Hatin’ With Mr. Cooper

Lone Eagle

Riley Cooper is a NFL wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and he’s never heard of you either.

Riley Cooper went to a Kenny Chesney concert and tried to get backstage.  Concert security not recognizing or caring who Riley Cooper is did their jobs and refused to allow him to get backstage to see Chesney.

Riley Cooper did not like that.  So he let everyone within earshot know precisely how much he didn’t like the security guard stopping him.

“I will jump that fence and fight every nigger here, bro,”  Riley Cooper proclaims though there are no niggers in sight of the camera and presumably not that many Blacks showing up for a Kenny Chesney concert.

Deadspin received a message from a tipster about a possible reason for Cooper’s bad behavior.

Riley was going fucking nuts because he wasn’t allowed backstage. He didn’t have passes like some of the other players and was SO pissed that the stadium people wouldn’t let him back just because he was Riley Cooper. He had been drinking since 11 AM (Kenny didn’t go on until 8).

Few things are more divisive in a locker room than a racial controversy and quarterback Michael Vick, no stranger to controversy, threw Cooper a life-preserver, “What if your son or daughter made a mistake of this fashion, how would you want people to proceed? I’ve been there before. It’s a very delicate situation that we all understand. Somehow we’ve all got to find a way to get past it.”

However, there are many Blacks on the Eagles roster and even more Blacks playing cornerback, safety and linebacker in the NFL and many of them will not take kindly to Cooper’s ethnic slurs or his feeble apologies.    Cooper’s teammate, running back LeSean McCoy certainly doesn’t seem ready to get past it.

“I guess the real him came out that day,” McCoy told  Albert Breer. “The cameras are off, you don’t think nobody’s watching or listening, and then you find out who they really are. And to hear how he really came off, that shows you what he’s really all about.”

The refusal of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to take any action against Cooper for his repulsive racism underscores his growing uselessness.  Goodell sends his sneaks and snitches to every game to watch for players wearing the wrong kinds of socks because it’s bad for the league’s image, but refuses to suspend Cooper for bigoted slurs.

If Goodell refuses to enforce any sort of corrective behavior for Cooper off the field,  someone on the field will do it for him.

Riley Cooper should probably keep his head on a swivel the next time he runs a slant pattern in the middle of the field.   Defensive backs love to smack the hell out of wide receivers as a matter of principle.  Imagine the sort of wood they are going to lay on Cooper when they are motivated.

Cooper has been in the NFL three seasons and has played in 40 games and started in 10. These are his stats as a wide receiver:

Receptions: 46
Yards: 679
Average: 14.8
TD’s: 5

This guy is a perennial backup and bench warmer. A special teams scrub and if starting wide receiver Jeremy Maclin hadn’t torn his ACL last week knocking him out for the season, Cooper would likely be just another training camp body hoping like hell to even make the team.

There are a lot of things that are tolerated on a football team.  You can cheat on your woman,  be a drunken idiot through the week as long as you show up ready to play on Gameday, you can be a degenerate gambler or just a plain old degenerate.   You can be juicing on steroids or smoking weed around the clock, but nobody wants to play with someone when you hate their bigoted guts.

He’d better catch every pass thrown his way and just because he apologized to the Eagles doesn’t mean every team on their schedule isn’t going to look to put a kill shot on him each and every play.

I predict…PAIN.

Have a nice season, Riley.  For as long as it lasts.

The Hard Fall and Slow Rise of Michael Vick

Michael Vick: on the run to redemption?


After two fairly successful outings (one win and a narrow loss), Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid named Michael Vick as the team’s new starting quarterback.  This news was greeted with enthusiasm by fantasy football freaks hoping Vick’s abilities with his arm and legs will pay off,  and surprisingly mild, but  predictable derision by the animal rights group PETA which sniped in a press release, “As long as he’s throwing a football and not electrocuting a dog,  PETA is pleased he is focused on his game.” 

The worst lapse of good taste came by way of the Philadelphia Daily News and a front page cover of Vick with the tagline, “Top Dog.”   They could have been classy or they could have been cute.  They went with cute.   

Kevin Kolb, the guy Reid traded Donovan McNabb away for, suffered a concussion in the opening game, opening the door for Vick.   Vick is in the last year of his contract and if he performs well he could expect to earn millions from the Eagles or as a free agent for some other quarterback starved NFL team.   

The Philly faithful will cheer Vick because he’s taken so much crap from the clueless elitists who compare him to rapists, murderers, sex offenders, pedophiles, the Frankenstein monster and Attila the Hun. 

Maybe they’re as sick of the lynch mob mentality as I am. Go boycott a puppy mill or something.   

Society can nurse a grudge against those whom have offended society, but that only increases the odds they will re-offend. Deprive a man of legitimate means to take care of his needs and he will resort to illegitimate means.   

I respect the right of people not to forgive Vick.  I have a problem with  people who believe the life of a dog holds more value than the life of a human being.  As lovable as any dog may be they still don’t outrank human beings on the evolutionary food chain.  That includes Michael Vick. 

Nor do I respect people who throw their superior morality in your face then get their ass on their shoulder if you’re not as outraged as they are.   Vick went to jail, lost his freedom, lost years of his professional career, lost millions and lost the respect of many in society. He can get some of the money and respect back but he has to earn both. For the hardcore hater, Vick will always be guilty, always unforgiven and permanently loathed. No matter what Vick does to repent for his crimes it will never be enough for those cynics. Their minds are made up and they will never accept any evidence to the contrary. 

He did the crime and he did the time. He’s out and back in the NFL. That’s all, folks.      

It's official: there's no joke that's too sick for some people.


Nobody believes anyone owes Michael Vick anything but withering contempt and utter revulsion for opening our eyes to the existence of “rape stands” and the other hellish accouterments of dog fighting.   Consider this  though:  when the fights were confined to the alleys, garages and lots where homies, rednecks, bikers, and vatos watched two dogs tear each other to bloody shreds, this illicit subculture operated pretty much out of sight and out of mind.   

 Now this ugly little world has been exposed and its veil of secrecy forever ripped away.  Vick gave this vicious game his name and face.  No matter what he does the rest of his NFL career he will have a conjunction attached to the accomplishment.  “Michael Vick, Super Bowl quarterback–and dog killer.”  There’s no trips to Disneyland and no schmoozing on Jay Leno’s couch in his future.  Not now or ever.     

There isn’t a sponsor who would ever entertain  the vaguest of  hopes Vick might rehab his reputation to the point he could ever be a practical pitchman again. It does happen.  Kobe Bryant was accused of rape and now he’s back to shilling shoes for Nike.  Ray Lewis was indicted in a murder and now he wants you to smell like him by wearing Old Spice body wash.  But there isn’t a similar memory lapse coming to the rescue of Mike Vick.   Like O.J. Simpson, his status as a fallen hero is permanent and irrevocable.     That’s a punishment that will endure long after the pained, dying yelps of Vick’s dogs have faded away.I think he deserves one shot at a second chance. I think almost everybody does.  I’m not an Eagles fan and I have nothing invested in Vick’s success or failure.   

But I hope he is successful.  Michael Vick will never be a hero and certainly no role model.   

If he can pull off  the trick of simply becoming a decent human being again that’s good enough.

“One Shot at a Second Chance.”

The Eagle has landed.  Vick will play in the City of Brotherly Love

The Eagle has landed. Vick will play in the City of Brotherly Love

Michael Vick returned to the NFL as a Philadelphia Eagle.

Let the howls of protest begin.

“He doesn’t stand a chance here.  He would’ve been better off somewhere else.”

~ Alfred Snolten, Eagles fan

“I’m really shocked that he’s coming to Philadelphia. He kept talking about second chances. His dogs didn’t have a second chance. … There are a lot of people out there who deserve second chances more than Michael Vick.”

~ Bill Smith,  founder of Main Line Animal Rescue in the Philadelphia suburbs

Of course, those headline-chasing publicity whores at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) couldn’t wait to drop the hammer on Vick’s signing with the Eagles.

Dan Shannon, a spokesman for PETA, questioned the sincerity of Michael Vick’s expressed remorse hours after the quarterback was introduced Friday as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.”Not quite comfortable is how we feel about it,” said Shannon. “It’s possible he’s on the right path and only time will tell. But we, as an organization, haven’t seen sufficient evidence of that.”

 Vick took an eight-hour course offered by PETA, Developing Empathy for Animals, on Sept. 18, 2007

According to Shannon, PETA’s discomfort stemmed from months of discussions with Vick about broadcasting public service announcements aimed at helping to eliminate dogfighting. He said PETA suspected that the former NFL star was more interested in repairing his image than the cause itself and ended the talks in late January.

“It’s hard to say what’s really going on inside the guy,” Shannon said. “Our worry was that he was doing it as a public relations move to try to regain his public image.

“We had concerns he was in it for personal gain rather than a genuine desire to help animals.”

Shannon said PETA asked Vick to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in order to eliminate those worries. He refused. The quarterback is, however, working with the Humane Society.     — USA Today

Think about that for a minute.  PETA wanted Vick to submit to a psychiatric evaluation before they would feel comfortable he was truly repentant for his crime.   Sports Illustrated reports the animal activist group also demanded Vick undergo a brain scan as well to prove he was a changed man.

PETA can kiss both my and Michael Vick’s ass. 

PETA are the same assholes who produced this “comic book” for the kiddies:

If what Vick did was cruel, how is PETA giving kids nightmares better?

If what Vick did was cruel, how is PETA giving kids' nightmares better?

You have to be really sick manipulative bastards to try and go through kids to get at their parents this way.

PETA also sexually exploits women with their “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad campaigns.

These sanctimonious jerks are trying to shove their morality down society’s throat and if you disagree with them that makes you some sort of animal-killing fascist.  PETA is the personfication of the liberal elite’s complete confidence in their own virtue and purity and  it is their holy mission to  impose it upon all the non-believing heathens.   PETA is the left-wing version of The Taliban. 

The people who don’t want to see Vick get another chance in the NFL wouldn’t have cared what team had signed him.   The pricipled puritans of PETA don’t give a damn about trying to reform or redeem Vick.   They see him as an excellent whipping boy.   As long as Vick remains a hissable villian PETA can wrap themselves in the bloodied carcasses of dead pit bulls and decry any attempt to allow Vick to reenter society. 

What has PETA ever done on a grassroots level to eliminate the popularity of dog-fighting in urban communities?   Throwing blood on wealthy White women imprudent enough to wear fur may intimidate the hell out of them, but trying that trick on some inner city Black or Hispanic teenager is a real good way to earn a serious beatdown.

If PETA wasn’t so concerned about trying to pimp Vick to raise their own profile and redeem their own image, they would see him for what he is:  a  possible spokesman against animal cruelty that has more authenticity with urban youth than any celebrity vegetarian.

It’s cool to be for the rights of animals, but not at the expense of a man’s right to attempt to pick up the pieces of his life after he’s done his time in jail and paid his debt to society.

That’s “debt to society,” not “debt to PETA.”

Vick said in a press conference flanked by  Eagles coach Andy Reid and his adviser, Tony Dungy, ” To this day, I can’t understand why I was involved in such pointless activities and why I risked so much at the pinnacle of my career.”

“You only get one shot at a second chance, and I’m conscious of that.”

 There’s no way to give the dogs Vick killed a second chance.  But despite what the PETA elitists might believe human beings do deserve  second chances.   

Even Michael Vick.   Maybe especially Michael Vick.