The Art of the (Bad) Deal.

"Hot buttered peas for everyone! Yay!"

Hooray.  We’ve got a deal on raising the debt ceiling.  A catastrophe has been averted.  Let the celebrations begin!

Oh wait…so what you’re telling me is the conservatives got everything they wanted and liberals got nothing!  For a break down of the pros and cons of the debt deal and the winners and losers (since this is still America and everything gets condensed down to the final score) Stephen B. Foster, Jr. examines what’s in there on Addicted To

Liberals had to eat their peas.   From all the outrage being expressed they didn’t much care for ’em.

IMPEACH PRESIDENT OBAMA (or at least run a real liberal against him in the Democratic primary next year)!

Primary President Obama? Sure. Why not?  It shouldn’t be all that hard to find someone willing to waste their time on that fool’s errand.   Cynthia McKinney isn’t doing anything better with her time.

Just so long as there are primary challenges to every Republican as well. You want a better deal? Should have thought about that in 2010 when all these Tea Party types were winning elected offices and the Left stayed home scratching themselves.

Get mad? That’s legitimate. But after you get mad, get organized and ELECT PROGRESSIVES, NOT CONSERVATIVES!

Let’s face facts: Not ONE of the three Democratic presidents since LBJ has been a committed die-hard progressive. Not one. The Democratic Party treats progressives the same way it treats minorities and gays: as a voting bloc with nowhere else to go. So of course they get the back of the hand from the Democrats. They know we are homeless.

The perfect progressive challenger for Obama would be Paul Wellstone, but since he’s not with us any more maybe he’s not as perfect as I thought.

The only viable and workable solution is to do what the Tea Party did: TAKE OVER THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. How does Jim DeMint control not only the Senate, but the House? Because he only supports conservatives who think like he does. If you don’t he will field a challenger against you which is why Robert Bennett, Lisa Murkowski, Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist went from sure bets to out of politics (Murkowski had to mount a write-in candidacy to hold off Sarah Palin’s hand-picked candidate).

Obama be Obummed

America needs a strong liberal Third Party but that time is not now. It’s better to do what the right-wing did and that’s take over a weak existing party with strong, ideologically prepared candidates. I don’t want to kill the Democratic Party. I want it to regrow a SPINE.

Run a primary challenge to Obama if you want to. Nobody thinks he will lose the nomination. Barack Obama WILL be the Democratic Party presidential nominee in 2012. That’s a lock.

There were some folks that made Obama a deity when he’s really just a good politician. I never expected Obama to be a liberal action hero.   After the way John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell scandalized his name, maybe Obama will realize the futility of trying to extend a hand to two-legged pit bulls who want to chew it off up to the elbow.

But if you want a Democratic Party that isn’t owned and operated by Wall Street and corporate America and is first a party of the people, not fat cats, the Left will have to run and win Congressional races until the Progressive caucus on the Hill is as powerful as the Tea Party caucus is now.

We can start cleaning up this mess by kicking these G.O.Tea Partying Yahoos to the curb and replacing them with some real pragmatic progressives.  It’s faster and more effective to take over the existing organism and bend it to your will than to start from zero and try to build it from scratch. I love Progressive philosophy, but too many of them fall in love with the theory and forget about the practice.

Paul Wellstone would be the progressive's dream candidate. If he wasn't dead.

Did Bams and the Dems get pimp-slapped? Sure, they did. But since there are 40 strong, militant and die-hard Tea Baggers in the House that weren’t there before, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

If you didn’t vote last November and you want someone to blame for the debt ceiling debacle, go no further than the nearest mirror. Simply put, if there were more Democrats than Republicans in the House and Nancy Pelosi instead of Agent Orange was the Speaker of the House, this would have never happened.

And then we could go back to hearing folks griping about Bams not pushing “the Black Agenda.”

Just remember what Sen. Lindsay Graham said at the confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor:  “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.”  The seeds were sown in November 2010.  They flowered into full bloom in July 2011.

If you elect 63 more Republicans (and an especially, angry, militant and rabidly anti-democracy strain of Republicans who strongly reek of TEA), than Democrats, then you should expect they would be willing to hold the U.S. economy hostage to get their way.

Don’t like the effect, don’t produce the cause.  Elect liberal Democrats, not conservative Republicans.   This is Politics 101, people and it’s not complicated.

People get the kind of government they deserve.  If they don’t put in the work to get the kind of government they want, they deserve whatever they get.

Barack gets his Pee Wee Herman on.

It’s Time to Eat Your Peas, Mr. President

"Man, after dealing with those Republicans all day, I need a smoke!"

You can’t talk to a man when he don’t want to understand and apparently you can’t negotiate with Republicans either.  So why try?

John Boehner walked out of debt ceiling negotiations, again?   What is this?  The third or fourth time already? Boehner leaves and comes back more times than an abused spouse.

The hell with him.  Boehner’s afraid if he makes a deal Eric Cantor will take his job.   And he wants to keep his job  so he won’t make any that raises the debt ceiling without huge and painful spending cuts.   Painful for Democrats and their constituents.   As long as no millionaire or billionaire is left behind, that’s all The Boehner Bunch cares about.

This is getting nowhere fast.  After Boehner’s latest walk, the President explained to the press what went wrong this time.

Obama said he offered Boehner “over a trillion dollars in cuts to discretionary spending,” including domestic and defense spending.   

“We then offered an additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs,” the president said.  “Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.”   What Obama wanted in return was $1.2 trillion in revenues and none in tax rate increases.

"I know what you mean, dawg."

No deal, dude. 

“It’s hard to understand why Speaker Boehner would walk away from this kind of deal,” a bewildered Obama said. “Can they say yes to anything?”

Apparently not and so its time to say the hell with the Republicans.  If the debt ceiling is going to be raised and Chaos and Disorder avoided it may be up to the president to save America from going off the economic cliffs.   The GOP is sitting in the backseat of the car screaming in Obama’s ear to speed up and drive off the cliff.   He needs to throw an elbow into their yapping mouths and take control of the situation before disaster strikes.

Maybe it’s time for President Obama to take President Clinton’s advice, bypass the Tea Party-possessed GOP, invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the debt ceiling with the Constitutional powers granted to the Chief Executive without cutting any more dirty deals with double dealers like Boehner, Cantor and  Mitch McConnell.

The New York Times agrees Obama is going to have cut the GOP loose.

A deadlocked Congress has become incapable of acting consistently; it commits to entitlements it will not reduce, appropriates funds it does not have, borrows money it cannot repay and then imposes a debt ceiling it will not raise. One of those things must give; in reality, that means that the conflicting laws will have to be reconciled by the only actor who combines the power to act with a willingness to shoulder responsibility — the president.

There comes a time when no deal is better than a bad deal and a terrible deal would be one that shreds the social safety net for the poor, the elderly, students, veterans and the most vulnerable and suffering citizens while sparing Wall Street once again as Main Street bears the brunt.

It’s time to eat your peas Mr. President.  A big ol’ heaping plate of ’em.

Obama said he’d risk his presidency to resolve this crisis. Fine. Time to call the Republicans bluff.   If they have the balls to try to impeach him, then let them try to impeach him.  The polls say the GOP is playing a losing hand with their “drive faster, homey, not slower”  death dive.   Maybe this is all just one really long and really bad television show where everything gets resolved in the last five minutes and maybe the Republicans are as  crazy as they seem to be. 

Could the Republicans decide to try and impeach the president if he bypasses them and raises the debt ceiling without Congress?   Maybe.  Let’s find out. 

My guess It will never happen. Not with a presidential election right around the corner.  The Republicans will be exposed as the bullies and cowards they are and they will lose And the president and the country will win.

Put a little butter on the peas, Mr. President.  They aren’t so bad at all.