Herman Cain: Shut Up, Fool!

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman…oh wait…yes, I did. And I’d like to again.”

It would be easy to give Mitt Romney the Shut Up, Fool! award for a second consecutive week.  Hell, after his “47 percent” remarks he’s made a strong bid for Lifetime Achievement status, but that was the Real Romney we heard sneering about the flotsam and jetsam of the country.   This was a country club,  wealthy, White Republican male bitching to other country club, wealthy White Republican males in his natural habitat.

Mitt didn’t misspeak.  He said what he meant and personally I found his momentary lapse of candor refreshing.  I don’t want him to stop now.  I want him to keep this up right up to Election Day.   There’s always another fool willing to step up and oh look, here’s a fool we haven’t heard from in a while.

When last we heard from Herman Cain  he was suspending his presidential campaign over allegations of sexual harassment were levied against him by several women, all White, emerged and another woman, also White, came forth detailing a long-term affair (ew!) with the former pizza CEO.

Cain quickly dropped out of sight and wasn’t asked to speak at the Republican National Convention, but he emerged from whatever rock he had been under to make several silly statements including if he hadn’t torched his own campaign with his inability to keep his sausage  in his pants, he would be beating President Obama in the polls.

“Stupid people are ruining America, and we’ve got to take it back,” he said at an appearance before 300 people at the University of Florida before he serenaded them with a rendition of “Believe In Yourself” from The Wiz.

Cain ended his political campaign amid allegations of multiple affairs and sexual harassment. But he said he would have a “substantial lead” over Obama if he had won the GOP nomination.

“The reason is quite simple: I have some depth to my ideas,” he said.

Depth to his ideas?   The only depth Cain cares about is the depth of a woman’s cleavage when he’s checking her out.

The only thing Cain brought to the Republican presidential primary was a total lack of qualifications and a lust for White women.   He said he would have no interest in serving in a Romney Administration.   Good thing.  There’s already servers, janitors and cooks working at the White House.   They don’t need Cain’s coonin’ ass making goo-goo eyes at Ann Romney.

If only Cain were the Republican nominee.   Obama would be up by 20 points and Republicans would be committing ritual suicide in mass numbers.   This election would already be over.  Alas, due to the Herminator fiendin’ for the White stuff we were denied the spectacle of Black-on-Black crime as Obama publicly kicked Cain’s ass in three televised debate/bitch slaps.

It was a missed opportunity for the American electorate but it’s good enough for a Shut Up, Fool! award.

She: “Herman, please! Not in public!”
He: “Michelle, don’t act like you don’t love my hat”

Mitt’s Pick: The Radical Mr. Ryan

“Paul Ryan? So not impressed, Mitt.”

Mitt Romney sure must be sick of talking about his tax returns.  Why else would you pick the Saturday morning  of the last full day of the Olympics you were picking Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, a conservative wonder boy and a Tea Party pin-up as your running mate?

This sure makes it clear Romney is now endorsing Ryan’s meat cleaver approach to the budget. That’s going to be a tough sell to seniors and independents, two blocs the Republicans must have to win in November.

Romney has tried to walk the walk as a mushy moderate who will say anything to placate the right-wing of his party. Tying himself to Paul Ryan and his Draconian budget plans means he’s “all in” for placating the Right even if he drives seniors and Independents right into Obama’s open arms.

Within minutes–not hours–of  the announcement Ryan would be Mitt’s attack dog,  my e-mail Inbox was flooded with messages (and requests for money,  naturally) from the Obama campaign,  Act Blue, Emily’s List, Bold Progressives, and Rob Zerban.   Who the hell is Rob Zerban?   He’s Ryan Democratic challenger in Wisconsin and he’s got his hand out too though he will never spend a single minute boning up to debate Ryan.

Emily’s List: A President Romney would be devastating for women and families, so it’s no surprise he’d pick Paul Ryan. Ryan rammed his radical budget plan to decimate vital programs for seniors through Congress — and did it on the backs of the women and families, like our grandmothers, who need these programs the most. And that’s just the beginning.

Ohio Democratic Party:one story you likely won’t hear is about Ryan’s start in politics, as a young staffer just out of college, working for then-Congressman John Kasich’s Budget Committee. Ryan cut his teeth working long, tireless hours for Kasich, helping him slash programs for working families, grinding progress to a halt, and laying the groundwork to shut down the federal government.   Kasich made a big mark on Ryan, which became entirely clear last year when Congressman Paul Ryan followed in the footsteps of his mentor, proposing a radical, ideological budget that would end Medicare as we know it. These men are truly cut from the same cloth.

No more cheese? Me am unhappy.

Obama for America: Congressman Paul Ryan is best known as the author of a budget so radical The New York Times called it “the most extreme budget plan passed by a House of Congress in modern times.” With Mitt Romney’s support, Ryan would end Medicare as we know it and slash the investments we need to keep our economy growing — all while cutting taxes for those at the very top.

Act Blue: By choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt just made the most radical choice possible.   Paul Ryan is the Tea Party’s darling and architect of the GOP’s plan to destroy Medicare. And while dismantling the nation’s social safety net, he will give even more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires like Mitt Romney.

Okay, okay.  I get the message.  Paul Ryan is a wrong number if you’re a Democrat.   Message received.  I whipped out my Master Card and  made two campaign contributions.  Happy now?

What I find most interesting about Romney’s pick of Ryan is this might be the first time a vice-presidential choice supplied the vision that will guide the nominee and not the other way around.

Naturally most Americans have never heard of Ryan.   That’s about to change.  My junk mail folder filled up this afternoon with the opening salvo of  Democratic opposition research on the Ayn Rand acolyte.

When will the press get over their swooning over Mitt’s dreamy new policy wonk?      Patience, please. First comes the inevitable servile fawning of the lap dog Washington insiders laughingly portrayed as “the liberal media” as they crush on Ryan as a brilliant leading light of fiscal responsibility who is willing to make the tough calls and difficult decisions.

Awww…they’re so cute at that age.

Later comes the vivisection. That is when in a sudden burst of journalistic principles, the lap-dogs of the press do the heavy lifting of actually looking into the details of how Beady-Eyes Ryan plans to euthanize granny so she won’t be such a bother in her sunset years.

If you don’t want to wait for the flaying of Paul Ryan, I suggest you read some Charles F. Pierce of Esquire who has already begun to carve Beady-Eyes from his ass to his appetite.

One day, some years from now, I’m going to figure out how Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny-starver from Wisconsin, managed to fool so many people for so long. He’s a garden-variety supply-side faker. His alleged economic “wonkery” consists of a B.A. in economics from Miami of Ohio — which he would not have been able to achieve without my generosity in helping him out with the Social Security survivor’s benefits that got him through high school after his father kicked. (You’re welcome, zombie-eyed granny-starver. Think nothing of it. Really.)

Whereupon he went to work in Washington for a variety of conservative congresscritters and think-tanks, thinking unremarkable thoughts for fairly unremarkable people. Once in Congress, however, he has been transformed into an intellectual giant despite the fact that, every time he comes up with another “budget,” actual economists get a look at it and determine, yet again, that between “What We Should Do” and “Great Things That Will Happen When We Do” is a wilderness of dreamy nonsense, wishful thinking, and an asterisk the size of Lake Huron. At which point, Republicans who’d like to have careers in five years take to hiding behind the drapes when he comes down the hall. Then, a few months later, he’s at it again. And even some putatively liberal commentators shrug and tell themselves that, at least, Paul Ryan is a Serious Person.

He gets credit for sincerely wanting to “reform” entitlements, when his entire career makes it quite plain that he doesn’t believe in the concept of entitlements, let alone the ones we actually have. He gets a pass on obvious mendacity that none of us would buy from, say, Herman Cain. (In a way, it’s not dissimilar to all those valentines to the mighty intellect of Newt Gingrich that we read back in the early 1990’s, until everybody figured out that Newt’s default position on almost everything was being a thoroughgoing creep.) Outside of the very real possibility that it’s all being done to give Paul Krugman a stroke, I don’t get it.

Ryan is no Palin. He’s way smarter and far savvier. He won’t make dumb gaffes (study up, Joe!).   He’s a Maverick, but a disciplined one. But selecting him makes it clear his radical vision is the one Republicans will begin trying to sell America at their convention and Ryan will either be Romney’s life preserver or anchor.     Mitt picked a radical like Palin, but this one’s got a brain.

Doug Lamborn: Accidentially Ignorant. Intentionally Racist

Racism: The tar baby Republicans won’t let go of.

Writing in USA Today, columnist DeWayne Wickham called out the GOP for it’s “disrespect” of President Obama.

What should be clear to the whole world watching the debt-ceiling battle is that the Republicans are far more intent on taking the president’s scalp than balancing the nation’s books. They had ample opportunities to do the latter during the eight years of George W. Bush.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., has been especially relentless in the debt-ceiling fight. He attacked this first African-American president with a palpable disrespect not only for Obama personally, but also for his esteemed office.

Following what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called Cantor’s “childish” display during a meeting with Obama, the House majority leader complained that the president had cut short the meeting and stormed out of the room. “He shoved back and said, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow’ and walked out,” Cantor snidely told reporters— as though the president needs his permission to end a White House gathering.

That encounter might have reminded Obama of the open letter Frederick Douglass, a runaway slave and abolitionist who became one of this nation’s first black diplomats, wrote to his slave master.

It would be “a privilege” to show you “how mankind ought to treat each other,” Douglass told the man who had badly mistreated him. “I am your fellow man, but not your slave.”

Douglass’ words might have prompted another reflection when, during a critical point in the debt negotiations, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, contemptuously waited more than half a day to return a call from the president.

Or, Obama might have heard Douglass’ words ringing in his ears after acting House Speaker Steve LaTourette of Ohio had to warn his GOP colleagues during a heated debt-reduction debate on the House floor to stop making disparaging remarks about Obama.

This total lack of respect is downright contemptible — if not unpatriotic. Such contempt, I’m convinced, is rooted in something other than political differences. Today, you might not see the overt actions of racist southern governors like Ross Barnett or George Wallace in the 1960s. But the presence of Jim Crow, Jr. — a more subtle form of racism — is there.

It’s possible to blame the raw rhetoric and tension between the president and the Republicans on the summer heat, the unflinching media scrutiny on the debt ceiling negotiations or next year’s elections and the gamesmanship that Washington thrives on in these sort of dust-ups.

On the other hand, maybe Wickham is right. Maybe the Republicans have a deeper seeded issue with Obama. Like a racial one.

The latest example comes from Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado:

“Even if some people say, well the Republicans should have done this or they should have done that, they will hold the president responsible,” said Lamborn said Friday during an interview on a Denver radio station. “Now I don’t want to even have to be associated with him. It’s like touching a tar baby and you get, you get it, you know… you are stuck and you are part of the problem now and you can’t get away.

The sooap that makes you dirtier, not cleaner.

Lamborn may just be a lamebrain who had no idea of the racial (and racist) implications of such a loaded phrase.

But how many “accidents” does it take before it stops being accidental and starts being deliberate? How many times can the nation’s first Black president be taunted, mocked and insulted based upon his race before it becomes clear it is based on racism?

How far does it have to go? Does someone have to stand in the well of the House or Senate and drop a “N-bomb” on Obama before there’s no denying it anymore?

Apologists for Lamborn have said he meant no offense by the reference and people who are offended now were probably the same ones who were offended when the word “niggardly” was used by another politician years ago.

“Niggardly” isn’t an insult. Niggardly means cheap, not a dark-skinned person of African heritage. “Tar baby” is an insult and if you doubt me, try calling any sentient Black man by that name and see how they react (but you might want to take a step or two back first).

Since we’re mucking around deep in the Cliche mine, let’s excavate another one while we’re in here. It’s called “playing the race card” and you don’t have to be Black to pull it and throw in on table as a device to shame guilty conscience liberals into spasms of White guilt.

Lamborn the Lamebrain and his victim.

White folks can pull it too–and they do. They do it when they want to dog whistle to the real hardcore racists, that they got their back. “Pssst…I can’t say it out loud, but I can’t stand ‘those people’ either.”

Did anyone’s ears just perk up?

Republicans used to call it “the Southern Strategy.” Now along with romancing slavery it’s just “standard operating procedure.

Lamborn apologized to the president and says he “regrets any misunderstanding” over his comments.  What’s to misunderstand?  How many times do most people say “tar baby” in a year?

An apology is meaningless when it’s issued only because you got caught in the act of being stupid, insensitive, crude, but mostly racist.

An apology is worthless when it’s issued after the dog whistle to the really hardcore racist that you’re sorry you said it (but really you’re not sorry at all).

An apology is garbage when you know what you said is what you meant and the “apology” is just to cover your ass.

Apologies are meaningless when they come from Republicans after they have made racist remarks because as sure as God made little green apples, there’s going to be another Republican coming down the chute to say something even more racist.

Kill that noise.  Apology not accepted.
Forward these bullshit lies to someone who will happily swallow them. Try Herman Cain. He specializes in absolving White Republicans of racism. He’d probably love the gig.

The Herminator Gets All the Women. Gotta be the hat.

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Jon Huntsman: John McCain, Version 2.0

"I'm running for the one guy in Iowa who knows who the hell I am!"

Jon Huntsman is a former governor of Utah and President Obama’s former ambassador to China.  He is also part of a dying breed; a moderate Republican who doesn’t see government as the enemy of all that’s holy and favors civil unions for gays.  This week Huntsman announced he was running to replace his former boss as a candidate for the presidency.

TIME called Huntsman “the candidate the Democrats most fear.”

Huntsman is smart, charismatic, a deep thinker and believes in civility instead of confrontation.  The national media loves the guy, but they can’t make him the Republican nominee for president.   The voters in the Republican primaries next year can, but as most of them have never even heard of Jon Huntsman it remains to be seen if they will.

My best guess is they won’t.

Huntsman would be a formidable challenger for President Obama.   If he were running as a Democrat. But he’s not and it is unlikely he will ever get a chance to running as a Republican.

How does a moderate Republican who worked in the Obama Administration become the presidential candidate of a far Right GOP? I don’t see Huntsman’s path to the presidency. Reading a story in the Washington Post by Dana Milbank and it’s clear to me he’s a decent enough guy, but no way are the Tea Party types and other red meat Republicans going to get behind this guy.

"You're doing a remarkable job, boss, but I could do it better."

“Huntsman, who was until recently President Obama’s ambassador to China and yet who notably didn’t mention Obama by name in his kickoff speech, made a plea for “civility, humanity and respect” — the very qualities our political system seems to abhor.

I wish Huntsman luck in this noble pursuit, but the high road almost always leads to political oblivion. For Huntsman to maintain his course all the way to the Republican presidential nomination would turn politics on its head. More likely, he will join other decent men — Richard Lugar, Orrin Hatch — whose presidential campaigns were quickly forgotten.

Early signs suggest Huntsman will do no better. Polls show upward of six in 10 Republicans don’t know enough about him to form an opinion. In Iowa, where Huntsman has said he will not compete, one poll found total support for Huntsman of one — not 1 percent, but one person.”

It would be hard not to be viable when compared to some of the nitwits and dimwits and half-wits already splashing around in the GOP presidential pool. But electable? I’m not convinced yet. If Huntsman is skipping Iowa and depending on New Hampshire or South Carolina to make him a player, chances are he’ll just be a trivial contest question soon.

Huntsman is the media’s favorite Republican. The ability to sound like a rational and sane adult in a race full of Bachmanns, Cains and Santorums is easy..  It’s his decision to skip the Iowa caucuses that bafflles me.  You might think if Huntsman is so darn charismatic and likable that would play well in Iowa where retail politics can turn an unknown into a contender.

Will he take New Hampshire away from Mitt Romney? I guess that’s possible if he camps out there for x amount of months, but that’s a place where he won’t be favored. South Carolina? Fuhgeddaboutit. His kind of moderation won’t play well there.

Huntsman seems to be pinning his hopes on open primary states such as New Hampshire and Florida where Democrats and independents can cast a vote for him.   The question is why would they?   Simply because the New York Times thinks Huntsman is the kind of cool conservative who isn’t mean or a whack job doesn’t mean people are going to turn out in large enough numbers to deny Romney or some other red meat right-winger the GOP nomination.

No matter how little conservatives like Romney or the Mormon faith he and Huntsman share, they will hold their noses and back him before they do a former Obama appointee that has gone rogue.

Huntsman is a decent guy, but does he have a decent shot at the nomination?

Florida is where Huntsman has planted his campaign flag.  Then, so did another “moderate” in 2008,  Rudy Giuliani, and we saw how that played out.

Huntsman’s main constituency is the press. He’s become the latest version of “the liberal media’s favorite Republican.” This is a position that has been occupied by such folks as John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christine Todd Whitman. Now it’s Huntsman’s turn to be adored by the media for his moderation and most likely rejected by his party for it.

Huntsman will be the gentlest of the Republicans in his criticisms of the president, but the letter he wrote calling Obama “a remarkable leader” is something Huntsman will be slammed with in every debate he shows up for. . I’m just not seeing how he wins the nomination and I haven’t seen a scenario presented that convinces me there is one.

Jon Huntsman is John McCain 2.0 but even less likely to get a chance at beating his former employer.

A Little Off-Color Humor, Anyone?

"Damn glad to meetcha. Hey...WHAT THE...????"

Since President Obama is usually on the receiving end of their scorn, when the Republicans gathered in New Orleans  last week for a conference someone must have thought it might be a nice change to mock him instead.   So some genius decided to hire a Obama imitator named Reggie Brown to do a send up of America’s first Black president.

Things didn’t quite turn out the way the Repubs might have hoped.  Brown spoke to The Atlantic about what happened when his routine was cut short:

Was a Republican political conference different from the stuff you usually do?

I normally do corporate comedy, so I’ll travel around and do everything from medical associations to lawyer groups, things of that nature. This was the first major political event I’ve ever been invited to, so I was real excited to get up and perform my material. I thought it was cool that a lot of the people in my act–the candidates–were going to be there. Because my latest material is based on the 2012 candidates, and for them to all be there, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make ’em laugh and poke a little fun at them. I thought that showed a lot for the Republican sense of humor.

Did the organizers give you any guidance about what type of humor they were looking for?

No, no guidance was given prior to the show. They booked me to come down based on my website and the links my manager forwarded them of my recent work. I was booked to do my routine.

What was your intention going in? Seemed like you tried to kind of hit every target, Democrat and Republican.

Oh yeah. Our show is designed to be fair and balanced. If we hit the Republicans we hit the Democrats, and then the Tea Party. We want to make it accessible to everyone, and let everyone have a good time.

So walk me through what happened out there on stage? What was your point of view?

"Stop me if you've heard this one. Two Republicans walk into a bar..."

So I came out and was going through my material. I was loving it, the audience was loving it–great energy. We’re feeding off each other. And I started to get into my set about their candidates for 2012, and the Mitt Romney joke drew a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs,’ but also a lot of applause and laughter. I delivered a couple more on Pawlenty and Gingrich, and then as I started into my Michele Bachmann joke and her PowerPoint slide came up on the screen, the music came up. I thought it was a technical error, because we do occasionally experience a glitch with the PowerPoint. Then the mike cut out, and the gentleman came on stage and told me my time was up.

Did they indicate that they were unhappy with your performance? What did he say?

No, not at all. He just came out and said, ‘Sorry, your time’s up.’ I thanked the audience, went backstage, and a few of the organizers were saying, great job, very well done, we’re all excited for you. I left the stage feeling like I’d done a great job. It was awesome, it was great.

There have always been comedians who imitate presidents. White comedians from Rich Little to Dana Carvey have been well paid to do impressions of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton and both Bush presidents.  Now we got a problem because a brother is trying to make a buck off of doing Obama?

Maybe Brown isn’t that funny and he isn’t. His jokes are a little on the lame side, but there’s a difference between not being funny and catering to White racism. As long as he doesn’t cross that line, I got no problem with Brown.

Whether or not Brown’s hustle is making White conservatives laugh about a Black conservative, that doesn’t mean he’s standing up there with a bucket of KFC extra crispy and a .40 ounce pretending he’s the president.

Whenever it is said you can’t make fun of President Obama because he’s the first Black president, we are saying he has to be treated “special.”  Politicians are subject to be mocked and Obama is a politician.  He can take a joke and so should everybody else as long as it’s not malicious or pandering to bigots.

Comedians have always made fun of politicians and they always should.  The screw-ups of puffed-up politicians are a fertile gold mine for jokers.

Contrast that with Herman Cain whining like a little beeyotch because Jon Stewart made fun of him after Cain said as president he wouldn’t sign any bill longer than three pages.

"Five chicken dinners? Over here, buddy!"

Cain said,  “I am an American. Black. Conservative.  I don’t use African American, because I’m American, I’m black and I’m conservative. I don’t like people trying to label me. African American is socially acceptable for some people, but I am not some people.”

I love it when Black conservatives play the race card.  Their hypocrisy is so delicious.

The Herminator needs to get a X-ray for his funny bone. It’s Jon Stewart for Godfather pizza’s sake! He didn’t make fun of Cain because he’s a Black conservative. He made fun of Cain because he’s a fool that happens to be Black.

Getting a giggle out the screw ups is what a comedian does. Cain should realize Stewart is an equal opportunity offender so come on Herman.  Put on your big boy Pull-Ups and get over yourself.

Somewhere in America there’s a brother working on his humorless Herman Cain impression.  Maybe Reggie Brown is looking for a partner?

The Neutering of Michael Steele (to be continued…)


“I’m very introspective about things. I’m a cause-and-effect kind of guy. So if I do something, there’s a reason for it… It may look like a mistake, a gaffe. There is a rationale, there is a logic behind it. I want to see what the landscape looks like. I want to see who yells the loudest. I want to know who says they’re with me but really isn’t.”

~ Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele

Michael Steele loves the sound of his own voice.  Since taking over as chairman of the Republican National Committee, Steele has issued proclamations, postured for the cameras and proudly proclaimed himself as the leader of the Republican Party.

For what that’s worth.

Apparently, not too much.  A recent Gallup poll revealed most Republicans believe the “leader” of the party is Rush Limbaugh.

The question was put to national respondents, “Who do you think is the main person who speaks for the Republican Party today?”

Limbaugh grabbed 13% of the vote, followed by Dick Cheney (10%),  John McCain and Newt Gingrich tied (6%).

Steele came in at a whopping two percent along with fellow bottom feeders House Republican leader John “the Boner” Boehner and Williard “Mitt’ Romney.

That means the self-described leader of the Grand Old Party comes in far behind a corpulent, Oxycontin addicted talk show host,  an ex vice-president who misled the country into war against Iraq, a failed presidential candidate and a guy named after an aquatic salamander.

“Pass those chicken wings over here!”

Steele when given the news probably jumped up, broke into the Electric Slide screaming, “Sarah Palin didn’t even place.  Woo-hoo! Suck on that Sarah!”

If one of Steele’s stated goals is to make the Republican Party the supposed “big tent” that is open and inclusive of all races and creeds, now would be a good time for the erstwhile “leader” of the party to speak up and denounce the recent acts of bad taste and racism directed at President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Instead there’s only been stony silence.   Steele has said nothing about the recent rash of Republicans Behaving Racist against the Obamas.   Steele has spent his time whacking ABC for not accepting RNC ads during a planned news program broadcast on the president’s health care plans.

Douglas MacKinnon, the press secretary for former Senator Bob Dole wrote a column for the NY Daily News asking why the Republican “leaders” won’t stand up and confront the bigots in the party.

Two blatant and mind-numbing acts of racism by Republicans were just reported in the news — and unfortunately and unwisely, GOP “leadership” has chosen to remain silent. Why?

The first involved a former election commission chairman from South Carolina who, upon hearing a gorilla had escaped from the local zoo, posted on his Facebook site, “I’m sure it’s just one of Michelle’s ancestors — probably harmless.” The second involved the executive assistant to a Republican state senator in Tennessee who circulated a photo of all 44 presidents, with the picture of President Obama being an all black rectangle with two white eyes.

You would think, that as the complexion of America continues to change and as the GOP has discovered a desperate need to reach out to minorities, that at least some of those who purport to speak for the party might look upon these disreputable acts as a way to sincerely reach out to the black and minority communities. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case.

Even with the appointment of Michael Steele as the first black chairman of the Republican National Committee, the party is far from connecting with black and minority communities. Beyond that, some GOP leaders seem to be looking for every chance to undermine Steele’s efforts to create a more relevant and diverse party.

The recent racist flare ups could have been a turning point.

Regardless of whether they intend to run for the White House or not in 2012, the likes of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Romney and any other “leader” of the GOP, should step in front of a microphone immediately and offer a sincere and deserved apology to Michelle and Barack Obama on behalf of the GOP — and let them and minorities across America know that not only do vile people who make such jokes not speak for the party, but they are not welcome in the party.

Palin asked for an apology from David Letterman for a joke that she said was an attack on women everywhere. He delivered it. Given these recent brazen offenses toward blacks, the GOP could learn from Letterman’s contrition.

Speak up, GOP leaders — and recognize this as a chance to do and say the right thing. If not, your silence will be analyzed and ultimately interpreted. link

Meet the same Boss.  Same as the old Boss.

Meet the same Boss. Same as the old Boss.

If David Letterman can apologize multiple times for bad jokes about The Palins, Michael Steele, who normally never turns down a chance to run off at the  mouth, should apologize to the President and First Lady for Republican racism.

Maybe he would.   If the real bosses of the RNC (Rush, Newt, Cheney) would let him.

As Elton John said, it’s a sad, sad situation and it’s getting more and more absurd.

Michael “Bojangles” Steele gets served by Massa Rush.

This is a first for me.  I’m going to make a retraction.

A month ago, following his election as the chairman of the Republican National Committee, I sarcastically called former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele the “H.N.I.C. of the RNC.”

For those who may not know, “H.N.I.C.” stands for “Head Negro In Charge.”  Some people change “Negro” to another N-word, but I’m not quite that crass.  At least not today.

I shouldn’t have referred to Steele as a Head Negro In Charge and for that I’d like to apologize.

I should have called him The RNC’s House Negro.   Lawn Jockey. Hankerchief Head.  Maybe Michael “Bojangles” Steele.  Something classy like that.

Seems Steele was dumb enough to think because he was elected chairman of the RNC that he actually ran the Republican Party.  What a silly Negro!

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says he has reached out to Rush Limbaugh to tell him he meant no offense when he referred to the popular conservative radio host as an “entertainer” whose show can be “incendiary.”

“My intent was not to go after Rush – I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh,” Steele said in a telephone interview. “I was maybe a little bit inarticulate. … There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership.” link

“Steele thinks he’s in charge? What a silly Negro.”

Steele had appeared on CNN where he told comedian D.L. Hughley and rapper Chuck D, that he, not Limbaugh, was the de facto head of the Republican Party.

Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele took umbrage Saturday night when CNN’s D.L. Hughley referred to radio host Rush Limbaugh as “the de facto leader of the Republican party.”

“No he’s not. I’m the de facto leader of the Republican party,”
Steele said. The RNC chief went on to call Limbaugh, who that very day delivered the keynote address to the Conservative Political Action Conference, a mere “entertainer” whose show is “incendiary” and “ugly.”

Steele’s lapse into being uppity drew the wrath of Rush.

“You know who needs a little leadership? Michael Steele and those at the RNC,” Limbaugh said, part of an unusual counter-attack against the elected head of the GOP.

“I hope the RNC chairman will realize he’s not a talking head pundit, that he is supposed to be working on the grassroots and rebuilding it and maybe doing something about our open primary system and fixing it so that Democrats don’t nominate our candidates,” Limbaugh said, his voice rising. “It’s time, Mr. Steele, for you to go behind the scenes and start doing the work that you were elected to do instead of trying to be some talking head media star, which you’re having a tough time pulling off.”

“I’m not in charge of the Republican Party, and I don’t want to be,” he said. “I would be embarrassed to say that I’m in charge of the Republican Party in the sad-sack state that it’s in. If I were chairman of the Republican Party, given the state that it’s in, I would quit. I might get out the hari-kari knife because I would have presided over a failure that is embarrassing to the Republicans and conservatives who have supported it and invested in it all these years.” link

…Andddddd with the message delivered loud and clear from the Mouth That Roared, Steele couldn’t punk out and start smooching Rush’s ample backside fast enough.

Who be de boss ub de Republicans Party?  Not ME, Massa Rush.

“Who be de boss ub de Republicans Party? Not ME, Massa Rush.”

“I went back at that tape and I realized words that I said weren’t what I was thinking,” Steele said. “It was one of those things where I thinking I was saying one thing, and it came out differently. What I was trying to say was a lot of people … want to make Rush the scapegoat, the bogeyman, and he’s not.”

“I’m not going to engage these guys and sit back and provide them the popcorn for a fight between me and Rush Limbaugh,” Steele added. “No such thing is going to happen. … I wasn’t trying to slam him or anything.”

Tune in for tomorrow’s episode of Who’s the Boss? starring Rush Limbaugh as the Most High Lord of the Republican Party and Michael “Bojangles” Steele as the chastised man servant.