Ta-Neshi Coates Gets Trolled by Cornel West

“Eat your heart out, Cornel.”

Ta-Neshi Coates is widely regarded as America’s best and brightest social critic (and I share the sentiment). If writers wield power through their employment and arrangement of words, Coates flexed his muscles in the 2014 essay in The Atlantic, “The Case For Reparations” which moved the debate in an entirely new direction. It certainly opened to the possibility of a legitimate claim for reparations which avoided the non-starter argument of slavery as the justification.

Coates is having his moment in the spotlight as he makes the rounds of television, magazine, web interviews to promote his new book, Between the World and Me. Already the book has been lauded by liberals, crapped on by critics and its author praised by one of America’s literary lions.

“I’ve been wondering who might fill the intellectual void that plagued me after James Baldwin died. Clearly it is Ta-Nehisi Coates.” Toni Morrison in a note to Ta-Neshi Coates’ agent.

That annoting did not sit well with one Cornel West who took to his Facebook page to retort:

In Defense of James Baldwin – Why Toni Morrison (a literary genius) is Wrong about Ta-Nehisi Coates. Baldwin was a great writer of profound courage who spoke truth to power. Coates is a clever wordsmith with journalistic talent who avoids any critique of the Black president in power. Baldwin’s painful self-examination led to collective action and a focus on social movements. He reveled in the examples of Medgar, Martin, Malcolm, Fannie Lou Hamer and Angela Davis. Coates’s fear-driven self-absorption leads to individual escape and flight to safety – he is cowardly silent on the marvelous new militancy in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, Oakland, Cleveland and other places. Coates can grow and mature, but without an analysis of capitalist wealth inequality, gender domination, homophobic degradation, Imperial occupation (all concrete forms of plunder) and collective fightback (not just personal struggle) Coates will remain a mere darling of White and Black Neo-liberals, paralyzed by their Obama worship and hence a distraction from the necessary courage and vision we need in our catastrophic times. How I wish the prophetic work of serious intellectuals like Robin DG Kelley, Imani Perry, Gerald Horne, Eddie Glaude commanded the attention the corporate media gives Coates. But in our age of superficial spectacle, even the great Morrison is seduced by the linguistic glitz and political silences of Coates as we all hunger for the literary genius and political engagement of Baldwin. As in jazz, we must teach our youth that immature imitation is suicide and premature elevation is death. Brother Coates continue to lift your gifted voice to your precious son and all of us, just beware of the white noise and become connected to the people’s movements!

There are many ways to take that. I take that to mean Cornel West thinks Toni Morrison and Ta-Neshi Coates are full of shit.

But so is West if he (a) thinks James Baldwin needs defending and (b) he’s the guy to do the defending.

Michael Eric Dyson,  the former West ally turned bitter enemy went public with his break in a New Republic piece,  dumped derision on West’s kneecapping of Coates in an interview  “It shows the vast ineptitude of Professor West’s scholarship. The point I made in my piece is that he doesn’t keep up, he doesn’t read the freshest, newest, most insightful scholarship, nor does he write about it in any serious fashion or teach it in his curriculum, and it shows here.”

Dyson described Coates as a “greatly gifted writer” who forms “sentences and thoughts that sing on the page and stick to the mind.”

“Every charge he made against Ta-Nehisi is patently false,”  Dyson added. “Shall I introduce you to his essay on reparations? It has every bit of the analysis that West was hankering for,”

Dyson rallied to Morrison’s defense.  “And so now that makes her look like a dupe and a boob when she is a literary genius who possesses a Nobel Prize in literature,” he said. “I think her pedigree of assessment is far more convincing than Cornel West’s.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates_book

Coates may have incurred West’s undying wrath in 2011 in an essay entitled,    where he wrote:

In the matter at hand, there is no real difference between the tribalism offered by [Dinesh] D’Souza and his ilk, and the tribalism offered by West and his defenders. There is no real difference between Tea Partiers who insist that NAACP are the actual racists, and those who believe Obama is a “black mascot” damning the influence of identity politics. There is no real difference between those who push their agenda by implying that Obama isn’t really American, and those who push their agenda by implying that Obama isn’t really black.

Both are afflicted with a species of blindness, and intellectual sloth. Understanding and debating actual policy is hard. Enumerating perceived slights and name-calling, and dubbing it a black agenda, is not.

It may have taken him four years to return fire, but West never forgets an insult and never forgives the insulter.

West has become a small, petty, vulgar, envious and shriveled little man. His ego is second only to the equally vulgar Donald J. Trump. I now consider him a failed intellectual who has invalidated his earlier status as one of the leading voices in Black Thought.

West has nearly abrogated any claim to being a serious thinker to be taken seriously.   His pathological hatred of Barack Obama  coupled with his envy and spitefulness for anyone  like Coates who disagrees with or eclipses him is sad beyond words.   He’s become a really smart rapper with no flow  who enjoys playing the Dozens with big words.

West is a crank living off his rep and is clearly on the down escalator of his career  as Coates passes him on the way up.

“I repudiate Obama and I repudiate myself for supporting Obama.”

Barack Obama: The Winner and STILL President

President Obama

Whoa.  Guess I had a little too much to drink last night.  I thought I woke up the morning after President Obama was reelected and found one of my Obama/Biden signs gone and replaced with a Romney/Ryan sign.

Oh wait.  Somebody did rip off my sign.   That’s pretty ballsy.

Ha. Ha.  Very funny.  We got jokes.   Here’s another joke for the sign swiper.   Four more years.  How’s that taste?

There were a lot of boxing metaphors flying around during the debates.   Here’s one last one:  The winner, and STILL the President of the United States!  Barack Hussein Obama!

A lesson was served up to the GOP on Election Day.  Whether or not they recognize it is their problem.  The Republicans have pretty much exhausted race politics as a winning tactic.  It can still work now and then, but for the most part it’s been exposed as a strategy with no future.

Republicans can point to their control of the House of Representatives and have most of the nation’s governors.   Any power base is a good one and those are strong ones.    Their choice to  ignore voters of color to appeal exclusively to White voters has left the GOP locked out of the White House and denied Mitch McConnell the opportunity to control the Senate.

But, they had better get used to it. The line of the night that resonates with me is when George Will said if the 2020 Republican presidential candidate got ALL the White, Black, Latino and Asian votes John McCain got in 2008, they would lose by 14 million votes!

This country is becoming more diverse whether the GOP and Romney supporters want to admit it. Some sources are saying Obama got 75 percent of the Latino vote. Republicans CAN’T WIN a presidential election by only appealing to White, older voters.

I celebrate the president’s victory.  He got it the old-fashioned way.  He earned it.     On the matter of Mr. Romney and the ass kicking he just took, I savor it like a fine wine.  I delight and revel in it.  Call it  Schadenfreude, but it’s a thing a joy to see a rich man not get what he wants.

What winners look like.

Poor Mittens.  After all that time and money spent and all he has left is a adoring wife,  multiple homes and millions of dollars.   It must really suck to be him today.

Mitt Romney was a lousy candidate for President.  Uninspiring.  Inept.  Unprincipled.  He’s been running for the office for nearly eight years and nobody knows what his core beliefs are or if he even has any.   He’s the quintessential empty suit.   When he was the governor of Massachusetts he was a moderate Republican who favored a woman’s right to choose and gay rights.  Then he decided rather than chill in the Cayman Islands counting his money, he wanted to run for the presidency and all those previously held beliefs swirled down the toilet.

How could anyone say they are “proud” of the campaign Romney ran and the things he stood for?   The man was the Etch-A-Sketch Candidate.  Mitt believes in nothing except money and his divine right to rule.

Romney had no interest in making life better for his fellow Americans.  The only thing Romney’s has ever been good at is making money for stockholders and putting people out of work as their companies go bankrupt or move overseas.    Mitt’s overriding concern is protecting the interests of the One Percent he’s so happy to be a part of and if that means shafting students of loans or Granny of her Medicare, that’s just hard cheese.

Any man caught saying he doesn’t give a damn about half of the people he would propose to lead is totally unfit for the job.   Mitt Romney lost the election the day the American people heard what he really thought about them.

Romney said corporations were people and proceeded to act like one.  He’s a cold, bloodless automaton mouthing phrases he could barely say with a straight face and his own party could barely muster much tolerance for him.  Enthusiasm was almost nil as anyone who saw that sad little wiener roast in Tampa the Republicans called a convention and the only storyline anyone will remember from it is an old actor babbling to a chair.

In the end Romney was such a shockingly unaccomplished challenger he couldn’t be a weakened incumbent whose party had been curb stomped in 2010 with a stalled economy and unemployment near eight percent.  The turnaround specialist lost to an empty chair.

The Republicans are in terrible shape.  Their core demographic is too old, too far to the Right and looks too much like cocktail hour at a country club.   They’ve alienated young voters, Black voters, Latino voters and even Asian voters.   There is a limit to how much can be gained by allowing the extremists of a party dominate the message.   As presently constituted the Republican Party doesn’t look much like America.  It looks like Happy Days.

To quote that great philosopher Tony Stark, “Not a great plan.”

We…we LOST? But that’s unpossible!

Someone on Twitter remarked,  “Most Republicans I know are high-integrity, thoughtful, patriotic, moderate Americans. I hope they get to take their party back.”

Damn straight.  Instead of allowing the Tea Party types to scream, “We want our country back” the rank and file, REAL Republicans should be screaming, “We want our party back!”

They won’t get it as long as they think everything is fine and it’s the fault of those nasty liberals demonizing that nice Mr. Romney.    That’s  just delusional self-denial talking.  The Republican brand was rejected yesterday.    Look at the results and prove otherwise.

When Team Romney refused to hang it up after Ohio was announced for Obama I posted on Facebook,  “Romney doesn’t have to concede Ohio. Screw him. You don’t have to believe in gravity when you jump off a building. Not until you hit the ground.”

Yesterday the GOP went SPLAT!   When Obama finishes his term Democrats will have occupied the White House 16 of the last 24 years.  Explain to me how that bodes well for the Republicans went they are increasingly becoming isolated to the South and a few Western states?    California?  Off the board.   Virginia?  Looking kind of purple these days.   The Midwest?  Be happy for Indiana even if they just elected a Democrat to the Senate instead of a Tea Party whackjob who was yet another right-winger with weird ideas about rape.

Barack Obama’s win was no accident.  He has assembled an awesome team of political experts and a ground game that is second to none.   Obama waxed the ass of the most unscrupulous Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon and  like Nixon, Romney has secured his role in history as one of it’s biggest losers.

Don’t cry for the rich guy.

Four More Years? Absolutely!

When it was all said and done, I stood there and finally made my decision.

I decided to buy Canadian Mist instead of Jack Daniels.   I have my Coke.  I have my Canadian Mist.  I have the ice.  I have the clean glass.

All I need now is four more years for Barack Obama.

I have given the president’s campaign my time, my money and my vote.   Whatever else happens is all up to the voters across this country.   Every vote matters to someone and it doesn’t matter whether if it’s in the reddest of red states or the bluest of blue states.   Let me say that again:  EVERY VOTE MATTERS.   If it didn’t why would there be so much effort put into trying to prevent Americans from voting?

It’s been a long, grueling and tiresome election.   And God, has it been nasty!   I’ve seen so much anger, frustration, and hatred directed at Obama and Mitt Romney.    If this election went on another few weeks we might have people throwing punches at each other.   That’s about all that’s left.

I don’t plan on drinking to get drunk.  I plan on drinking to get loose.   This is a very stressful election and I can’t stop thinking about the woman who met my wife and I on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum and talked to us for a half hour about how much she wanted Obama to win.   She knew how important this election is and the thought of a cynical liar like Romney replacing Obama terrified her.

Let’s stay together.

The prospect of  President Romney doesn’t terrify me.  I survived eight years of Reagan, four years of Bush41 and another eight years of Bush43.  That’s 20 years worth of Republican presidents.   I’m pretty sure I can survive four years of Romney.   And I’ll have a hobby for the next four years: trying to make Romney a one-term president.

IF it comes to that.  I hope it doesn’t.  Obama deserves a second term.  The economy is improving.  Maybe not quickly, but definitely.   The war in Iraq is over, the war in Afghanistan is winding down and if Obama is reelected there won’t be another war with Iran as there will be if Romney has anything to say about it.

There’s plenty of room for improvement if Obama wins a second term.   That improvement deserves another four years for Obama to finish the job he started in 2008.

It’s out of his hands though.   Now it’s up to the voters.   That’s how it should be.   I hope more of them agree with me than disagree.

This Is What Liberal Racism Looks Like

There have been more than enough examples of racist depictions of President Obama coming from the conservative Right.

What about a racist depiction that comes from the liberal Left?

New York magazine writer Dan Amira wrote a brief piece criticizing the president for not yet supporting gay marriage in a piece titled, “Obama’s Gay Marriage Evolution Watch: Day 468”

The illustration accompanying the article is of President Obama “evolving” from a monkey into a rainbow flag-holding human.

This image is insulting, reprehensible and New York magazine owes an immediate apology to President Obama. I do not know if New York magazine has any African-Americans on their editorial staff or if they do, they aren’t conscious ones, but racism is racism and it comes off no better when liberals engage in it than conservatives.

New York magazine tries to be edgy, hip and in the know about everything that is edgy and hip in the greatest city on earth.  But depicting the president as a monkey isn’t hip or edgy.  It’s racism and it’s bullshit.

I have a personal interest in this incident. I subscribe to New York magazine. I will soon be an ex-subscriber if an apology is not swiftly forthcoming.

Obama Challenges Congress As Giffords Bids It Goodbye.

"Anyone want me to hear me do 'Love and Happiness'?"

There was a lot to like in President Obama’s fourth (and possibly last if he’s not reelected) State of the Union speech.   Not that you would know if you looked at how tight and screwed up the faces of House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor were.  Their seething contempt for Obama almost came off in visible waves.

That’s cool.  Let them gripe, groan and gnash their teeth.   I know and Obama knows he’s not going to get a damned thing out of the Republicans in Congress.  That’s fine because the audience he was going for were Democrats and Independents and from polling results of the president’s speech, they seemed to like what they heard from him.

In a presidential year, everything boils down to politics and so did Obama’s last State of the Union before voters go to the polls to retain or replace him in 40 weeks or so. He used the speech to lay out not just a broad agenda for 2012, but to lay out the initial case for his reelection.

The president also took aim indirectly at Mitt Romney when he renewed his call for tax reform and economic equality and fairness.  Romney launched a preemptive strike at the speech and pimped the Republican standard line that the president is pushing class warfare, envy and dividing Americans.  As if the country isn’t already divided between the few doing well and the many catching hell.

While I was a little surprised President Obama didn’t mention the recovering Gabrielle Giffords who announced this week she would be leaving Congress in his speech, he greeted her on the floor of the House with a big bear hug that Giffords seemed earnestly appreciative of.

Giffords submitted her letter of resignation to the assembled House before the president’s speech and received a standing ovation from her colleagues from both sides of the aisle.

Gabrielle Giffords is a testament to the power of faith, healing and courage. She has served her state and constituents well. Now she needs to serve her own needs and heal.

I wish her well. Godspeed, Gabby

Donald Trump and the Art of the (Raw) Deal

Never mind Obama's birth certificate. Where was your hair born, Donny?

A few things to mention about  Donald Trump running for president.  He’s not.  Like Bill Cosby says, he’s only running his mouth.   If he gets us to pay attention, he wins.  He’s on a winning streak and the only thing that will mess it up is for him to actually try to take away Barack Obama’s job.

As many laughs as it would be to watch President Trump’s State of the Union where he tells all 538 members of Congress, “you’re all fired.”  it’s just not happening.    He doesn’t want to be president.   He only wants everyone to hang on his every word as if he just might.

One way to generate a buzz is to start talking up the throughly bat-shit crazy Birther bunk.  Does Trump really believe Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii?   Who knows?   More importantly, who cares?   Why is Trump any more credible than Orly Taitz or Alan Keyes?   Because he’s rich and they’re not?

When even Bill O’Reilly says, “We’re going to put this to bed tonight.  He does have a legitimate birth certificate.  The state of Hawaii says they have it.  And we have no reason not to believe that,” that is a sure sign even Fox News isn’t buying what Trump is selling.

Is Trump running for president?  Nope.  He’s not even seriously TALKING about running for president.  What he IS doing is getting people to TALK seriously about him running.   If he were to actually win the nomination he wouldn’t choose a vice-president.  He wouldn’t even need a Cabinet.  He would run the government all by himself.  His King Kong sized ego would never allow an important decision be made by anyone not named Donald Trump..

Can anyone envision Candidate Comb Over standing in the cold of an Iowa farm trying to get a farmer with manure on his boots to shake his hand?  Can you imagine The Donald standing on stage with a dozen other GOP zombies trying to explain how they would handle the Libya situation and piping up, “I totally SCREWED the guy (Gaddafi)!”

Presidential candidates have to be two things as much as possible:  disciplined and on message.   Trump could never do that for as long as he would have to make a serious noise in the primary.  It doesn’t matter how popular he is or how well he’s doing in Republican polling.   Polls at this stage are more than useless.   They reflect name recognition as much as anything else.  Trump saw the high numbers of Republicans questioning where the president was born and saw an opening to squirm into.

“I know this.  I will be better than anybody.  If I decide to run, I will do the best job.  I will best for this country.  And you might say, ‘Oh gee, that doesn’t sound like George Washington.’ Well, guess what?   Before George Washington ran, he didn’t sound like George Washington either.  I will…do a great job, if I run and if I win.”  The Donald said in one of his many pushing-Charlie-Sheen-out-of-the-headlines interviews.

A unserious man for serious times

I’m going to waaaaaayy out on a limb and say this with total and complete confidence: the Republican candidate squaring off Obama in 2012 will not be any heat-seeking drama queens named Palin, Bachmann or Trump.   It will be some boring (but electable) White guy like Tiny Tim Pawlenty, Midget Mitch Daniels or Corpulent Chris Christie.

Donald Trump, the biggest booster of Birtherism is playing upon conservative White suspcions that Obama isn’t really one of us (so he must be one of them, nudge-nudge, wink-wink).

The other thing is always be wary of White guys who boast of their “great relationship with the Blacks.”

I just asked The Blacks about Trump. Nice couple. Live a couple doors down from me. Wave at ’em when they pass by walking the dog. They said, “Trump is a idiot and Bill Cosby was right.”

Donald Trump, welcome to your Ross Perot moment.

The Rise of the Obamabots

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Obamabot:  One who supports Barack Obama and yet knows very little or nothing about Obama the man and politician; his history, accomplishments and challenges beyond repeating Obama Camp talking points and/or slogans.

An Obamabot typically can’t define, explain or defend Obama’s policies. If an Obamabot is pursued or confronted about his or her seeming blind loyalty and lack of knowledge, he or she will typically launch a ‘counter attack’ (to a perceived attack) and accuse those who differ as racist, ignorant, hateful, etc. and/or will become resentful, indignant, insulting, and even threatening (in cases which are most extreme).

Urban Dictionary definition

There’s a new game I’ve noticed a lot of the Black pundits are starting to play (and I include myself in that number) and that is a need to prove we are not Obamabots.  Some of us have become hypersensitive to the criticism we will automatically leap to President Obama’s defense no matter how legitimate that criticism may be.   We are now desperately attempting to prove we are not mindlessly loyal robots, programmed to be uncritical of the president.

Now some of us have over-corrected.   We search for something to criticize Obama about to reassert our independence and to prove to our Caucasian counterparts that we have not “gone native” and reestablish our loyalties to journalistic independence supersede any misguided racial loyalty.  Therefore we have African-Americans joining in with the talking heads of Fox News, and demanding Attorney General Holder explain why he isn’t aggressively pursuing the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case or investigating ACORN.  The latest outrage is to now click our tongues in mock dismay over the money being spent on First Lady Michelle Obama’s vacation/trip to Spain.

Some people whose opinions I respect are seriously posing questions like this:  Is First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip overseas to Spain inappropriate in a bad recession here at home–unemployment close to 10%, 40 million people using food stamps–they are calling her “Let them eat cake Marie Antoinette, Michelle Obama”–is that fair or foul??

To which I replied:  I fail to see how the First Lady and the girls sitting around the White House wringing their hands about something they can do nothing about is a valid reason to criticize them.

The true answer is neither fair nor foul.   The correct answer is to pose another question:  Who are “they” and why should I play their stupid game of “gotcha?”

I have my own sneaking suspicions of who “they” are, but I doubt “they” have ever had a kind thought for Barack or Michelle Obama.

There are two things I should make clear.   The first is I voted for and admire President Obama and his family.   The second is when he disappoints me I don’t have a problem saying that he has.  I see his faults.   It doesn’t require a Beck or Limbaugh to hip me to where Obama comes up short.

Knowing that I am a Obama supporter, why do so many Black conservatives/Republicans try to run the okie-doke on me and ask, “Where were you when everyone was saying all these terrible things about George W. Bush?” If memory serves I was probably one of those guys saying some of those terrible things since I did not like the guy, voted enthusiastically against him twice and was happier than hell when the son-of-a-Bush finally left after eight long, terrible years.

Please don’t come at me anymore with that “Bush was treated badly too” line because that simplistic reasoning ignores the reality how hard Bush worked to earn his lousy approval ratings.   There’s a sense among White Americans that Obama is Jimmy Carter reincarnated; a really smart guy with a nice smile, but kind of cold and absolutely in over his head as a Chief Executive.   With Bush, they knew he wasn’t that smart and his smile looked more like a smirk, but Bush was smart enough to surround himself with exceptionally smart people like Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice to balance out the cold hitmen like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld,     The Obama Cabinet lacks those kind of clearly defined heroes and hissable villains.

Is it the support of 30 million African-American Obamabots and their 93 percent approval of Obama’s job performance all that is keeping the President’s drooping poll numbers from going into complete free-fall as Washington Examiner writer Byron York suggests in Cord Jefferson’s analysis in The Root?    York seems to believe it can be chalked up to racial loyalty that has Obama doing so well with Blacks when Whites seem to be deserting him in droves.

Yet what explains a Gallup poll from December 2008 when 72 percent of conservative Republicans still held a favorable opinion of the job Bush was doing while only 29 percent of the rest of the nation shared their sentiments?   White loyalty?   Say it ain’t so!

Barack Obamabot

Maybe what’s going on here is Blacks are not as willing to give up on Obama as Whites are because they’re ahead of the curve.   Bush never scored particularly high with us and by the time he limped out of office only 7 percent of Blacks agreed with those conservative Republicans that Bush wasn’t a total bust as president.  The rest of the country finally caught up in 2008 to  a perspective African-Americans had held since 2001:  Bush was a loser who reeked of incompetence and flop sweat.

The fact there are thousands, if not millions of African-Americans who don’t dig Barack Obama neither troubles nor surprises me.   There were those who thought Martin Luther King Jr., was a troublemaker, Malcolm X a militant loudmouth, Angela Davis a Commie and the Black Panthers a motley group of gun-toting thugs.   I have it on good information there are some of us who didn’t think Michael Jackson was much of a dancer.

There has never been one unified mind among Black folk about anyone, any issue at any time.  Every Black person is free to say awful, mean and terrible things about Obama without having their membership in the race called into question.   Heaven knows I’ve said my share of unkind things about the President and thought even worst things.  I have before and expect to again before he leaves office.

What I’m not about to do is rip Obama over trivial junk simply to show my autonomy or because some right-winger who watches too much Fox News accuses me of not being fair and balanced.   Never let anyone convince you because you’re not always bipartisan it must mean you must be biased.    I’m honest enough to admit Obama gets the benefit of the doubt from me and his critics do not.

Does that make me a Obamabot?   I can see how someone might say it does.   That doesn’t make them are right or me obligated to prove they are.   I reserve the right to rip the President when I think he has it coming.    I need a better reason than the ones Rupert Murdoch’s fantasy-is- reality-factory have given me thus far.

Evil Dick keeps picking the scabs.

Would you trust your government to this man?

Would you trust your country to this man?

Evil Dick Cheney gave a speech today lauding the anti-terrorism steps undertaken by The Cheney/Bush Administration and blasting the Obama Administration for following their policies including harsh interrogation methods.

The more Cheney talks the more likely it is there will be either a Congressional “Truth Commission” to investigate what went on or at least the prosecution of the Cheney/Bush Justice Department lawyers that provided the legal justification for waterboarding and other torture tactics.

It’s a pretty sick joke that Evil Dick Cheney, the same cold SOB who failed to protect the nation from the worst terrorist attack on American soil wants to puff up his chest and crow like a rooster of how good of a job he’s done since then.

It’s like a poor student who got a “F” on their first exam bragging about the “D” he brought it up to.

Bush/Cheney failed on 9/11. Failed in Afghanistan. Failed in Iraq. What can you expect from two chickenhawks who avoided war but gladly send thousands of Americans to die in a war against an enemy that had nothing to do with the attack on America.

The more Cheney tries to defend the record of the Cheney Administration the more he reminds us of how piss-poor of a job he did on September 11, 2001. All his revisionism, excuses and bullshit can’t change that.

A smart man would stop reminding the world how badly he screwed up.  A humble man would allow history to set the record straight.   Evil Dick was never humble and he isn’t being very smart.

Cheney isn’t engaged in a war against terror. He’s waging a war against Obama.

See this Dick?  YOU didnt prevent it.

See this Dick? YOU didn't prevent it.

 Cheney is such a fundamentially dishonest and deceptive human being that he lies even when he knows his lies will be swiftly discovered and debunked. Why anyone would trust a man whom is both a habitiual liar and a coward is a continued source of wonderment to me.

Isn’t it interesting that a man who hid out from the majority of his tenure in office in a bunker emerging only to give a few speeches before friendly hand-picked audiences now has become a  media whore who won’t  go away or shut the hell up?

I’m willing to agree that there is always a possibility for another terrorist attack in a country the size of America within the next  four years, four months or four weeks.

But an excellent chance? No. I’m not as willing to buy into the line of bull Evil Cheney and his felllow travelers are trying to sell the American people (as they have continually through four Congressional and two presidential elections since 9/11).

Political dynamics are not changed easily. The voters didn’t punish Bush and Cheney in 2002 or 2004 despite their failure to protect the nation on 9/11. They rewarded them with majorities and eventually total control of the White House and Congress. Remember Karl Rove prediciting a permanent Republican majority? Whatever happened to that wet dream?

The assumption is if we get hit again it will be President Obama’s fault or at least that’s the narrative Cheney is trying to create. It’s politically astute to do so even if it positively Machivellian in it’s crass cynicism.

But Richard B. Cheney never was a stickler over putting the interests of the nation over gaining a political advantage.

Scaring the shit out of people has worked very well for Republicans and obviously Evil Dick thinks there’s some life still left in the tactic.Not since Tricky Dick Nixon has there been a politician who is so hopelessy treacherous, unprincipled and a habitiual liar as Evil Dick Cheney.   When a man lies as repeatedly, consistently and with such contempt for truth and honesty as Cheney does he is never again entitled to the benefit of the doubt. 

The smartest way to handle Evil Dick Cheney is to assume he’s guilty of lying until proven differently.