Hard Truths About the Ashley Madison Hack From an Escort’s Perspective

Ashley Madison

When the personal data of 32 million people, including names, addresses, credit card numbers is hacked and dumped online, that’s already a staggering breach  of privacy, but when it comes from a site created for the purposes of promoting sexual infidelity,  it can far more serious and lasting impact; from divorce to suicide.

Here’s a summary of what the hacking of the hook-up site by a group calling itself Impact Team  is about and why Ashley Madison has put a $500,000 “bounty” on them.

While nobody is going to feel sorry for Ashley Madison members cheating on their spouses, yet again we’re reminded anyone of us at anytime is subject to having our entire online life exposed for the rest of the world to see? It’s not that anyone should feel sorry for them, but we should be concerned when we receive yet another reminder there is no privacy anywhere and least of all on the Internet.

Privacy, like free speech, isn’t reserved for only for ourselves and the people we like.

Eternal, everlasting love meshed with deeply satisfying, passionate, curl-your-toes sex is what one always aspires to in a relationship or a marriage. When there’s one without the other,  the possibility exists  one partner will search elsewhere for what they want and are missing.   When there’s neither it becomes a near-certainty. Which is why philandering sites like Ashley Madison thrive.

But while I don’t feel sorry  for the guys (and some gals) who got caught up in the hacking of Ashley Madison,  I don’t believe anyone should lose their lives due to being outed and shamed into taking their own lives and in the aftermath that’s exactly what has happened.

I asked two friends of mine whom are professional sexworkers as paid escorts what they thought of the data breach and the men who were caught up in it.


I happened to be in my email when this came in. I removed all my stuff (pics , phone) from the web as much as I possibly could after I realized what a problem it could be. I don’t even post comments except from my professional email address. I don’t have a FB page, although once I signed up and cancelled and have been tracked by them ever since.


A Scientific American article from a few months ago wrote that no one now or in the near future can have any realistic expectation of any kind of privacy, and then outlined the reasons why. I had it in paper so don’t have a link for you.

There are almost no laws regulating the net, so it’s gone from a favorite toy to a weapon that can ruin your life. Facebook posts can get you fired from a job if people decide they don’t appreciate your values. Look what happened to Cecil the Lion Killer.

In the old days we put everything out there, then all of a sudden I thought whoaaaa, this never goes away, so I started erasing stuff. There are companies paid to clean your internet image and create a healthier online profile for people who can afford it.

The ridiculous part of Ashley Madison is that guys being guys are just ‘wishing’ in their special kind of deluded way that something fun and spectacular is going to happen – for free.

Ashley Madison meme
Most of those sites don’t work that well, they’re mostly male and female profiles can be fake to drive traffic. Although, one of my clients hooked up with a woman off a site like that and told me he was getting it for free. He was old and fat and barely functional, I kept wondering why a straight girl would want to have a non paid affair with this married man, in that kind of shape?

Then it occurred to me- I think it’s easier to leave a single mom a few 20’s on the nite table and tell her to buy something nice, and still think she’s still banging you cause she likes you. A few might actually like sex with strangers, who knows.

The men aren’t very smart either. It’s so easy to set up a fake email address for your clandestine activities. There are email address companies that claim they won’t buckle to the NSA or HS, no guarantees. A lot of those men used their publicly known email addresses.

Anyway, everyone that doesn’t want to get caught is going to have to be a lot more careful. I’d been telling stupid hookers not to put all their shit out there in case they want to have a life someday, but they’re dumb as rocks most times.

The invasion of privacy is wrong. It’s like a cat burglar. Creepy wrong.

I think I’m on the list. I heard about the site years ago and registered. Not sure if I created much of a profile. I just wanted to see what it was about.

The government emails being on the list, well….why do government servers not block sites that aren’t necessary, why do they allow a government worker to use their government email addresses out side the walls of internal servers. When I worked for the government, I could turn on my computer without a password. I was on night shift, went into the boss’s office and opened his secretary’s computer. Didn’t need a password. I was searching for interview questions. I found them. The person I wanted to get the questions to got the job. Goal accomplished.

My point? I could have made an Ashley Madison account from the boss’ secretaries computer, and she’d be on that list.

I remember once that Vin Diesel made a movie. XXX was the title. My kids looked it up on the computer because they wanted to go to the show and needed to see time it was playing.

Their dad saw a search for XXX and he assumed it was pointed and he punished them.

What about the poor women out there who are really named Ashley Madison???

The news broadcasting stations, reporters, etc…are nothing more than glorified National Enquirer rags. A list??? So fuckin what? I could create a Jeffrey Winbush account on Ashley Madison right now. Make an email address of jeffwinbushwantstogetlaid@gmail.com and you’d be on the next list.

It’s all a crock of shit.


I’ve looked at all kinds of sketchy websites. The reasons vary from out of morbid curiosity to intriguing interest of how easy it is to access that shit. Because my IP address hit those sites doesn’t make me a child molester.

A.M. hack doesn’t PROVE a fucking thing. But people judge w/o knowing the real truth ALL the time.

The dweebs that committed suicide, well….they were weak and didn’t have a good poker face. Life would have thrown them a curve ball they couldn’t handle sooner or later.

The A.M. hack is basically nasty gossip on a large-scale. People who talk about it, feed it. We are feeding it right now.

What’s so incredulous about this hack is that A.M. was so God damn vanilla that it’s a joke. If people were comfortable enough with sexual fantasy, if government hadn’t been allowed to make adultery, ass fucking, horse fucking, etc.. a crime, no one would give a shit.

Who cares how one fucks or who one fucks as long as they are legally consenting?

One day there will be a way to read our minds. We’ll all be in jail or jumping off cliffs then.

Let’s take that A.M. list and alter it before we publish it? You think that could’ve been done to what was initially published? Could we take that list, modify it and say it was hacked from an escort site? Sure we could.

People are uptight and dumb. I’m glad I don’t live my life in a closet. If I was asked about being on A.M. I could own it. Everyone should. Then there would be no A.M. news anymore.

And that’s all I got to say ’bout dat.


Herman Cain’s Temporary Love Thing

Cain has women problems and they start with his wife.

Another day, another Herman Cain booty call.

This chapter in The Never-Ending Story that is the Cain circus might be the one that breaks a finish to his phony candidacy.   Even hard-core conservatives who were propping up Cain after the first charges of sexual harassment emerged and his Libya belly flop are beginning to abandon him like fleas jumping off a dead dog’s carcass.

In the ongoing search for the Not Mitt Romney, various candidates have taken their time as the driver in the Republican clown car.  Michelle Bachmann was supplanted by Rick Perry who was undercut by Cain after he won the Florida straw poll, and as Cain sinks under the weight of the allegations of cheating and acting inappropriately, Newt Gingrich, rises in the polls.

I don’t know how much Ginger White weighs, but her calling out Cain on a 13 year affair should be too heavy a load for Cain’s inexperienced and poorly run campaign to carry and end it once and for all (and wouldn’t that be a crying shame for all the entertainment value it’s provided?).

Cain’s claims that the five women whom have called him out for not keeping his fly zipped are all “lyin’ ass b****’s, and that might have worked if weren’t faces to go with the allegations.  Maybe Cain could shrug off one or two of these women, but he’s not a good enough politician to make anybody believe all five of them are making this up.

The heat is on and Cain is melting under it.

Cain’s first brush in the political spotlight came when he challenged then-President Clinton about the costs of health insurance, but Cain is no Clinton when it comes to surviving sex scandals.  At least he hasn’t proven he can shake them off.   Gloria Cain has not exactly rushed to the defense of her husband of 43 years.  Even if she believes Herman’s denials (and I don’t know why she would),  she has to be pissed all the women Cain is accused of messing around on her with are White like Ginger White.

The race of the women Cain fooled around should not matter,  but to honest about it,  it does matter.  This is not post-racial America.  When a Black man from the South goes chasin’ after White women, it really matters when it is taken into account how no Republican can win the White House without the South.

Cain says White is “just a friend” and he was “just trying to help her financially.”   If you’re married how understanding do you think your spouse will be if the friendship goes on for 13 years, includes paying her rent, giving her gifts and swapping calls and text messages at 4:26 in the morning?

Maybe your wife would understand.  Mine would tell me to pack my stuff and get the hell out.

He’s supposedly calling his supporters asking them should he pack it in.   He’s run an unconventional campaign, but even Cain can’t ignore all the rules.  The sex lives of politicians don’t interest me, but when you’ve made moral judgments about others the way Cain has about the poor, Muslims and gays,  getting yanked off your high horse is deserved.

Cain is done.   It was obvious to any student of politics he was never going to keep up his momentum, never going to get the nomination and never be the Republican presidential nominee.   Cain’s campaign/book tour was always long on shadow, short of substance.

It’s no fun piling on Herm anymore.  His horndog ways are weird and sad and get even more weird and sad if you have any sympathy for Gloria Cain at all.  She is the Cain that deserves it, not Herman.

13 years of being Herman Cain's side piece

It feels like we’re reaching the end of the road for the Cain Train.   He’s told so many lies to so many people he could never begin to explain or apologize for all the lies, but he should start with his wife and go from there.  When any candidate says they are “reassessing” their campaign that means they’re just looking for a gracious exit strategy.

Gloria Cain says her husband “totally respects” women.   Maybe he does, but he does respect her at all?