Don’t Push Him ‘Cause He’s Close to the Edge

Well, that was certainly an exciting election wasn’t it?  Now that President Obama has secured a second term, the Senate is still under Democratic control and GOP majority in the House has been cut down to size, we can finally move on to other more important things.  What’s on Honey Boo-Boo tonight?

Wait…you mean the election isn’t over?   The first debate is still days away?   Obama hasn’t won yet?  Color me so surprised.

Because the way some people are talking you’d think the election was over and Obama has already cruised to victory over a hapless Mitt Romney.   Look, I get it that the polls have improved dramatically for the president and he appears to be in the driver’s seat, but come on!  The election is still a month away.   I sincerely doubt the debates will reset the odds because historically debates don’t do that.

The last guy to go against Obama in a debate, John McCain doubts the debate will set off any political fireworks.  “I can’t remember the last time there was one of the comments that grabbed everyone’s attention because the candidates are too well-prepared.”

McCain is right.  Obama has been known for months Romney would be his opponent and it isn’t likely Romney will hit him with an unsuspected line of attack.   Unless one of them falls asleep at the podium or Romney makes Obama a $10,000 bet,  do not expect this debate to be a clash of the titans.  Romney will attempt to get back on track by hammering the president on the economy as Chris “Chubs” Christie hints there will be a brand new race the morning after Wednesday night.   The only way that happens is Romney goes scorched earth on Obama.  That would serve to fire up the base, but the risk is it makes Romney look mean and desperate.   Nobody wants a desperate president.

How a debate between Mitt Romney and Sam Jackson would go.

For his part, Obama supposedly doesn’t plan to zing his opponent, but if Romney thinks Obama going to sit there taking slaps to the face and kicks to the crotch that would be a mistake.   Obama has to look like he is what he is: the guy with the championship belt.   Romney’s going to have to come and take it because Obama’s not going to simply hand it over.

So things look better.   I’ll admit things looks good.   But it would be rash to say this is all over.    Samuel L. Jackson’s “Wake the fuck up” and Sarah Silverman’s  “Get Nana a gun” videos are not just  funny reminders of what’s at stake and just how much stands in the way of Obama’s second term.   They are also cold slaps of reality upside the head of how hard these bastards are trying to stop it.

If they can’t buy this election, they’ll steal it.  But before that they’ll work like hell to block eligible voters from the polls.

“But look at the polls.  Look at all the stories.   Even Ray Charles can see Romney is toast and Ray is blind and dead.”    I know.  I don’t care.  My perspective remains Obama has to keep running like he’s ten points down, not five points up.

Oh, you can believe if Obama wins, I’m going be one insufferable bastard.   I’ve got a list of people whose lives I’m going to make miserable.

But I’m not ready to put this one in the “win” column yet. For all y’all that think Mittens is a dead man walking and Obama has this thing in the bag, stop kidding yourself. There’s no way to predict how successful the efforts to suppress the vote and steal the election will be.

They haven’t given up yet. We can’t give up the fight because Romney is stumbling around like a drunken idiot.

The Romney campaign, the billionaires and millionaires pouring money into it, Karl Rove and Fox News aren’t the only enemies to beware.   Overconfidence and apathy are too and either or both is all it takes to bring about these three words: “President Mitt Romney.”

Don’t let that happen.   Don’t just wake the fuck up.   Stay the fuck awake.   Vote early if you can and vote as if your life depends on it.   It just might.

It’s all smiles until the knives come out.