“Dad, I’m Back In Jail.” Love, George.

Go to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $135,000.

I admit it:  when I read the judge revoked George Zimmerman’s bail and ordered him to turn himself in within 48 hours, I was hoping he wouldn’t.

If Zimmerman had “gone rogue” and on the run, it would have been fun to watch his defenders squirm and stammer trying to explain it.  It would also have fun to see Zimmerman hunted the way he hunted Trayvon Martin.

The pro-Zimmerman side has blamed Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, blamed the news media, blamed the prosecutors, blamed Trayvon Martin, blamed anyone except George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman lied to the court about the funds at his disposal. Lied about his second passport. Along with his wife, attempted to hide how much money he had squirreled away. Try and put that on the Pseudo New Black Panthers or demonstrations in the streets of Sanford.

Zimmerman’s own deceit and duplicity has put his honesty and credibility in question, so who will his defenders blame now?

In revoking the bond, Judge Lester said Zimmerman, who is currently in hiding, shouldn’t be able to benefit from “material falsehoods.” The judge also immediately placed Zimmerman under a “no bond” status, meaning he’ll likely spend the rest of his time awaiting trial in a Seminole County jail cell. The judge gave Zimmerman 48 hours to report to jail.

As prosecutors released nearly all their evidence in the case to the public last month, it increasingly appeared like Zimmerman’s original statement – that he shot Trayvon after fearing for his life as the boy pummeled him – had credence. Medical statements showed he had a broken nose and cuts on the back of his head, and several witnesses corroborated that Zimmerman was on the receiving end of a beating after getting out of his car to follow Trayvon.

Prosecutors say Zimmerman is culpable because he ‘profiled” the boy as a criminal, ignored a dispatcher’s warning about following Trayvon, and then “confronted” him. While the state’s Stand Your Ground law allows people to defend themselves with lethal force in public areas, it does not protect those who instigate a fight.

Some legal experts, including Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz, have accused chief prosecutor Angela Corey of folding under public pressure to charge Zimmerman with second degree murder, arguing there’s not enough evidence to support the charges. It’s a notion Ms. Corey has denied.

But having the judge in essence calling Zimmerman a liar before he even has a chance to take the stand in his defense may dramatically change the tenor and perception of the case by boosting the prosecution’s contention that Zimmerman is not a trustworthy person. Because Zimmerman is the only living witness to the exact events of that night, a jury will have to weigh his credibility as he defends himself against a crime that carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

There’s only one victim here and don’t ever forget it.

During the hearing, prosecutors introduced several recordings of telephone conversations between Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, made while he was in jail. In one such recording, they can be heard speaking cryptically about a second passport in his possession. Zimmerman was ordered by the judge to hand over his passport so he couldn’t flee the country, but Zimmerman applied for a second passport after the shooting, saying his first one had been stolen.

I’m sure he had a really good reason to lie to the judge about his assets. Like he didn’t want to go to jail.  If Zimmerman is willing to lie to a judge about how much money he had and his second passport, what else  might he be lying about?

Does these seem like the actions of a trustworthy man?  Not to me it doesn’t but maybe that’s just my anti-Zimmerman/pro-Trayvon bias coming out.   Some have cast doubts on how smart Zimmerman is with his reckless disregard of the 911 dispatcher and every rule a neighborhood watch should follow.

But I’m not so sure Zimmerman is as big a dope as he actions lead others to conclude he is. He fooled a judge into releasing him on a low bond. Zimmerman fooled a lot of people thinking he’s an innocent man caught up in a politically and racially fueled nightmare of Kafkaesque proportions.

Zimmerman might not be particularly intelligent or bright, but he’s displayed a degree of cunning and capacity to manipulate others in his behalf that says to me he isn’t stupid either.

Now he can be the smartest second-degree murderer in a Florida jail.  If the judge lets Zimmerman out on bail a second time, he’s a bigger idiot than Zimmerman.

George, I have three words for you:  watch your back.

The Wrong Guys For the Right Reason?

The return of J&A's excellent adventure?

Even tragedies can present opportunities and the killing of Trayvon Martin is no exception.  The mainstream media took their sweet time in discovering what Black bloggers and media was already reporting, but now they have made this the biggest story in America.

It’s been great for ratings.  And it’s been great for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as well.  Instead of trying to bite off Occupy Wall Street or some other topic in the news, the two former unofficial presidents of Black America are back on their favorite beat, marching, demonstrating and protesting and all in the name of Trayvon Martin.

I have a colleague whom I used to work with at a newspaper and we get together to shoot the breeze. His problem with Jackson and Sharpton are their claims that they are “Black leaders.”

That sets my friend all the way off.  Who made THEM “Black leaders?” Did you vote for them? I know I didn’t! Where’s MY ballot?

There is something to that. Why are Jackson and Sharpton considered Black leaders? Why do Black folks even need leaders?  Who are the leaders of Latinos? Who speaks for lesbians? Who’s the great leader of Asians? Who’s the greatest White leader? Or does even posing the question seem ludicrous to even ask?

The last great Black leaders were Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.  They became leaders the hard way.  They earned it and they were killed for being leaders.  You could not find two more different men with different approaches than Martin and Malcolm.  Jackson and Sharpton on their best day couldn’t touch them on their worst. Neither one of them are worthy heirs of King’s mantle of civil rights advocacy.  Neither one of them are as bold and willing to face White supremacy the way Malcolm X did.

What keeps J&A on the front pages is the passionate hatred they provoke from right-wing critics.  Jesse and Al are considered by the Right as race hustlers who stir up trouble, shakedown businesses, show up wherever there’s a controversy and a camera and are generally unscrupulous, unprincipled, con men.  Some of this criticism is both verifiable and irrefutable.

Any honest critique of Jackson and Sharpton must take in account their pros and cons.

Once giants walked among us.

Positives: protecting civil rights, keeping a spirit of activism alive, bringing attention to issues and stories that would go unnoticed and unaddressed otherwise, ticking off the right-wing something fierce.

Negatives: attention whores, lack of identified achievable goals, unwilling to get off the stage so younger leaders can emerge, egotistical, poor tacticians, dubious personal conduct,

The biggest negative is neither Jackson or Sharpton will confront and criticize Democrats and liberals when they come up short or sell out the interests of African-Americans.  A true Black leader has to be willing to be bipartisan in their criticism.  Jackson has mildly criticized Obama and Sharpton flaunts his connections to the White House. Can you imagine J&A publicly and vocally breaking with a Democratic president the way Martin Luther King, Jr., broke with Lyndon Johnson over the Viet Nam war and poverty in America?  With Jackson and Sharpton beholden to the Democrats, they can’t be truly independent.

Martin and Malcolm may have created the template for Al and Jesse, but what sets them heads and shoulders above Sharpton and Jackson is they never craved the spotlight.  King was a reluctant convert to political activism and X transformed himself from a small-time hustler, pimp, and convict to the most powerful and charismatic spokesman for Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam until he broke with him.

Neither Martin or Malcolm were wealthy or sought the spotlight the way their would-be successors have.  You can’t fault them for finding a way to turn a buck off of being a political gadfly, but it leaves them open to charges that they are chasing publicity and dollars, not justice.

I was too young to march with Martin Luther King or listen to Malcolm X, but their authenticity was above reproach. . They were the real deal and they both got taken out for it. Al and Jesse? I think they believe what they say, but I don’t need “leaders” any more and I don’t want to be “led.”

Obama has proven you can be a leader through obtaining political legitimacy.  Jackson and Sharpton both mounted presidential bids, but they never seemed fully committed.  If conservatives really want to make J&A relics of a previous time, they need to stop trying to demonize the pair  That gets them nowhere and only makes Jackson and Sharpton even more beloved, and why not?  Pissing off the Right has a considerable upside.

Conservatives could neutralize J&A, but what it would take is something they have shown little interest in.   Make Dr. King’s dream a reality and they’re both out of business.

That would require the Right to give up their fear and loathing of uppity Black men.  But since conservatives like the Koch brothers like their Negroes docile and childlike (Where’s my mint julep, Herman Cain?) and hate to be reminded racism still exists that seems unlikely.

We are going to have to learn to live with Sharpton and Jackson, warts and all.  Reservations aside, Trayvon Martin needs champions to find justice for him and while they are no Martin or Malcolm, this is the right cause even if they are the wrong men.

The right men for the right cause?

With age comes wisdom…but there ARE exceptions.

Change He Doesnt Believe In

Change He Doesn't Believe In

Apparently trying to punk Barack Obama wasn’t enough for Reverend Jesse Jackson.  There was still more venom dripping from that same infamous tape:

Exclusive: TVNewser has been sent the transcript of what Jesse Jackson said Sunday morning July 6, as he prepared for an interview on Fox & Friends Weekend. Below is the partial transcript we received in our tips box, and confirmed to be authentic by Fox News Channel representatives.

Barack…he’s talking down to black people…telling n—s how to behave.

So, yes. Jesse Jackson did use the “N” word. But it was not directed at Barack Obama. Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have maintained there was more on the tape, but that the un-aired portion was not relevant to the issue at hand: about whether Obama was “talking down” to the black community. link

This raises an interesting philosophical question.

Is it “talking down” to Black people to suggest fathers ought to be fathers to their own children or is it “talking down” to Black people by calling them “niggers.”

Perhaps the question that should be asked is Jesse Jackson a senile old fool and if he is should he be institutionalized before he further embarrasses himself and whatever raggedy-ass  legacy he has left?

The Black Stabbers

They smile in your face...

Another day, another Barack Obama controversy.

But this time it comes from an unexpected source. The Reverend Jesse Jackson was on FOX News and despite doing thousands of interviews, he apparently forgot his microphone was on.

Jackson was appearing on Fox News on July 6 when a microphone picked up his remark suggesting that Obama was “talking down to black people”‘ in recent speeches at black churches, according to a tape of the comments played on Bill O’Reilly’s show on the Fox News Channel.

He then said, referring to Obama, “I want to cut his nuts off,”‘ according to the Fox News Web site. At the time, he was speaking to Reed Tuckson, executive vice president and chief medical officer of United Health Group Inc. link

Things being as they are this political season, Jackson quickly issued an apology to Obama.

“I offer apologies. Anything I said in a hot-mic statement that’s interpreted as a distraction, I offer apologies for that,” Jackson said at a news conference yesterday after his remarks became public.

“I have supported Barack’s campaign with passion from the very beginning. I thought the very idea made sense,”‘ Jackson said. “We’ve been there all the way, because I think this campaign is a redemptive moment for America and a great opportunity to redefine America.”

Even Jesse’s own son, Jesse Jackson Jr. wasn’t hearing that noise. “I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric,”‘ the lawmaker said in a statement. “He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself.”

What do Jesse Jackson and Brett Favre have in common?

Besides the fact they both need realize their better days are behind them,  get up off of the comebacks and finally sit their tired old asses in a rocking chair somewhere, not much.

What we’re seeing here is a generation gap.

Jackson represents an once formidable,  but now played out paradigm.  it’s one that I respect and admire, but dammit Jesse—GET OFF THE STAGE.

Jackson is feeling the loss of power and prestige like a blow to the head.   He won’t go away and he won’t allow anyone else to take the spotlight.  Not his son.  Not Barack Obama.  Not anyone.

The unofficial Black President of the United States sees himself being marginalized by the possible first official Black President of the United States.   He should relax.   Obama isn’t trying to replace Jackson.  He represents the logical extension of what Jackson and Dr. King marched for: a Black man who stands a damn good chance of becoming the Most Powerful Man in the free world based not on the color of his skin, but the content of his character.

It’s sad to see someone I’ve admired for years make a fool of himself.   But this is what happens when you stay on the stage too long and don’t know how to bow out gracefully.

Let’s get something straight: Jesse Jackson’s biggest cause has always been doing what’s best for Jesse Jackson.

And Jesse might have a personal reason to be ticked off at Barack Obama about his call for Black men to be men and take responsibility. Jackson has his own “baby daddy” issues.

As a member of the Columbus Association of Black Journalists, we received an e-mail blast from one member with an open letter to Reverend Jackson from Najee Ali, a community activist out of Los Angeles:

Obama’s recent comments about Black fathers not abandoning their children and accepting moral responsibility in our lives is a lesson you apparently needed to learn when you were younger. If you had, it may not have caused you to cheat on your wife and father a child out of wedlock with a former staffer.

Maybe that’s what really bothered you about Obama’s message to the church that Black fathers should be responsible for their children; you certainly haven’t been.

Living in Los Angeles I have watched your ten year old daughter Ashley Laverne Jackson grow up. Over the years I have had the pleasure to spend several holidays with your daughter including Christmas, her birthday parties and other milestones in her life. I will never turn my back on Ashley her mom and their family. It’s about providing friendship, support and love to them while you have been missing in action.

Your daughter has never traveled or taken a trip with you, you have an annual birthday party in Beverly Hills every year where your entire family is welcome but your youngest child has only attended it once. She has had very little contact with her siblings and has never even met her big brother Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, who apparently doesn’t want anything to do with her. And allegedly (I believe it to be true ), he was the one to leak the scandal to the media concerning your affair. Now don’t get me wrong, Obama is not above reproach. He is a politician and is fair game to be fairly criticized by you or anyone else. But to personally attack Obama is crossing the line. Obama is not talking down to Black people; he wants you and other dead beat dads to spend time and care for your children properly. The destruction of the Black family and absentee fathers is a major problem in our community.

It’s a problem that King spoke out and fought against. 40 years after King’s murder I can see why King didn’t trust you. If you can’t and won’t sincerely help Obama in this historic run then at least stop attacking him. Listen to Obama’s message of being a responsible father and start taking care of your daughter Ashley.

Let’s not be so quick to lionize Jackson that we forget that while he was counseling President Clinton over his betrayal of his wife during the tawdry Monica Lewinsky affair, he was engaged in a illicit affair with Karin Stanford.. One serial womanizer shows understanding to another serial womanizer. Game recognizes game.

If Jesse Jackson had the slightest interest in leaving the stage so youth may be served, I might agree about passing the torch. The thing is Jackson won’t get off the stage. For years and years he’s fended off any and all challenges to his self-appointed title as the Unofficial President of Black America. The only contender was Al Sharpton and he had to drop some lbs, trade in the warm-up gear for tailored suits and get the perm out of his hair before anyone could take him seriously.

This isn’t 1988. It’s 2008 and twenty years dead and gone, Jackson is still peddling the same old snake oil. Up with hope. Down with dope. I am somebody. Please Mr. Corporate CEO, write a fat check for Operation: PUSH and the Rainbow Coalition or we’ll organize a boycott of your racist butt.

Then along comes Barack Obama. Also from Chicago. Already in shape. Good looking. Well spoken. Equally ambitious, but while respectful of Jackson, Obama never had to kiss the Godfather’s ring and ask for his blessing. And that annoys the living hell out of Jackson. Obama doesn’t owe him a damn thing and that really burns his butt.

Jackson is, was and has always been a relentless self-promoter. Nothing wrong with that. Everybody’s got to have their own hustle. I was willing to look the other way because the greater good Jackson did mitigated his own obvious self-promotion. enrichment and horndog behavior.

But let’s not pretend for one damn minute that if there’s ever a Mount Rushmore of Civil Rights Icons, Jesse belongs up there alongside Rosa Parks and Dr. King. There’s way too much dirt, scandal and sleaze in Jesse’s background for him to pass the entrance exam.

It’s never easy for the old and the tired to give way to the young and the energetic, but it’s the way of the world and even Jesse Jackson has to recognize his days at the headliner are over.

First, Im gonna grab your nuts like this...