Monkey Business

Hidden racism or just a really crappy cartoon?

Hidden racism or just a really crappy cartoon?

I don’t read The New York Post and don’t know anyone that does.

The Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch and its editorial board is largely Australian.   From what I understand the Post has a habit of engaging in nasty race-baiting like this.

Which doesn’t mean being Australian makes anyone a racist. I think it’s more an indictment of what happens in newspaper editorial meetings when there isn’t a conscious person of color at the table to say, “There might be a problem with this..”

This cartoon didn’t tick me off as much as The New Yorker’s “terrorist fist-bump” piece of shit.

Still, it is a badly drawn, totally insipid, heavy-handed attempt at satire.   There’s not a damn thing funny about a monkey going on a rampage and maiming someone.   It’s even less so when some hack cartoonist tries to tie a tragic incident to the President’s stimulus package.

So it’s a piece of shit too.