no president preceding him ever has.

I think he did it for a very good reason. It now shows for all the world to see how Birthers are living in total denial and will NEVER EVER accept the legitimacy of President Obama.   What the president said about the silliness of this sorry spectacle and the yapping of “carnival barkers” like Trump was dead on point.  It’s time for this tired little circus to pack up and leave town.

The New York Times editorialized If there was ever any doubt about Mr. Obama’s citizenship, which there was not, the issue was settled years ago when Hawaii released his birth certificate. The fuller document that Mr. Obama had to request contains some extra information, including his parents’ signatures and the name of the hospital where he was born, but it was unnecessary to show his legitimacy.

So it will not quiet the most avid attackers. Several quickly questioned its authenticity. That’s because the birther question was never really about citizenship; it was simply a proxy for those who never accepted the president’s legitimacy, for a toxic mix of reasons involving ideology, deep political anger and, most insidious of all, race. It was originally promulgated by fringe figures of the radical right, but mainstream Republican leaders allowed it to simmer to satisfy those who are inflamed by Mr. Obama’s presence in the White House.

Sarah Palin said the birth certificate issue was “fair game,” and the public was “rightfully” making it an issue. The House speaker, John Boehner, grudgingly said in February that he would take Mr. Obama “at his word” that he was a citizen, a suggestion that the proof was insufficient. He said, however, that it was not his job to end the nonsensical attacks. “The American people have the right to think what they want to think,” he said at the time. That signal was clearly received. Lawmakers in nearly a dozen states introduced bills requiring presidential candidates to release their full birth certificates.

It is inconceivable that this campaign to portray Mr. Obama as the insidious “other” would have been conducted against a white president.

Membership has its privileges. As long as you're the White color.

There’s a certain amount of pain involved in throwing a bone to these nuts, but now as never before those nuts are exposed and isolated. Most people will give Obama the benefit of the doubt. The crazies won’t because they never were interested in the facts anyway.

This was always about White privilege lashing back in frenzied hatred against a Black man they saw as a charlatan, a pretender, and an uppity nigger who had wandered out of Hawaii and into a place previously the exclusive enclave for White male power and privilege.  The Oval Office of the White House.  And that was something they just could not stomach.

James Baldwin said, “The only thing White people have that Black need, or should want, is power–and no one holds power forever.”

Which is absolutely right.   It doesn’t mean White people will relinquish that power without fighting with every weapon in their arsenal to hold on to it.  If they have to destroy Barack Obama to keep their grasp on power then Barack Obama will be destroyed.   Is there any reason to doubt this now?

You know how the saying goes about fanatics, right? “They won’t change their minds and they can’t change the subject.”But now everyone else has to get off the fence, take a stand and declare a side. I’m on the side of truth, justice and the American way. The Birthers are not.

So is this a closed chapter?  A done deal.  Show’s over folks so move on, there’s nothing to see here?   Of course not.  The Birthers aren’t going away and neither is Trump.  The media will continue to follow this “story” because its easy, stupid and it attracts attention (Oooh!  Shiny!).   The rest of the world will roll their eyes and wonder why it is America allows itself to obsess over trivial things.

The President has given these whack jobs enough of his time and attention. Time to put them on “ignore” and let them rant and rave to each other. It’s time for ALL of us to turn the page on these fools.

This is proof. This isn't the end.

Reasonable Republicans Stand Up! (the racist ones won’t shut up)

"Hawaii? Where the hell n Mexico is Hawaii?"

There are a few more Republicans in leadership positions stepping up to call Birtherism bunk and much to my surprise Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is one of the most emphatic in her rejection of it.

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) appeared Monday night on CNN’s John King, USA to discuss her recent veto of a “birther bill” — a piece of legislation requiring candidates for public office to submit proof of U.S. citizenship to the state Secretary of State before they could appear on the state’s ballot. And despite the issue’s appeal to the GOP’s Tea Party base, Brewer had nothing good to say about the bill.

“Well, you know, it seems to me that we have talked about this issue now going on probably two years, and that I believe that most people have reached out and they did their investigations, and it’s become such a huge distraction,” said Brewer. “I for one, I believe that what I have seen, and after speaking with governor — or the prior governor of Hawaii — that indeed he [Obama] was born in Hawaii.

“It’s just something that I think is leading our country down a path of destruction, and it just is not serving any good purpose.Brewer, who previously served as Arizona’s Secretary of State, also said of the bill’s provisions: “It was a bridge way too far to give one person in the state of Arizona — a partisan person at that — the ability to keep a person off the ballot. And it wasn’t just the President of the United States — it was all the way down the path of all elected officials.

“So, it was something that I felt very uncomfortable with signing, having been a prior Secretary of State. And I think we just really need to move on. Everybody’s had two years to prove, if they wanted to, that he was not born in Hawaii. They haven’t come up with any of that kind of proof.”

Republican National committee Chairman Reince Priebus adds an “amen” to the choir.

“Trump and the candidates can talk about it all they want, but my position is that the president was born in the United States,” Priebus told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, CNN reports.

“I don’t think it’s an issue that moves voters,” Priebus added. “It’s an issue in my opinion that I don’t personally get too excited about, because I think the more important question is what’s going on in this country in regards to jobs, to debt, and the deficit and spending. Those are the things that people are worried about. People aren’t worried about these other issues.”

Make no mistake about it: Brewer and Priebus are no friends of the president and would like nothing better than to replace him in 2012. That’s fine, because that’s what they’re supposed to be trying to do.

"I am not my hair. Okay, maybe I am."

Still, if more Republicans in positions of leadership were wiling to speak up and tell the single-issue candidates to shut up,  Donald Trump would begin to fade from the headlines like a bad memory and the sooner the GOP is able to start a serious discussion in developing a strategy that takes on Obama based upon policy and his performance as president.

Give up a brief round of applause for Brewer and Priebus stepping up to say there is no there to Birtherism and candidates that exploit it are not helping the G.O.P. prospects in 2012.

Oblivious to his ever-increasing isolation,  the Donald continues his scorched earth tactics against the president, but now with an nasty racist edge to it.  Trump suggests Obama wasn’t smart enough to attend an Ivy League school.

“I heard he was a terrible student, terrible,” Trump told the Associated Press in an interview, a claim he’s made in the past but one he doubled down on by suggesting he’s probing that area of the president’s life.

“How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard? I’m thinking about it, I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records,” he said, without providing backup for his claim.

Trump added, “I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard.”

“We don’t know a thing about this guy,” Trump said. “There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president.”

Setting aside the overt race-baiting dog whistle behind Trump’s latest example of his mouth disengaging from his brain (How did a Black guy with a funny name get into Harvard when I, Donald Trump, have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and great White teeth and skin who can’t get into Harvard?) there is a simple answer to his simple-minded questions as Politico explains.

Obama transferred to Columbia University in 1981 from Occidental College, and graduated two years later. He graduated Harvard Law magna cum laude in 1991, after serving as editor of the prestigious Law Review.

But trust Pat Buchanan, Tricky Dick Nixon’s old butt boy and unrepentant Nazi sympathizer to come up with an answer for that one too.

“He’s probably affirmative action all the way,” Buchanan sieg heiled on Hardball.

The longer Trump flogs his hatred for Obama the more he exposes big fat red neck.  It’s just his roundabout way of calling Obama a “nigger.” Why doesn’t he just say it and get it over with? He’ll feel better.

It’s not gonna do much to help his good relationship with “The Blacks” either.

"Damn. I guess he does have a birth certificate."

This morning The White House released President Obama’s birth certificate.  This will be the most scrutinized birth certificate in the history of the world.

It’s galling to a point the president had to do this.  Obama tried to ignore the Birthers and then he tried to laugh them off, but finally he had to put this mess behind him.   Not that this will stop Trump’s hee-hawing like the jack-ass he is.   But then this release wasn’t for him and the other non-believers.

This was for all the independent and other voters who will look at Obama’s birth certificate and say, “Okay, this is a settled issue.”

This story is now OVER!  (Nah.  I don’t believe it either).

What Racism Looks Like

Think this is funny? Youre probably a racist if you do.

Thanks to the rabble-rousing of Donald Trump, the formerly moribund crackpot theories of the Birther bunch is enjoying an undeserved second life.  Trump, who may-or-may-not be running for president, has vaulted to the top of a shallow Republican candidate pool based upon his name recognition and willingness to throw the rawest of red meat to hard-core Obama haters.

All of this absurdity got me to thinking of how at the center of Birtherism’s dark little heart is a belief system based upon racism and White supremacy not all that different from the most krazy Ku Klux Klansman or nutty neo-Nazi.

There are doubtlessly Klansmen who when they’re not burning crosses don’t think the Black or Jewish guy they work with are all that bad.

It’s reasonable to assume not every German soldier shared the rabidly anti-Semitic sentiments of the Führer.

But no one can seriously suggest the Klan is not a racist organization or the Nazis pursued an agenda of eradicating Jews from the face of the planet.

Is it possible to believe there is something to Birtherism and not harbor racist feelings toward Blacks? Sure. I even know a few deranged Black conservatives who are Birthers.

But what drives Birthers is a reactionary response to a Black man in the White House and that is racist.

I don’t have any doubt of the racism within the Birther belief system. It’s a more genteel version of racism, but so were the White Citizens Councils as opposed to the crudeness of the Klan.

Birthers are an organized group like the Klan or the Third Reich. They don’t have a fixed address or appointed leader.

What the Birthers do have is a clear delineated belief system and that belief is they alone have found out a hidden secret about Barack Obama than no other politician, no opposition research gatherer and no media outlet ever could find.

It’s a mistaken belief system just as were the Nazis and the Klan, but since the Birthers deny all evidence to the contrary they are just as far removed from the mainstream and out there as a lunatic fringe as any other whacked out group.

The belief Obama is an illegitimate president allows the believer to deny the reality that a Black man could be The Most Powerful Man in the World and the Leader of the Free World. Birtherism maintains the White supremacist tenet that only White people can and should hold power.

Birthers take their hateration of Obama to absolute zero levels of denial and shutting their little minds off from the truth.   But that’s the pernicious thing about racist thinking.  It starts off confined to the fringes.  Like a virus, it moves into and infects the mainstream.

A California tea party activist refuses to step down after her racist email of President Obama is leaked.

Marilyn Davenport, a tea party activist and elected member of the central committee of the Republican Party of Orange County, said she will not heed calls to resign

The controversial and offensive email, sent by Davenport, shows the president’s face photoshopped over the head of a baby chimp. The caption beneath the pic reads, “Now you know why no birth certificate.”

Someone leaked the email supposedly sent as a joke to Davenport’s friends. When she got word of the leak and that people were upset, Davenport commented by saying, “Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people–mostly people I didn’t think would be upset by it.” At first she didn’t even apologize instead asking for the “coward” who leaked the email to come forward.

The Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Scott Baugh is calling to launch an ethics investigation about the incident, and that he is calling for her resignation. Baugh said, “It’s just highly inappropriate, it’s a despicable message, it drips with racism and I think she should step down from the committee.”

Davenport went on to say that she will not step down but she apologizes to anyone who may have been offended. She insists that “in no way did I even consider the fact he’s half black when I sent out the email” and decries the “double standard” that applies to President Barack Obama.

The former chairman of the California Republican Party Michael Schroeder says that this email is Davenport’s third strike. He too is calling for her resignation, saying this is her third strike. He says that she has defended the racist actions of two fellow Orange County conservatives on two occasions.

The first was when President Obama was inaugurated, and Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose forwarded an email depicting a watermelon patch on the White House lawn to several people. According to Schroeder, Davenport defended Grose amidst calls for his resignation.


If it walks like a racist and it talks like a racist and it defends racist depictions it is a racist. When you’re  backed into a corner and your only defense is to play the “Some of My Best Friends Are” card it’s a sure sign of how hopelessly dishonest you are.   Marilyn Davenport is a racist.

I expect the amen corner of the Tea Party and the Republican Party to explain how Miss Davenport’s repugnant ignorance is only an isolated case, and in no way is representative of the Tea Party as a whole and golly gee it was only a joke.
Welcome to post-racial America. Next stop over after Oz and before Atlantis.

Donald Trump and the Art of the (Raw) Deal

Never mind Obama's birth certificate. Where was your hair born, Donny?

A few things to mention about  Donald Trump running for president.  He’s not.  Like Bill Cosby says, he’s only running his mouth.   If he gets us to pay attention, he wins.  He’s on a winning streak and the only thing that will mess it up is for him to actually try to take away Barack Obama’s job.

As many laughs as it would be to watch President Trump’s State of the Union where he tells all 538 members of Congress, “you’re all fired.”  it’s just not happening.    He doesn’t want to be president.   He only wants everyone to hang on his every word as if he just might.

One way to generate a buzz is to start talking up the throughly bat-shit crazy Birther bunk.  Does Trump really believe Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii?   Who knows?   More importantly, who cares?   Why is Trump any more credible than Orly Taitz or Alan Keyes?   Because he’s rich and they’re not?

When even Bill O’Reilly says, “We’re going to put this to bed tonight.  He does have a legitimate birth certificate.  The state of Hawaii says they have it.  And we have no reason not to believe that,” that is a sure sign even Fox News isn’t buying what Trump is selling.

Is Trump running for president?  Nope.  He’s not even seriously TALKING about running for president.  What he IS doing is getting people to TALK seriously about him running.   If he were to actually win the nomination he wouldn’t choose a vice-president.  He wouldn’t even need a Cabinet.  He would run the government all by himself.  His King Kong sized ego would never allow an important decision be made by anyone not named Donald Trump..

Can anyone envision Candidate Comb Over standing in the cold of an Iowa farm trying to get a farmer with manure on his boots to shake his hand?  Can you imagine The Donald standing on stage with a dozen other GOP zombies trying to explain how they would handle the Libya situation and piping up, “I totally SCREWED the guy (Gaddafi)!”

Presidential candidates have to be two things as much as possible:  disciplined and on message.   Trump could never do that for as long as he would have to make a serious noise in the primary.  It doesn’t matter how popular he is or how well he’s doing in Republican polling.   Polls at this stage are more than useless.   They reflect name recognition as much as anything else.  Trump saw the high numbers of Republicans questioning where the president was born and saw an opening to squirm into.

“I know this.  I will be better than anybody.  If I decide to run, I will do the best job.  I will best for this country.  And you might say, ‘Oh gee, that doesn’t sound like George Washington.’ Well, guess what?   Before George Washington ran, he didn’t sound like George Washington either.  I will…do a great job, if I run and if I win.”  The Donald said in one of his many pushing-Charlie-Sheen-out-of-the-headlines interviews.

A unserious man for serious times

I’m going to waaaaaayy out on a limb and say this with total and complete confidence: the Republican candidate squaring off Obama in 2012 will not be any heat-seeking drama queens named Palin, Bachmann or Trump.   It will be some boring (but electable) White guy like Tiny Tim Pawlenty, Midget Mitch Daniels or Corpulent Chris Christie.

Donald Trump, the biggest booster of Birtherism is playing upon conservative White suspcions that Obama isn’t really one of us (so he must be one of them, nudge-nudge, wink-wink).

The other thing is always be wary of White guys who boast of their “great relationship with the Blacks.”

I just asked The Blacks about Trump. Nice couple. Live a couple doors down from me. Wave at ’em when they pass by walking the dog. They said, “Trump is a idiot and Bill Cosby was right.”

Donald Trump, welcome to your Ross Perot moment.

Mike Huckabee’s Wingnut Week

You see a cute squirrel. Huck sees lunch.

There are things to like about Mike Huckabee even if you dislike his solidly conservative politics.  He doesn’t hate President Obama.  He defended First Lady Michelle Obama from idiots like Sarah Palin from the cheap shots they directed at her anti-obesity efforts (a topic near and dear Huckabee’s own heart having shed 110 pounds).  Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister who pressed for all-White churches to allow Black members and says it is wrong that inner-city Blacks get harsher sentences than Whites for the same crime.

Huckabee is a smart guy whose smarts are underrated due to his “aw shucks” Forrest Gump speaking style, hanging out with aging tough guy Chuck Norris and admissions he once fried squirrel meat in a popcorn popper.   Misunderestimate him at your peril.  Huckabee is extremely perceptive when he wants to be. He can even be a nice guy.  What he can’t be is both at the same time when he goes into initial presidential campaign mode as some polls have him as the slight favorite for the GOP nomination.

Yet, he has wisely observed the difficulty any Republican candidate will have in defeating President Obama when he said on ABC’s Good Morning America, “You don’t beat presidents easily and this idea he’s just an absolute one-term and easy to beat—this race is going to be like climbing a ladder, pointing toward you, because Barack Obama is going to start this race with a billion dollars, he’s going to have no primary opponent.”

Huckabee wants to have it both ways on the “Obama wasn’t born here” Birther nonsense.  At one point he’s saying in the same interview on ABC, “I just don’t think it’s completely necessary for us to delve into such extraneous matters.   And I’ll tell you, the idea that he’s not a citizen–you know why that’s nonsense?  Because if there was a shred of truth to it, Hillary Clinton and her wonderful investigative opposition research team would have found it and used it.  And for Republicans to be even bringing it up, I think it’s a waste of energy and time.  Let’s focus on the issues with which we have disagreement, not on really the extraneous personal things that are immaterial.”

"Freak On A Leash?" You got it!

Sounds like a reasonable man, but, you can’t count on Republicans being reasonable for long.   A few weeks after saying Birther rap was “nonsense” and “immaterial” he goes on a conservative talk show and in response to a question whether the former governor of Arkansas was troubled that “we don’t  have a health record, we don’t have a college record, we don’t have a birth certificate” for the president.

“I would love to know more,” Huckabee replied, “What I know is troubling enough.”

“If you think about it, his perspective as growing up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather,” Huckabee continued, “their view of the Mau Mau Revolution in Kenya is very different that ours because he probably grew up hearing that the British were a bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather.”

The president was born in Hawaii in 1961 and grew up there.  He would later spend several years in Indonesia and did not visit Kenya until later in life.  His father abandoned him and his mother when Barack was two years old. 

A Huckabee mouthpiece said his boss didn’t mean to infer the prez wasn’t born in America and “clarified his remarks.”  Problem solved, right?  Nope.  Huckabee, who’s pimping a book about small government nobody is going to read, went on another right-wing radio show and gave a “what-you-think-I-said-is-not-what-I-meant” explanation.

Bryan Fischer:  Well, Governor, what got lost in all the shuffle was the legitimate point that you were making which is that we may have a president who has some fundamentally anti-American ideas that may be rooted in a childhood where he had a father who was virulently anti-colonial, hated the British, might have something to do with the President returning the bust of Winston Churchill back to England.  You know, I was struck by the fact that when he made his tour to Indonesia, he made a point of going to an Indonesian memorial that celebrated the victory of Indonesians over British troops–again, part of that anti-colonial thing.   And so, I’d like you to comment on that; you seem to think there is some validity to the fact that there may be some fundamental anti-Americanism in this president.

Huckabee:  Well, that’s exactly the point that I make in the book and I don’t know what these reporters—maybe they can’t read, I guess that’s part of it because it’s clearly spelled out and I’m quoting a British newspaper who really were expressing the outrage of the Brits over that bust being returned and the point was that they felt like that due to Obama’s father and grandfather, it could be that his version and view of the Mau Mau Revolution was very different than most of the people who perhaps would grow up in the United States.   And I have said many times, publicly, that I do think he has a different worldview, and I think it is, in part, molded out of a very different experience.  Most of us grew up going to Boy Scout meetings and, you know, our communities were filled with Rotary Clubs, not madrassas.

How much clearer can you say, “Hey White folks, this Barry Obama guy?  He’s a militant Black guy who didn’t grow up here, hates the Boy Scouts and Rotary Clubs and White people too!” 

As regards Obama removing the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office and sending it back across the pond to the Brits?  It didn’t happen that way.  It was loaned by ex-British prime minister Tony Blair to ex-President George Bush in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.  When the Obama Administration came in they replaced Churchill with a more decidedly American hero.  Was it Martin Luther King?   Malcolm X?   Rick James?

Close, but it is a bust of the Great Emancipator (and Republican) Abraham Lincoln now adorning the Oval Office.  Boy, that Obama, First it’s Reagan and now Lincoln; he’s always co-opting Republican icons.

First Huckabee “clarifies” his remarks about Obama, then doubles down with the Muslim dog whistle and now he’s picking on tiny preggers Oscar winners.  The Huckster hit another right-wing radio show (this is becoming a running gag now) and found a new enemy of American values.  Natalie Portman. 

Natalie Portman causes unwed pregnancies. Huh? What?

MEDVED:Well this was a – this was a low audience. However, there was – there was one moment where a very brilliant and admirable actress named Natalie Portman won Best Actress, and she won for a movie which I loathed called Black Swan. But in any event, she got up, she was very visibly pregnant, and it’s really it’s a problem because she’s about seven months pregnant, it’s her first pregnancy, and she and the baby’s father aren’t married, and before two billion people, Natalie Portman says, ‘Oh I want to thank my love and he’s given me the most wonderful gift.’ He didn’t give her the most wonderful gift, which would be a wedding ring! And it just seems to me that sending that kind of message is problematic. 

HUCKABEE: You know Michael, one of the things that’s troubling is that people see a Natalie Portman or some other Hollywood starlet who boasts of, ‘Hey look, you know, we’re having children, we’re not married, but we’re having these children, and they’re doing just fine.’ But there aren’t really a lot of single moms out there who are making millions of dollars every year for being in a movie. And I think it gives a distorted image that yes, not everybody hires nannies, and caretakers, and nurses. Most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can’t get a job, and if it weren’t for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and never have health care. And that’s the story that we’re not seeing, and it’s unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out of children wedlock.

You know, right now, 75 percent of black kids in this country are born out of wedlock. 61 percent of Hispanic kids — across the board, 41 percent of all live births in America are out of wedlock births. And the cost of that is simply staggering.

MEDVED: It’s tremendously staggering.

What’s even more “tremendously staggering” is neither of these moralizing morons know that Portman is engaged to marry her fiance in a matter of weeks.   On one hand Huckabee is perceptive enough to know the distressingly high rate of out of wedlock births, but dumb enough to suggest it’s all Natalie Portman fault.

If Huckabee is going to continue running off at the mouth without knowing the facts before he does, let’s just stop now and change the first initial of his last name from an “H” to a “F” because he’s fucking up royally this week. 

Huck’s never been accused of being the smartest guy in the room, but this week he’s laying claim to being the dumbest.

"Fried squirrel on a stick? Pass some over here, dawg."

Rebirthers of A Nation: The Last Word.

Portrait of a usurper as a young boy.

Portrait of the usurper as a little boy.

Jeff,i purposely took a few days to consider whether, and how to respond. i understand that blogging is not journalism, and that’s why – though popular – blogging is bullshit. i understand that you are not impartial in your blogs, but this is outright ranting. you come off, at least to lil’ ol’ me, as being just as crazy as the fringe fanatics you are blogging about. i mean, c’mon, you pick two people on the extreme as a a rebuttal to my question? you’re trying to show the invalidity of the question by pointing to Keys and Taitz – that’s a smokescreen. deal with the issue, and not the people. during the campaign i saw a so-called copy of Obama’s birth certificate. here’s a few things that are shady: (1) the one i saw was red, so which one is correct? (2) why is Obama’f father listed as African, as opposed to Kenyan? Africa is not a country, or even a nation – it is a continent. your birth certificate doesn’t list your father as American, does it? (maybe it doesn, idk) (3) the governor of Hawaii has said she WILL NOT release Obama’s birth certificate, so how is a copy floating around the internet? (4) related to my 3rd point, if someone askes me to produce my birth certificate, i can whip out a raised-seal copy. Obama could have shut this down YEARS ago by just whipping it out. he, to my limited knowledge, has not produced his own birth certificate. why? simply why?now, even in having these questions, i’m not sitting in my underwear on my front porch with a riffle and a handmade sign saying “Obama is not the president.” but, given that this is such an easy issue to resolve, it is real fishy that he hasn’t resolved it. and i don’t care how many of his supporters wanna throw Keys, Taritz, or anybody/thing else in the discussion to try and confuse the issue. whether i’m a blogger or a journalist, i’m curious as to what he is hiding – if anything.

you can support Obama, be a blogger, and be fair. even in my blogs where i stood strongly on a particular issue, i still was fair to the other side. i didn’t call them names, i didn’t belittle their viewpoint, and i didn’t confuse people with the issue. in the interest of advancing the discussion, leave the amateur stuff to the amateurs.

Aaron, I’m glad to read you aren’t sitting in your tighty whiteys on the front porch with a rifle and a handmade sign saying “Obama is not the president.”  That’s a visual I can live without and one  I’m sure your neighbors would agree with.

The point about picking on two wing-nuts like Orly Taitz and Alan Keyes is to provide a vivid illustration of the caliber of crackpots that are embracing this birther bullshit.  We are known by the company we keep and if you choose to carry the water for cranks like those two, well…buy the ticket and take the ride.

When someone with some degree of credibility casts their lot with The Birthers, maybe I’ll take them seriously, but right now it’s the shallow end of the right-wing gene pool splashing about with them and as a supposedly serious conservative, I’m a bit surprised you’d want to get anywhere near this kind of sleazy hogwash.   Had the results of the presidential election turned out differently and  it was nuts on the far Left claiming John McCain wasn’t a U.S. citizen because he was born in Panama, I can assure you I’d treat them with the same scorn and contempt that I have for Keyes and Taitz.

Of course, that might just be me being as “crazy as the fringe fanactics” I blog about.    The thing is if I’m crazy because I don’t believe the Birthers, what does that make you since you do?

Barack learning you cant argue with a sick mind.

Barack learning you can't argue with a sick mind.

The president has better things to refute your claims.   I, on the other hand, frankly live for this kind of thing.

You like shooting fish in a barrel, Aaron?   Good.  Here we go.   I’m not going to do a blow-by-blow repudiation of your points.  Frankly, the only even semi-legitimate questions are your third and fourth so those are ones I’ll address.

(3) the governor of Hawaii has said she WILL NOT release Obama’s birth certificate, so how is a copy floating around the internet? (4) related to my 3rd point, if someone askes me to produce my birth certificate, i can whip out a raised-seal copy. Obama could have shut this down YEARS ago by just whipping it out. he, to my limited knowledge, has not produced his own birth certificate. why? simply why?

What it is that’s “floating around the internet” is not Barack Obama’s birth certificate.   It is a certification of live birth which is the official document issued by the state of Hawaii to requests for a copy of a birth certificate.   State officials in Hawaii have repeatedly affirmed the authenticity of the document.

You’re partially right that Obama hasn’t released his birth certificate.    But Hawaii doesn’t issue birth certificates.  Not to Barack Obama or anyone else.   A June 2009 article from the Honolulu  Star-Bulletin explains:

The state Department of Health no longer issues copies of paper birth certificates as was done in the past, said spokeswoman Janice Okubo.

The department only issues “certifications” of live births, and that is the “official birth certificate” issued by the state of Hawaii, she said.

And, it’s only available in electronic form.

Okubo explained that the Health Department went paperless in 2001.

The Birthers counter, “Well, where’s the original paper document?”   By  law, the state can’t release Obama’s birth records without his permission and even then the document can only be released to or inspected by someone with a “direct and tangible” interest.   Sorry playa, but Keyes, Taitz and you don’t qualify.

There is no reason for President Obama to respond to these ludicrous accusations.  NONE. As the leader of the free world, he’s got far more important things to do than dignify the wack-ass claims of losers like Keyes and twits like Taitz.   All Obama catering to the circus clowns would do is start an entire new round of questions as to why he delayed releasing the documents and demands for independent verification that the birth certificate isn’t a forgery.

Even if Obama were to hand deliver to Keyes his birth certificate (an event which is as about as likely as Orly Taitz appearing in the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue), that isn’t the end of documents being demanded from the president.   According to, Gary Kreep, an attorney representing Keyes has sent out a list of other documentation they want to get their hands on:

  • Actual long-form birth certificate (NOT an easily-forged electronic copy of a short-form document that is not even officially accepted in Hawaii)
  • Passport files
  • University of Chicago Law School scholarly articles
  • Harvard Law Review articles
  • Harvard Law School records
  • Columbia University records
  • Columbia University senior thesis, “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament”
  • Occidental College records, including financial aid that he may have received
  • Punahou School records, where Mr. Obama attended from the fifth grade until he finished high school
  • Noelani Elementary School records, where Barack Obama attended kindergarten (according to the Hawaii Department of Education, students must submit a birth certificate to register — but parents may bring a passport or student visa if the child is from a foreign country)
  • Complete files and schedules of his years as an Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004
  • Obama’s client list from during his time in private practice with the Chicago law firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Gallard
  • Illinois State Bar Association records
  • Baptism records
  • Obama/Dunham marriage license
  • Obama/Dunham divorce documents
  • Soetoro/Dunham marriage license
  • Soetero/Dunham adoption records
  • You’re a reasonable man, Aaron.  Does that list seem remotely reasonable to you?

    Facts are stubborn things.  - Ronald Reagan

    "Facts are stubborn things." - Ronald Reagan

    Finally, let’s address the ancillary issue of blogging and my approach to it.

    You’re dang tootin’ blogging ain’t journalism.  It doesn’t pay nearly as well and the audience is a lot smaller.   Even smaller than the Columbus Post. I’ve never pretended to be anything remotely close to an objective journalist when I’m blogging, but I don’t tell lies or deliberately mislead the readers I do have.   I value them too much to insult their intelligence that way.

    What you fail to remember Aaron is that even when I was an active journalist, I always wore several hats.  I’ve been a reporter, a editor and a columnist.   My professional obligations to impartiality and objectivity only extend to the reporter and editor roles.  As a columnist, I said what I thought and tried to support it with a factual foundation.

    You want me to debate the substance of the  Birthers claims?  Sorry, but I can’t do that.   That would give the Birthers a legitimacy they aren’t worthy of.   I won’t give them the legitimacy of taking them seriously enough to give their absurd claims a hearing.

    You say I’m not “fair to the other side?”  What’s fair?    I’m a liberal and progressive who’s coming from the Left side of the aisle.  That can’t be a news flash.   I’m not inclined or qualified to give the conservative perspective.   I leave that to someone who is better at it than I am.  Somebody like you, Mr. Martin.

    I’m not going to pretend I’m going to be fair because the unfair way the Birthers have treated President Obama doesn’t deserve fairness.   There are legitimate reasons to disagree with Obama, but calling him an illegitimate president isn’t one of them.

    What I find most interesting about your remarks isn’t you throwing Obama to the wolves.  Nothing new about that.   No, what is new is you taking me to task as a blogger and journalist, but you accept without any proof the most absurd claims from some notoriously unreliable sources.   When did you lose the healthy dose of skepticism a good reporter needs, Aaron?

    I hope you’re finally done with this because barring any future revelations, I certainly am.  You’ve got at least three more years and possibly eight to gripe about what the president does.  Why waste time on silly nonsense about his birth?

    Wheres your common sense?

    Where's the common sense?

    Birthers of A Nation

    What The Birthers say isnt what The Birthers mean.

    What The Birthers say isn't what The Birthers mean.

    I received the following comment on my Facebook page to yesterday’s post on Obama-bashing by preachers from the pulpit:

    “Nice column Jeff, but where was this kind of expose of the people who called Bush the devil – and worse. Why are we so sensitive to these kinds of attacks now? And why are the people who want to see Obama’s birth certificate crazy? We’ve seen his tax records. Why is his birth certificate STILL under-seal. The word of the Hawaiian governor might be good for you, but that doesn’t make the people who it isn’t good enough for crazy. And lastly, why not examine the characters of (Cornel) West, (Oprah) Winfrey, and (Jay) Z? You just examined a part of the characters of these to preachers.”

    At this point I need to make something clear.

    What I’m engaged in here is not the news.  I comment on events in the news, but I’m not going to pretend I’m being either fair or balanced when I do.   If  you’re looking for objectivity you won’t find it here.   I am a journalist, but when I’m blogging,  it’s got little to do with journalism. 

    Now, regarding my friend,  I won’t call him out by name because I don’t want to embarass him.  He  knows whom I’m referring to (and so will a few others).

    As  far as George W. Bush goes, I don’t know what’s worse than to be called Satan himself, but I admit to have heard Bush called a Nazi who out-Hitlers Adolf Hitler.   Nazi comparisons are weak.   They almost always are.  

     When someone plays The Hitler Card it’s because they are desperate and can’t think of a more intelligent and reasoned argument to support their case, so they pull Hitler out of the deck and throw him on the table.   In debate, nobody actually wins, but the first person to resort to Hitler comparisons definitely loses

    The Birthers are a different matter.  I’ve deliberately avoided talking about them, but since I’ve been asked directly I will answer directly.

    The Birthers are crazy people. They eat, sleep and drink crazy.  They live in crazy houses and drive crazy cars to vacation in Crazyland.  You can’t fix stupid or crazy and the Birthers are both.

    They make up a crazy portion of the Republican base. That’s the GOP’s cross to bear for catering to extremism.   Throw enough chum in the water to a shark and that keeps it interested, but one day it may decide it wants to dine on the person that fed it. 

    Much of what fuels The Birthers  is only barely concealed racism from people driven nuts by the presence of a Black man in the White House. By denying Obama is the president it gives them the latitude to reject him as the Commander-in-Chief (and get their racist ya-ya’s out as well).

    See this?  You cant if youre a Birther.

    See this? You can't if you're a Birther.

    The Birthers are  inbred idiots who have searched for a way–any  way—to deny the reality that Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States.   They have created a separate reality where Obama is not a citizen and therefore is an illegitimate usurper.  

    The Obama campaign produced his birth certificate.   The secretary of state and the Republican governor of Hawaii have certified the authenticity. has been all over this “story” since it first popped up like crabgrass and recently ripped to shreds the latest twist in this never-ending fairy tale, the “discovery” of a Kenyan birth certificate. 

    It’s not enough for The Birthers.   They say it’s all part of the conspiracy.   At what point do reasonable people stop entertaining the delusions of people who won’t be reasoned with? 

    If you’re a rational thinker, you should object to Obama based upon facts,  not the whack job fantasies of a bitter loser like Alan Keyes or Orly Taitz,  the triple-threat dentist, real estate agent and correspondence school “attorney” who has filed numerous lawsuits for Keyes and others disputing Obama’s legitimacy to serve as president.    Keyes has nursed an undying grudge and a vicious hatred of Obama since he got his ass kicked in the 2004 Illinois U.S. Senate campaign.

    You couldnt put enough space between these two if you tried.

    You couldn't put enough space between these two if you tried.

    Since then Keyes, who has filed suit in California seeking to void the 2008 presidential election  hasn’t been any more accomodating toward Obama since his public beat down.

    “The person you call ‘President Obama” and I frankly refuse to call him that… at the moment, he is somebody who is kind of an ‘alleged usurper’ who is alleged to be someone who is occupying that office without constitutional warrant to do so.”

    As flaky as Keyes is,  it’s a surprise he hasn’t gone Black Rambo and tried to scale the fence at The White House to make a citizen’s arrest of Obama the Usurper.    To the extent the president thinks of Keyes at all, he’s made it clear he doesn’t think much of  him.

    In other words, Alan Keyes was an ideal opponent; all I had to do was keep my mouth shut and start planning my swearing-in ceremony. And yet, as the campaign progressed, I found him getting under my skin in a way that few people ever have. When our paths crossed during the campaign, I often had to suppress the rather uncharitable urge to either taunt him or wring his neck.

    • Quoted in “The Audacity of Hope” – Page 211 – by Barack Obama

    When even Mr. Nice Guy himself wants to strangle Keyes, you get some idea of how much these guys think the other sucks.

    Which is why I don’t debate with The Birthers. Their deranged belief system sucks too.   Debating their unglued theories only gives them legitimacy and attention they don’t deserve.   It’s no different than debating Holocaust deniers.  They belong in the same vacuum-packed can of nuts along with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Trilaterial Commission.   

    People have the right to believe whatever they want.  I have the right not to  take them seriously and I don’t take The Birthers seriously at all.   They’re a bunch of clowns and all they need to make the act complete is a little clown car.   In that car are the likes of Keyes, Taitz, Boss Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs so it’s going to be a tight fit.

    Orly Taitz: She can file a lawsuit while she cleans your teeth.

    Orly Taitz: She can file a lawsuit while she cleans your teeth.

    This is still a democracy and we elect presidents, not kings. There is nothing in the Constitution that says, “Hey, don’t criticize the President of the United States” and there is no footnote reading, “especially a Black one.”

    It’s not just healthy to criticize Obama, it’s necessary. It’s your civic duty to do so when you think he’s wrong. There are times when you can learn more from those who disagree with you than you can from those who only shower praise on you. Even Obama’s most ardent supporters have to realize he’s going to make mistakes and when he does, someone is going to have to point it out so he doesn’t do it again.

    But it should be done on the issues.   Not tall tales dreamed up by radicals and extremists who have rejected last’s November election returns.

    It doesn’t make someone raving racist or a looney lunatic to criticize President Obama. All you have to do is disagree based upon principles and philosophy. That should be enough to fuel the fire for another three years.

    When the President is wrong who will tell him? That is why there is such a thing as the “the loyal opposition.”

    The Birthers are not the legitimate voice of the loyal opposition. They don’t  give a damn whether Obama ever produces a birth certificate that passes their muster or not.   Their old reasons to vote against Obama didn’t work, so now they made up some new ones.

    As time passes, the howls of the Birthers will recede into the background as more sober and rational opponents to the Obama Administration find their voice. In the leadership vacuum of the Republican Party and the lack of a unifying figure in the larger conservative movement, the phonies, the poseurs, and the con artists have seized the microphone.

    The conservative mainstream needs a Ronald Reagan moment where they remind The Birthers and the rest of the lunatic fringe that are attempting to define them know just who it is that paid for the microphone.

    I wouldn’t want the “Bush knew about 9/11” conspiracy theorists to be seen as the representatives of liberal thought and I would hope a thoughtful conservative would feel the same way about The Birthers.

    Hey kids!  Orly Taitz Comics!  A wonder woman she's not.

    Hey kids! Orly Taitz Comics! A wonder woman she's not.