The Ex-Porn Star Meets the Schoolkids

"Hi. I'm a famous former porn star. Mind if I read to your kids?"

Sasha Grey said she was just trying to help the children, but she’s wound up waist deep in drama with a bunch of grown-ups.

Grey, a former adult-film star who more recently had a role on “Entourage,” was participating in the Read Across America volunteer program, traveling to Emerson Elementary School in Compton this month to read to first and third graders.

But when parents learned of Grey’s appearance, complaints started rolling in, nodding to her former work for a much more mature audience. Award-winning work, mind you, albeit hard-core. But instead of finessing the concerned parents, the school district made the bizarre move of denying she’d been on campus.

Officials first said Grey was never present, according to TMZ, the outlet that posted photos of Sasha. At Emerson Elementary. Reading to the kids.

“I committed to this program with the understanding that people would have their own opinions about what I have done, who I am and what I represent,” Grey said in a statement, adding that her porn past does not define who she is.

The way it probably worked is someone from the school called an agency for a guest speaker to read to the kiddies and they said, “Well, Sasha Grey is available. She’s appeared on Entourage and starred in a Stephen Soderberg movie.”

“Sounds great. Send her over.”

All it would have taken is a trip to to see among the other prestige projects Miss Grey has appeared in include such family friendly fare as “Masturbation Nation 3,” “House of Ass 6,” “Gang Bang My Face.” “Grand Theft Anal 11” and “Meet the Fuckers 7.”

Guessing Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro weren’t in that one.

I know we’re all supposed to be so hip and cool and not easily offended, but yeah, I could see why a few parents might be a bit upset.

They should be glad it wasn’t Show and Tell.

I have no fear or resentment of porn stars, prostitutes or sex workers. Ex-ones or current ones. I’m friends with them on Facebook, tweet with them on Twitter and exchange Xmas cards and holiday greetings with some that have done things that make Sasha Grey look like one of The Waltons.

Sasha bones up on her reading for the kiddies

Former porn stars, strippers, prostitutes and other sex workers are already toiling in our public schools. I interviewed one who was saving the money she made as an escort to open her own daycare center. Kids are already being read to by teachers their daddies may have watched putting bigger things than apples in their mouth.

I don’t believe it makes someone an uptight prude with a stick lodged where the sun don’t shine because they get a icky feeling at the thought of a former porn star reading to kids. It’s not looking down at Sasha Grey to know her past life includes getting raw dog in flicks that most folks wouldn’t want to get caught scoping out on their laptop while they’re sipping an iced ginger latte at Starbucks.

I got nothing but love for my porno pals. But I’m not going to sugarcoat what they did to get where they are. If it’s nothing to be ashamed of, why it’s make people clench up to mention it?

So what if a White former porn star read to a group of predominantly Black kids?  If it helps kids enjoy reading, what’s the harm?  I’d be more upset if Bernie Madoff were the reader.

The worst thing about Sasha Grey reading to a bunch of kids is it might prompt a discussion about her prior employment most parents would prefer to defer to a later time.

It’s a stretch to suggest an ex-porn star speaking to children is supporting the idea getting naked and having lots of sex with strangers while being filmed is a career option little Sally might want to consider if that being a nurse or lawyer thing don’t pan out.

I’m sure Miss Grey, like many other sexworkers, would proclaim loud and long her decision to enter pornography was hers alone and nobody made her, nobody forced her. That’s her decision and not being part of the Morality Police, I won’t condemn free adults for engaging in work and play I’m not personally interested in participating in.

I take the approach of the character of Chance in Being There. “I like to watch.”

I’m sure there are former porn stars whom have successfully transitioned from their past on all fours, but for the life of me, not one comes to mind.

Nina Hartley, a veteran of 25 years in the porn business doubts anyone with a porn stat past will ever make it in mainstream show business.

AVC: There’s always that old myth, too, that people are going out there to get a foot in the door of the entertainment world.

Nina Hartley has no crossover dreams.

NH: The last person I knew who came here somehow thinking that she was going to find her way into the straight business somehow through porn was 20 years ago. Here’s how bad it is in Hollywood: My husband tells the story of a medium-high-level agent at a big agency here, who apparently one time in college made a porn movie. For some reason, that movie made it onto DVD. He came to work one day, and that movie was on everybody’s desk. He had done it 15, 20 years previously, but he was fired that day. Now if you’re Jenna [Jameson] or if you’re Ron Jeremy, you might cross over into trash culture. Ron Jeremy has been on The Surreal Life, he’s been on the reality shows, but that’s trash culture. That’s where trash culture and porn culture intersect—at the very lowest, lowest, lowest rung of so-called legitimate entertainment. I don’t consider that crossing over, so I would never do that kind of junk.

It seems likely the only ex-sexworkers who mainstream back into society without a snag are the ones whom society forgot were sexworkers in the first place.

An EX porn star is trying to put her past behind her. If she wants to read to children why is that so bad?  We need more adults taking time out to read to kids. Whatever happened to forgiveness and redemption in this society?   What dirty little secrets are trapped in the closet of those who wag their finger against someone trying to better themselves?

Sasha Grey may one day out run her days in the skin game, but it’ll never happen as long as it keep getting thrown back in her face.