Rabbit Season, Duck Season, Trayvon Season


“So George, what’s the first thing you’re going to do now that you’re free?”
“Going hunting. Again.”

“Fucking punks. These assholes always get away.”  ~ George “The Hunter” Zimmerman

The fix was in.   We knew it would end this way.  It always ends this way.  Black people crying and the killers of Black people smiling triumphantly.    One is vindicated and the other is vilified.  Same as it ever was.

The last time I felt like this was in April 1992 when another jury with no Blacks on it found the four cops who beat up Rodney King not guilty.  America betrayed me then too.

Whenever we are in danger of forgetting  America reminds its Black sons and daughters exactly how cheap their lives are.   Just the same way it did for Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell and Oscar Grant and Rodney King.    With a slap on the wrist, a victorious acquittal and a big gob of spit right in the face of every one that hoped maybe this time would be the time when justice prevailed and someone would pay for killing a young Black man the way they didn’t pay for Diallo, Bell, Grant, and King.

It wouldn’t be George Zimmerman.  He walked out of the courtroom “not guilty” on all charges as a free man.   He even got the gun back he used to shoot Trayvon Martin.

Tomorrow George Zimmerman can go hunting for another Trayvon Martin. And now he has the blessings of the American justice system to do so.

No surprise. As my older brother said, “It’s a commentary on the value of a Black kid’s life.”

Six women, five White and one Hispanic, sat in the courtroom looking at Sybrina Fulton, Travyon’s mother and they concluded,  “Your son didn’t matter.  His life didn’t matter.”   They gave Gladys Zimmerman back her son George.   Sybrina Fulton can go to the cemetery if she wants to see her son.

“Today, justice failed Trayvon Martin and his family,” said Roslyn M. Brock, Chairman of the NAACP. “We call immediately for the Justice Department to conduct an investigation into the civil rights violations committed against Trayvon Martin. This case has re-energized the movement to end racial profiling in the United States.”

zimmerman trial_2

He’s got a hoodie and he’s Black! Shoot first and ask no questions later.

“It seems that Trayvon Martin was tried and found guilty of his own death”   MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry said and indeed he was.

Blackness is a crime.  Punishable by death.   Travyon was guilty of being Black.  And he’s dead.  I’d like to cry about it.  I’d like to drink myself into numbness.

But I’m not crying and I’m not drinking. I couldn’t be more sober. “American Justice?” That’s an oxymoron.

I don’t believe there will be widespread rioting or acts of violence.  There will be some, but not that much and not that bad.   While idiots were predicting mass insurrections and the blood of innocent Whites flowing in the gutters, I never believed it.   That was just wishful thinking by racists.    We are angry and we are hurt, but we are not savages.   We will not fall into the traps laid by hateful bastards like Geraldo Rivera and the Fox News cabal who can’t to chortle and say, “We told you so.  We told you those niggers would go crazy if Zimmerman walked.”

There was no Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram, no social media in which to curse, rage and vent.    Most people are slow to anger and while there is plenty of anger, the emotion I detect most is hurt.   Hurt that yet again America reminds its Black children it is an inattentive, cold and cruel parent that does not love us as we love it and places no value or worth on our lives.    This is not a White thing.   There are plenty of pissed-off people about this abortion of “justice” and it crosses over all race lines.   No, this is an American thing and that separateness, that feeling of unequal protection and that we remain a problem to be solved and not a loyal and trusted citizen to be embraced.

I am ashamed of my country.   I don’t feel like an American.   I feel like an alien in a hostile world that doesn’t understand me and hates me and all that I love.   I wonder if there’s somewhere better than this?   Or does my skin color trump my very humanity everywhere on this wretched planet as it does everywhere in this wretched country? It’s been a while, some 21 years since the Los Angeles riots that I felt this way.   It has been over two decades since last I felt this sort of acidic and withering contempt for America and a legal system that rubber stamps the hunting and killing of unarmed teenagers.

This jury did not see Travyon as a human being with the right to live like a human being.  To them Trayvon was a disease and Zimmerman was the lethal cure.   Now he’s free to “cure” more dangerous Black teenagers.

There will be more Trayvon Martins. And now there will be more George Zimmermans to kill more Trayvon Martins.   Rabbit season.  Duck season.  Nigger season.

I have a son.  My brother has two sons.  My sister has a son.  My sister-in-law has two sons.  That’s six young Black men and any of them could be lined up in the crosshairs of the next vigilante, wannabee cop.   Black parents always have to give their sons (as well as our daughters “the Talk.”   Not the one about the birds and the bees, but about the cops or the gangs and how to avoid ending up a tragic statistic.

Now we have to add to it.   Now we have to tell our kids how to avoid the wannabee cops, the vigilantes, the bigots like Zimmerman and his whole lousy hateful family who target Black youth.

It’s not enough to keep our sons away from the raging racists like the entire Zimmerman Clan.   We must also find a way to bring back as many of those young Black men involved in gangs and crime.   We must become proactive in keeping them out of the prison-industrial complex and trying to mentor and aid those locked in it and those coming out of it.

We ignore them at our own peril.    There isn’t much comfort to find on this darkest of days, but I take a small bit from this post by Roderick Belin I came across on Twitter.

Black boys matter to their families: their parents and loved ones. Black boys matter to those of us who do not seek to profit off them but who love them for their sheer powerful presence. Black boys matter because they are created in the image of God – because they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Black boys matter because they are brilliant, strong, beautiful, powerful and have universe-altering contributions to make to the world. Those who hate Black boys know this and fear Black boys today just as Pharaoh feared and sought to deal wisely with the Hebrew boys millennia ago. But, we are wise too. We are strong. We are strategic. We love. And, because we love, God is on our side.

Love your Black sons. Love and protect them. You must.   America will not.

“Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

Frederick Douglass (1817? – 1895)


PLEASE consider signing the NAACP’s petition to have the Justice Department file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.

A Few Words From James Baldwin About Liberal Arrogance

Some of my heroes do appear on stamps.

“A liberal is someone who thinks he knows more about your experience than you do.

James Baldwin

I run an application on Facebook that sends me an update when I am “defriended.”   Sometimes it’s a matter of an account becoming inactive.  Others because someone has had enough of me and cut me loose.   That’s fine.  I never was much interested in collecting as many “friends” and for the person who waxed me from existence because I don’t share your blind hatred of Barack Obama and single-minded obsession that Edward Snowden is an American hero, I thank you for the favor.   I’m only upset I didn’t cut you loose first.

I understand this story is very important to you.  But you cannot make it as important to me as it is for you.

Because I have enough with Good White Liberals telling me, “Yeah, what happened to Trayvon Martin? Damn shame. But what REALLY matters is Edward Snowden and the NSA. That’s more important than this trial. “

How am I supposed to process that as anything but an insult and yet another reminder that not only are Black lives less important than White lives, but our life and death issues as well?   It’s fine by me if the Zimmerman trial isn’t a major priority for others.  Just don’t tell me your priorities mean so much more than mine.

What is important to whom?   The Snowden case may be of burning importance to my friends on the Left, but I do not hang on every detail of where this so-called “whistleblower” may eventually abandon his country for.  I care a lot more about a dead Black teenager than a live White traitor.

One person’s cause is another’s lack of concern.

I decide for myself what’s important to me and I don’t seek anyone’s agreement.    The  Left should not ask for it from me and I will not I ask it from them.   It has often been a bone of contention for me that there are liberals whom seem to care more about their causes than they do people;  an ugly trait they share with their some of their more callous conservative cousins.

It is a matter of practicality for African-Americans to always look at their allegiances and work with liberals when their interests are mutually served or with conservatives  when they are not.    No one who seeks to demean your humanness or marginalize your issues should be considered a reliable friend.

Let no one try to tell you they know more about you than you know about yourself.    This was what Baldwin was warning Blacks about their relationships with liberalism  Even if you agree with liberals more often than not politically,  be ready to hold them at arm’s length when they disrespect you.     They DON’T know what matters to you better than you know yourself and NO ONE should ever try to tell African-Americans they know what they should be worked up over.   There are some well-meaning liberals who think being liberals means they are racially born again.

It ain’t necessarily so.  Any of us can be racist and none of us are exempt from that particular philosophical blindness.   No matter how many times they may have read Baldwin, Why We Can’t Wait or The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

To be good allies each side must respect the issues that are important to one side if not the other.   I understand why Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s surveillance program is important to White liberals.   I don’t believe it’s too much to expect White liberals to respect, if not necessarily understand why the Trayvon Martin case is as vitally  important to Black liberals.

As the Zimmerman trial winds down and the jury begins its deliberations, now would be a particularly good time for both sides to remember they work best as allies than adversaries and Trivializing Trayvon will not score liberals any points with their Black allies.

A Good Week To Be the Bad Guy

“Hey, this ain’t so bad after all.”

On the first day of George Zimmerman trial one of the defense attorneys thought he’d try to break up the tension in the room.  He told a knock-knock joke.

Nobody laughed.   The joke fell flat and nobody has tried to tell another joke since.   Not until last week when the general sentiment was the prosecution was getting hammered by Mark O’ Mara and the rest of the defense team.   Okay, things went pretty badly, but from some of the moaning and groaning over lead prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda occasionally faltering performance you might have been led to believe the jury not only had found Boy George “not guilty” they gave him a  public service award for killing Trayvon Martin.

I haven’t watched the trial.  Not a minute of it.  This is a subject that hits too close to home.   I admit I’m biased.  I think Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon and he killed him because some Black kid was where he shouldn’t be: in his neighborhood.

From most reports I’ve read some of the witnesses did a better job for the defense than the prosecution that called them to testify.   The main offender was detective Chris Serino who may have sabotaged the trial.

Sanford Police Investigator Chris Serino, who interrogated Zimmerman, told the jury he concluded the defendant was either telling the truth or was a pathological liar. At that point lead defense attorney Mark O’Mara asked, “Do you think he was telling the truth?”

Prosecutors should have objected to the question, analysts said, but they remained silent.

“Yes,” Serino replied.

They objected the next day, when Judge Debra Nelson ruled witnesses were not supposed to comment on the credibility of other witnesses because it was the jury’s job to decide who to believe. She ordered the jury to ignore that exchange, which means it cannot be mentioned in closing arguments and they should not consider it during deliberations, but her ruling also called further attention to what Serino said

Bernie’s not-so-good, bad, horrible week.

While social media was having its evil fun beating up on Rachel Jeantel, the witness that may have done the greatest harm to the prosecution’s case was a cop with a big mouth while the prosecution sat there dumbly.   From the beginning it was well-known the Sanford cop shop was sympathetic to Zimmerman.  Maybe they hung out pounding donuts and shooting the breeze about the “fucking punks” that were ripping off everything that wasn’t nailed down in Boy George’s hood.

If things go shit side up,  save some blame for Serino if his town starts burning to the ground.

Will there be a riot goin’ on in Sanford?  I hope not, but if it does it will be because the legal system failed Trayvon and his family.   I’m seeing a lot more pessimism and fatalism in my news feed over how the trial is going so far than optimism.    Summer is here.  Temperatures are rising.   There’s people with blood in their eyes and they may not be in the mood for any more injustice.

I’ve already seen in my news feed some calling for Sanford to be burned to the ground if George Zimmerman goes free.

Don’t laugh. It might just work.

Some are predicting if Zimmerman isn’t convicted, we’re going to see a replay of the 1992 L.A. riots.  The fury that set Los Angeles on fire is simmering on a low flame, but do not doubt that it is still there.     Those that demanded justice for Trayvon allowed the system to take its sweet time in arresting Zimmerman when the Sanford cops and district attorney just turned palms up and shrugged their shoulders.

They have gritted their teeth and watched as Zimmerman gamed the system (remember Judge Nelson is the third judge appointed to the case) and suffered with quiet restraint as the legal team smeared Trayvon’s reputation with leaks about his school records and drug usage.    Nobody threw a brick through any windows when Zimmerman set up a website to ask for funds for his defense and then scammed the suckers by using the money to pay off his credit cards.

Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie was charged with perjury after lying  during a bond hearing about $135,000  the couple had concealed while claiming indigent.    The rest of Zimmerman’s family is no prize either.  Little brother Robert sent out some racist tweets, Mama Gladys  penned a letter on the one-year anniversary of her sonny boy arrest saying it was done  “solely to placate the masses” as she quite deliberately omitted any reference to the real victim, Trayvon Martin.   Finally, Robert Sr., made his contribution by scribbling a whiny self-published e-book where he blamed practically every African-American in America as the “true racists.”

Nice family George is part of, but it does explain a lot about his attitudes.   The Coreleones have nothing on the Zimmermans.

Why aren’t THEY laughing? Because nothing’s funny.

If Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s parents,  aren’t calling for rioting in the streets, NOBODY else should be either.   There will be some asshole trying to stir things up, but I hope like hell everyone tunes those fools right out.  A riot might seem like a perfectly sensible reaction to allowing a killer to go free, but it won’t help anything and it won’t change anything.    It won’t get Zimmerman and it won’t bring Trayvon back, so what is accomplished but to make Black people look exactly like the savages the Zimmerman supporters say we are?

Vengeance is not ours.   There are reasons to riot, but deluding yourself it will get justice for Trayvon Martin is not one of them.

If Zimmerman walks due to the ineptitude of the prosecution there will be those who see a “not guilty” verdict as proof the fix was in from the jump.  They may have a point.    There was a day in court where George Zimmerman smiled and laughed in response to what one witness said.  I did not like that smile.  Not one bit.

You know who hasn’t found a single thing to laugh about?   Trayvon Martin’s parents.

I’m a realist, not an optimist. I hope for the best and expect the worst. That way when the best happens I’m pleasantly surprised and when the worst occurs, I’m never disappointed.

The trial is not over.  There’s still chances to wipe that smile off of George Zimmerman’s ugly face.

A riot is not justice.